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  1. I am confused which type engine oil I should put in the engine of my Toyota Avensis VVTI with an 02 reg. The dealer did put in a different one than what I was advised at places like Halfords. Does anyone know what the correct type is ? Or is it depending on the season perhaps ?
  2. Thanks for your answers, I am a bit confused about it now though; I've put the chassis number in http://www.toyodiy.com/parts/ and the following info came back: 19100P PLUG, SPARK 90080-91193 1ZZFE, 3ZZFE..ZZT22*; K16R-U11, (L) 4 € 5.10 90919-01164 1ZZFE, 3ZZFE..ZZT22*; K16R-U11, (J) 4 € 5.10 19500 COIL ASSY, IGNITION 90080-19019 1ZZFE, 3ZZFE..ZZT22*; (L) 4 € 88.29 90919-02239 1ZZFE, 3ZZFE..ZZT22*; (J) 4 € 88.29 91511-K0625 *** STD. PART € 0.72 Now, the main question is, does the car I own use 2 different types of spark plugs ? Or even more ? Be good to know, as I am planning to take my car for a service at a non-Toyota garage. I've showed them service sheets of previous services which have been carried out at a toyota garage and as I said in the first post, from that it is not clear if and what has been/will have to be replaced. Trying to avoid paying a lot of money for expensive types of spark plugs that are not required in the first place. Thanks
  3. I own a 02 reg Toyota Avensis (1.8 petrol) and I was wondering if anyone on here could tell me what engine type the car has. Is it a #ZZFE (not sure what the # means) or a 1AZ-FSE perhaps (or none of these ?). I suspect it is a 1-ZZ-FE, but please correct me if I am wrong ! Reason for asking is that on the paperwork of the services that have been carried out in the past by technicians at a Toyota garage, there’s written n/a in the sections where some spark plugs are mentioned that maybe should have been replaced depending on the engine type. n/a means probably not applicable rather than not available ? I have not had the best experience with the garage in question, so I want to make sure whether this type of car has an engine that does indeed not need the concerning spark plugs (or not if that makes sense). Unfortunately the owner’s manual is not to clear about this either as it is written for more than one type of Avensis (a common problem) and a quick look under the bonnet did tell me much about the engine type either. How often do the spark plugs of this type car need changing anyway ? It only uses one type I suppose ? Any thoughts ? Let me know if you need more specific information regarding the car type if that would help identifying the engine.
  4. Exactly, I know disc should take a lot longer to wear down, but not if you garage tells you all is fine (not even, replace before next service as was suggested on here) then it will be metal to metal at same stage and discs wear a lot quicker. How/where exactly do you check your pads if the car is parked on a 'normal parking space'; in other words, I can not get underneath it !
  5. Unfortunately my local Toyota garage appears not be very good at telling me on time to replace brake pads. This has already resulted twice in the brake discs having to be replaced as well, obviously costing a lot more money. Discs should last a lot longer if the pads are changed on time, right ? So, either they really don't seem to notice that they are nearly gone in the visual inspection or they just try to sell/fit as much brake disc as possible and hence do not tell me when the pads are nearly gone so it will wear the discs quicker. Now my question is: is it possible to check the condition of the brake pads of my 02 reg avensis myself ? I do not have the possibility to look under the car really.
  6. toyato

    Sat Nav

    Hi, Silly question perhaps but with the toyota sat nav system how can I open the disc loader tray so that I can swap the UK disc for a Europe sat nav disc that I've bought. Thought it was obvious last time I tried it - but it wasn't. Is there a special trick to it that I don't know about ? Did a quick search on the forums but no luck. Thanks
  7. The petrol level indicator of my Toyota Avensis GS 1.8 vvti GS (2002) points rather low most of the time (even after filling up). Don't really trust the digital one much either (are they linked ?), so bit worried to run out of petrol one day - is the warning light for this linked to the indicator ? Anyone else have/had this problem ? If so, did you get it fixed and what did it cost roughly ?
