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  1. A friend of mine who has a t sport recently lost all his keys, the problem is his car was a water damaged car and needed a new ecu when he bought it. so there is a new ecu ,iginition and door/boot locks. is there any way of getting keys for that ecu rather than having to get a new ecu and locks?? oh yea he doesnt have the chassis number of the car he got hte ecu from! its a bit messy but he hasnt been able to drive his car in weeks. any ideas? Thanks ;)
  2. ahh shucks! Thanks for your help! ;) will have to get the welder out!
  3. Does anybody know if evo 7 recaro's fit in a 03 cts? Got a set handy they would be a comfy mod!
  4. i've the same problem rattle when engine labours. if someone has the part number for that idler that would sort me out. i got a new fan belt thinkin that might be the problem but its not :(
  5. so the map is on the piggyback ecu and can just be wired in with no need for an expert or a rolling road? :D someone should see what the gains really are i'd be interested!
  6. Im not really up to scratch on this piggyback ecu stuff! is it only as good as the person who owns the rolling road(the tuner) or could the tuner map these for a tsport and be available for an online buy? just a question not exactly sure how these work! cheers
  7. Hi guys just got a few mods tein super street fully adj coilovers 18 inch OZ supperleggeras VVTLI badge Sorry about camera its only my phone! What ya think? B)
  8. i have the same squeak i think in my cts. when coming off the clutch in first or changing gear. also when the engine labours at low rpm. My uncles a mechanic he thinks it was the fan belt alright. Whats this about the aux belt tensioner??
  9. hey i've a red pre facelift in galway. Great fun showin up all these civic's in irl. Nobody knows what they are!
  10. Def you would be able. I only installind central locking to my mini few weeks ago. if you find the wire that flashes the indicators when you lock you could loop that to the auto up on the windows. No that wouldn't work would it. every time you indicate the windows would go up and there would be no power to the windows when you take key out. There is definatly a way to do this. Let me know if you have any success. Arron
  11. gettin excited now! where ye guys gonna put the badges and how ya goin to mount them. i was thinking of under the toyota badge. toyota O corolla vvtl-i T like that :D
  12. I have standard toyota sat nav as you can see is there any way to get dvd output on it. i have spoken to a autoelectrical guy already and he reckons there is a reversing camera input but no sound input. any of you guys have any suggestions. i'd be using ps2 probably. cheers
  13. i'm fittin a set of 18's this weekend. OZ superleggera's got a set of 225/40 kumho's(for the wet weather in ireland :D ) the GAP (more like black hole) ibetween the back wheel and the arch is very big especially in a pre facelift!! i got a steal 2 weeks ago tho. a guy was sellin tein coilovers for a t sport but he didnt quiet know what they were. i got them for 200 euros! super street height adj and damper adj. sweet so i'll be playin with the height for most of the weekend till it fits right. Are they much slower with 18's over the 16's?? I had an e11 before this with tte springs and 16's and the tire rubbing arch got really annoying, any of this in the t sports with bigger wheels?
  14. Count me in for one then and we'll sort out postage. thanks
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