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  1. After owning an Aygo as our 'school run' car from 2006 to 2010, we are now back to Toyota in the form of a 17 Yaris 1.5 Icon. Reliability was key and from experience Japanese manufacturers can teach a few companies how to do it! It won from a shortlist of Suzuki Swift (turbo engine was ruled out after a nightmare with a smart) and a Mazda 2 (poor local dealer and expensive). Only had to a few days, but so far so good.
  2. Our Aygo had new disks and pads after 5 years and about 15,000 miles. Lack of use being the issue. The disks were rarely taken to the point of being hot so were nearly always wet. The problem areas were the fins forming the vents. Water was staying on them and corriding the disks from the inside. It just shows a low mileage car does not necessarily mean low maintenance costs. My Mercedes has just had new disks and pads all round after 40,000 miles. I could have kept the rear disks, but new disks aren't expensive compared to the labour costs in having to change them anyway in a few thousand miles.
  3. A 2008 car would have had the revised water pump - ours failed in 2007 (about 5,000 miles) and was replaced with the newer version. Unfortunately water pumps fail on cars, always have always will. Leaks are an issue. Ours leaked early in its life, new and additional seals added, complete new carpet fitted and no problems, but by 6 years old the rubber was perishing around the rear lights and water was getting in. The electrics were also starting to play up, so we took advantage of the one benefit of AYgo ownersip, namely excellent residuals and traded it. It is a case that no car lasts forever and at 5-6 years old you can begin to experience problems. The average lifespan of a car is only 8 years.
  4. Once you turn aircon off moisture which was being dried out by the condensor begins to return causing condensation on the windows. My way of operating aircon is to turn it on when I get a car and never turn it off. There is an effect on mpg, but modern systems are now far more effective and cycle their operation so they aren't drawing power 100% of the time - you can hear the aircon cycling on the Aygo.
  5. Clutch control just takes practice when changing cars. I wouldn't suggest too high revs in an Aygo, its one of the few cars we have had where staring on an incline in reverse could produce a definate clutch burning smell even with modest revs to preven stalling. I see someone has mentioned an i20 - we have just got rid of ours after 6 months. Worst car we have ever had, including issues with the clutch, which weren't down to the driver as we have two cars and no issue with the other. Getting smooth changes was so difficult it was a pain to drive and the dealer refused to accept the regular clutch squeal was unusual.
  6. Being inanimate objects cars don't mind the cold! Covers are only worth having if the car is to be unused for a period of time. They are a pain to put on - if the car is dirty they will cause scratches, a pain to take off, again unless you can lift them off you will get scratches and in winter they will be wet or frozen solid. You need somewhere to store it and preferably dry it when it has been taken off and if the car is wet when you put it on and it then gets very cold they can freeze and stick to the car.
  7. When the time came to change all four Contis on ours which was at a disgraceful mileage of just 12,000 following a front to back swap at 8,000 I fitted 4 Toyos. An excellent tyre which is highly regarded yet cheaper than premium brands due to lower advertising overheads. After 8,000 miles when we traded the car the fronts were still at 6mm.
  8. That does look cheap, so I suspect high mileage. Our 2006 56 reg went onto the forecourt at £4,999, but it was low mileage. Things to look for are leaks in the boot area, the electrics on ours were staring to display interesting characterisitcs, possibly due to it having a leak. Get an insurance quote, it may be group 1, but the insurance on our replacement car which is group 9 was less than the Aygo.
  9. Been there, had the same problem, completely removed using polarising sunglasses.
  10. The cable has either come off the handle or more likely snapped. This is usually due to the catch not being greased and it has jammed. While someone is pulling on the cable someone else needs to push down on the front of the bonnet where the catch is. This downwards movement may be enough to free it. Once it is free apply a good coating of grease.
  11. Well after just over 6 years we have just said goodbye to our Aygo. It has been swapped for a Hyundai i20.
  12. Seriously? Solid discs have poor brake performance and more succeptible to fading due to the fact they can't dissipate heat. It's like suggesting we should have drum brakes at front because they won't rust as the system is enclosed. In today's day and age solid discs, even on the rear, have no place on modern vehicles. You've been reading too many theory books. On a city car with low bhp and light weight vented dics are simply not required - solid front discs were adequate on such cars not that many years ago and they would be suitable now, but discs which last the lifetime of the car is not in the interest of the manufacturers as they can't sell as many replacements.
  13. Ours is a none VSC model and its much better than my ESP (unable to disable) equipped Mercedes. It was parked up from Sunday night and had 4 inches of snow all round it yesterday afternoon. Cleared the snow off the car and drove it out. No dramas. You get good feedback on what the car is doing and due to its light weight the car never gets control of the driver as momentum can be controlled.
  14. Ours were done last year at 5 years old - pads and discs. Lack of use was our problem and probably the OP's as ours had done just 16,000 miles. Water gets in the vents and the discs rust as the brakes aren't used enough to dry out moisture. If the discs weren't vented they would last longer, there's absolutely no need for vented discs on such a low powered car.
  15. Took the radio out today, dash out to get to the rheostat I'm afraid.
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