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  1. My next 25 lts to help banish winter dirt. Can't complain at £40.
  2. I would have though Kingo would be able to get the part number.
  3. It's stamped 'for temporary use only' so I presume that means 50 miles at 50 mph.
  4. Terry, my RAV came supplied like this so no mods carried out by me. The screw is EOM.
  5. It's a 17'' steel wheel with a 165-80/17 Yokohama tyre. It's less than 1'' in diameter smaller so nothing to worry about. Specification Sidewall Radius Diameter Circumference Revs/Mile Difference 235/55-18 5.1in 14.1in 28.2in 88.5in 716 0.0% 165/80-17 5.2in 13.7in 27.4in 86.1in 736 -2.8%
  6. Yes my wife was sitting parked when fokkers ambushed her. She had just moved the car to safety as the overhead power cables feeding my house parted and came down on our roof causing some minor explosions and lots of electrical illumination. It's a source of annoyance that people leave wheelie bins out in the street all the time.
  7. I think his neighbour should be more concerned that his house has good 3rd party liability cover.
  8. The roof is damaged as is the rear top panel and rear door window. Front left suspension is also collapsed. Expected to be a right off.
  9. Ok, your speedo will misread by -7.1% and you will also lose quite a bit of acceleration. At 30 mph you will be doing 32 and at 70 mph you will be doing 75. Specification Sidewall Radius Diameter Circumference Revs/Mile Difference 235/60-15 5.6in 13.1in 26.1in 82.0in 773 0.0% 235/70-15 6.5in 14.0in 28.0in 87.8in 722 7.1%
  10. So after our episode with Friday's low flying wheelie bins I took the RAV to the paint shop this morning for an assessment. £330 + vat to fix. But while I was there I counted myself lucky until I saw this one. Imagine that you have done on a few days holiday and then return to find this at your door. That was caused by a falling chimney stack.
  11. Should it not be 9.3 as 19.3 is in the range of tomorrow lol. Even my poor 150 BHP is sub 10 secs to 62.
  12. Charlie, just noticed this on your PH advert. Acceleration: 0 to 62 in 19.3 seconds
  13. I'm a lazy buyer and historically have paid windscreen or near windscreen price on ally new Toyotas from the same dealer. On the Invincible I did not get a serious discount but the Sales Manager gave me VERY good trade in value (2k more than I was asking) for my XT-R to compensate and with Mr.T £1000 discount against their low rate finance I was happy.
  14. Good to see that they are available now at a 'reasonable' cost for those unlucky enough not to have been originally supped with their new cars. Mr T should just do a direct exchange for the gunk and compressor.
  15. GreyRacer


    Good job my RAV was out of the garage with only the Celica left in. Part of the roof came down on the RAV side. Did pick up some damage though as a fast moving wheels bin collided with the RAV when it was parked outside on the street.
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