  8. Had my Avensis serviced in beginning of June at a Toyota dealer. Noticed car started more 'problematic' recently. Checked liquid levels in battery and found out that it needed a decent amount of water to top it up. Now my question is: I would expect the garage to check this during the service. All the garages I have been to before have done this automatically. However, I looked at the checklist of the service and checking the level of liquid in the battery does not seem to be part of that. If it isn't, wouldn't you think that is a bad thing: the battery corrodes a lot faster that way. Main problem that I have with it is: never paid so much for services before, but in the past (when I paid less) I knew that at least all the basics were covered - now that does not seem to be the case anymore. Are (or better said: should) the current generations of batteries maintenance free perhaps ? Also in general: shouldn't you be at least advised during a service which 'consumables' better be replaced/need attention before the next service is due ? Or do I happen to take my car to a lousy dealer that is not very reliable. Great to have people servicing your car that have lots of knowledge about it, but can't be bothered to do the most essential things to keep the running costs low. How do I know on which parts I have to keep an eye myself ? Don' really know as I never really had to before - so much for full service history at a Toyota dealer ! Anyone else has bad experiences with similar 'basics' being overseen during services ? I've already got more bad history with them - perhaps I'll post these later on.
  9. There is an ongoing saga with my avensis and its steady but slowly increasing oil consumption. Does anyone have any answers to the following ? If so please reply. - Normally when the oil level is measured with the dipstick, you can not do that just after you've driven the car, as part of the oil will be 'in the engine'. Correct me if I am wrong, but for a proper reading the car needs to cool down in order to let the oil settle. Well now, if that is correct, then how can (toyota) garages accurately measure oil consumption over a certain distance (meaning: measuring how much have been consumed since it has been topped up) right after I've driven my car there to allow them to do so. Isn't part of the oil 'in the engine' right after the ride ? Do they correct for this at all ? - Toyota garage seem to fill up right to the 'high' level on the dipstick. Not keen on doing that myself when I fill up the oil as I am afraid of overfilling it. Is this easily done ? Is there another way to tell upto where you can safely fill it up perhaps ? Would be good to know as if I know how to fill it up to exactly the maximum level everytime I top it up, then I could monitor the oil consumption that way myself perhaps. - Last measured consumption was ca 0.75 ml for ca. 1100 miles, which apparently is still within Mr. T's specifications. However this is up from half a liter per 1200 mile since the last time it was checked (8k miles ago). With just over a year of extended warranty remaining (02 reg with just over 50k miles on clock) do you think I should start making an issue of it as otherwise the real problems will occur after the extended warranty expires ? - I've been thinking of letting an independent garage monitor the consumption as I don't know how to do that myself - can anyone on here tell me how toyota garage measure the amount of oil exactly and if it is easy to do it yourself. Thanks for your help.
  10. I am new on here, but want to join in the discussion about Avensis and oil consumption. Purchased 02reg 1.8 vvti Avensis about a year ago. Recently had it given 40k miles service after they which they told me that oil level had been low. Having owned a Toyota Carina before this, which never did need any oil despite its age, did not have the habit of checking oil much, let alone having to worry about topping it up ! Not sure how much oil they did put in during the service, but they started to monitor the cosumption since then. Had to come back after 1200 miles after which 0.5 litres had to be added, which was still within toyota consumption specifications apparently, though I find it a lot. Have to come back after next 1200 miles to see if it worsened or not. Having read lots of stories on here though about this I might demand some things looked at properly before the extended warranty, that I negotiated during the purchase, expires. I am also wondering the following one thing: before I went to the dealer lately to have them check the oil consumption I did the conventional dipstick oil level check, which appeared to be in order. However, after that they told me that they topped it up with 0.5 liter of oil. How low on oil does the engine have to be in order to be able to tell this from the dipstick check. How much is half a liter compared to the total that an enginge (should) contain(s) ? I am clueless about this, so any feedback for this would be good to know.
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