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  1. You can also get these keys made "to code", if you email the number on the key to a key-cutter with one of these code key cutting machines. On my key I have a rather faded S1660 on the stem. The advantage is, that this way you have a sort of fresh, factory-made key, rather than a copy of the worn original. I got mine done via www.metrolocks.co.uk.
  2. Congratulations! I have used: JEM LIMITED (1) Hyde Estate Road, London, NW9 6JX Tel: 020 8358 6000 • MOT Test Station • Servicing & Repair • All Makes & Models Welcome • State Of The Art Workshop • Huge Tyre Stock • Body Repair Facility Mot Testing This is their entry on www.yell.co.uk. For my own Lucida, I would look to use them for repairs, that the local garage is unable to carry out, JEM is very knowledgable, but clearly not cheap. Best wishes, Chris
  3. Haven't heard this, but am keenly interested. Would an MOT certificate say any6thing about this? Can't find mine at the moment. Kind regards, Chris
  4. Dunno about the light in particular, but a manual is often available on ebay. Good luck, Chris
  5. Alvo

    Oil Light

    My 96 Lucida's oil came on for a minute or so, each time the temperature passed a certain treshold. I have replaced the sensor, no joy. I then added 2 types of Liquy Moly Additives. I realise that additives are as hotly debated as Chinese Herb or homeopathic medicine, BUT, it did the trick: The oil light is now OFF, and always. In the UK this Liqui Moly stuff is fiendishly expensive (£25 for 2 cans of 300ml each). I still have no idea, why the oil light came on in the first place, but not seeing it anymore makes for much more pleasurable driving. Best wishes, a Lucida from Barnet, North London, UK
  6. Alvo

    Oil Light

    Hello Dilon from Dunstable, how did you get on with the occasional Oil Level light? I am having it alight occasionally, and it worries me. There is neither shortage nor too much oil in the main reservoir in my case. Kind regards, Chris
  7. The temple shaped light referred in my case in the end to a leaking heater matrix. very costly at £1000. That seems to be a rare occurence, though, the workshop I went to did not have a faulty Lucida heater matrix yet. Good luck Chris
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