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  1. Happy Birthday ae102!

  2. hello..

    im looking front body parts for e11?did u still have it?my emaill add corolla92charger@hotmail.com


  3. ae102

    88 Gl Project

    that brings back some memories - my first car some 14 years ago was a hand me down gl in blue. the car was bulletproof and i traded her at 200k and she was still running well even after all the abuse i gave her. good luck with the project...............
  4. wouldnt use kwik fit for tyres nevermind for the tracking. i would recommend a decent specialist who will do a fast road set-up which makes all the difference and make the most of your set-up. the turn in will be massively improved meaning you cant resist caning it into corners as the feel is much improved allowing more confindence and smoother cornering. also being correctly set-up will reduce rubber wear and improve fuel economy which will keep the more retentative amongst us happier
  5. ^^ yes they can - the lil heat range at the bottom which indicates glare. thought you would know that yes the 35w produce a "purer" light in respects of colour. imo they look miles better than the 55w - compared mine with me mates type r and mine look miles better.
  6. i got hid4u set-up. the 35w gives a much nicer light in terms of apperance and perform more than needed. no glare according to the light reader when i set the lights up (very important). the colour is more defined on the 35w and get the anti-glare bulbs - me and my mate compared on his light tester at his garage and the normal bulbs provide some glare but not huge amounts were as the anti glare bulbs didnt register on the heat reader. pay the extra and get a decent warranty (2 years) from a reputable UK supplier incase something does go wrong.
  7. the paint wont match without laquer - been there done it. depends what you want - if you want a good finish (which is what i pressume?) then you wont get that with a lil artist brush and touch up so why bother in the first place. you may as well use them strips provided - that will be as discreet but at least the right colour.
  8. Khyber - not so well known but the dogs do da's
  9. used to be in the motorsport catalogue - give um a ring. loads of arp suppliers so shouldnt be a problem finding, or just buy the same grade from local fixings supplier. i cant remember what grade they are of the top of my head but arp are a bit of a con as you can buy same for a fraction of the cost.
  10. slower and less economical than the t sport it was supposed to superceed
  11. no - but toyota sell the one that their techs use, better than a haynes but x2 the price. you can also use http://www.toyota-tech.eu/default.aspx
  12. nice one John - not the first time you've been featured but a full spread is what the car deserves. still my favourite rolla i'll have to grab a copy.
  13. from your post i would leave it to someone who knows what they are doing. after the grit was cut with rocks this winter the front of mine is now covered in chips - i have some spraying experience (wheels, interior) but i wouldnt do the front of a car, its going to the bodyshop for that. another thing to consider is the paint on the rolla is as thin as a smackhead so there isnt much to play with when it comes to blending it all in.
  14. bump need this stuff gone.....................
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