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  1. This box, with forward gearstick.
  2. Wanting early Celica t50 gearbox, 20 spline version, with gearstick further forward than ae86 t50.
  3. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4867-corolla-gt-fx-20v-rotrex/
  4. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/7811-morgeys-20v-e11-daily/
  5. Superstrut pads are the same as MR2 SW20, non superstrut are E11 Corolla.
  6. se7en motorsport do Turbo Celica's
  7. Go to - toyodiy.com will give you 20v model code and part number.
  8. Got a 1.6SI today so will be breaking.
  9. I ran the car through last summer, then parked up in the shed, fixed a few things then decided it needs a respray so i've started to prep it. Many stonechips on front edge of bonnet, also removed upper rear spoiler as I got a clear Toyota one to go on after paint. The GXI is my runaround while sorting the 20v. Kev.
  10. 2nd pic, 1st post shows Rotrex mounting, Kit from RAW Eng / Striker cars [google], modified for FWD. Kev.
  11. Wanted - 3 door Corolla E10 for interior, plastic trim, bonnet,tailgate few other parts Engine/box not needed, Near to Bridgend S Wales preferred but all options considered. Kev.
  12. The 5k is a rare engine in the UK, only came in the Liteace. The 3k and 4k are less powerfull and most have been killed by Starlet racers. If the bottom end is tapping/knocking it's the bearings and you'll need a rebuild [any good engine shop can do this if you get the parts]. Or find a Diesel engined Liteace and convert.
  13. That looks like a Booster front bumper, go google,
  14. K20VFX

    Corolla G6

    Turbo kits can be got for 4a-fe and 7a-fe from USA but they ain't cheap and a lot of hassle to get running right. The 4e-fte Starlet turbo engine can be fitted, there are a few in Ireland. Or the 4age 16v, 20v or 4agze supercharged version but again this is not a simple/cheap conversion. 3sgte is also an option.
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