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  1. Yes, they made one. Only the price was ridicilous, 1000€ when you buy it new from a Toyota dealer. You dont need to modify the bumber with TTE exhaust.
  2. Hiya, Has anyone done a brake upgrade to a T25? I got a full set of Evo 8 brakes wating for bracket design. The parking brake drum size is almos the same on both, only a couple of millimeters difference. I will see if it can be done with the original brake shoes or do i need to get Evo 8 brake shoes.
  3. 5th injector is for the D-CAT unit for cleaning burning.
  4. 1G-FE is not a beams engine.
  5. Original Toyota Cruise is cheaper and faster to install...
  6. Hati

    Obd2 Port

    The OBD port is under the steering column.
  7. Did you get that 15ps when you dynoed the car? If the original catalysator is OK there should not be almost any difference. And now were talkin about Toyota diesel cars, not Nissan.
  8. They can only remap a 1.4 petrol engine that has the dumm ecu.
  9. You will get maybe +1ps by remowing catalysator. But you need to put it back for MOT. The air filter is so good that you will get no change in ps if you change it. Boost pressure will stay the same until you but a boost controller in the car.
  10. I still haven't found anyone who can remap a Toyota common rail Denso ecu. Be so kind and tell us where this is possible.
  11. Have a look at link... this works for safety belt.... not sure bout key in egnition http://toyotaownersc...threaded&start= The key beep can't be removed.
  12. To make it work plug and play, you need the whole front end from a 177ps avensis, including gauges etc...
  13. You need a aftermarket cruise for this car. Like a Lite On AP300 or AP500.
  14. Hati

    17 " Alloys

    No, 2.0 D4-D is 5x100 and 2.2 D4-D is 5x114.3.
  15. Toyotas don't have that kind of MAF, it's a lot smaller. If you have a 2.0VVT-i (D4) it sure has a EGR and should have a MAF also.
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