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  1. Hi all. I have a couple of haynes manuals free to whoever wishes to come collect them. I found them after clearing out my loft. I live near Lichfield in South Staffordshire, 10 minutes from J11 of the M6.
  2. Wanted Yaris 15" alloy wheel in useable condition. My wife's 2000 yaris SR has a buckled alloy so we need a replacement. We want the multispoke type that came on the SR model, and perhaps some others. Like those fitted to this one... Thanks in advance! We're in South Staffordshire, near Lichfield.
  3. Thanks for the replies folks. Will see how I get on in case I end up with a company car. However the Prius is up for sale now, and will be missed.
  4. Hi all. I'm currently in the process of putting my 2007 Prius up for sale due to financial reasons and considering buying another Avensis, probably a 98 to 2002 sort of age range. It will be an estate and in bargain basement £1000 territory. This generally puts me in range of the 7A and 3S engined models which I have no problems with buying as I know they're both great engines. There are a few VVTi models cropping up however. I know 1.8l VVTi models can suffer the oil burning issue, but can the 2.0l models too? If they do I'll just hunt down a decent none VVTi model.
  5. I just set mine on realistic speeds too. And I don't mean speeds that you think you'll do, more like speeds that you're most likely to average. On a 30mph road you're probably likely to average only 15, and on a motorway it would be 60 at best generally speaking I'd say. Then on a sigle track national speed limit road you're looking at more like 40mph average. Keeping them all fairly conservative seems to get decent timings.
  6. I was always under the impression that the lower spec models had a different display with a lower resolution to those with sat nav/ reverse camera.
  7. Yeah mine neither Grumpy. It's most noticable at around 32 ish mph on mine. I had mine with 30k on the clock and it was doing it then.
  8. It's perfectly normal for them to make a whining sound, the Gen2 seems to do it more than the 3 in my experience. It should only really do it under light throttle/ coasting. Mine doesn't make a sound when accelerating or anything like that. They will make a humming sound too when braking and doing a lot of regen.
  9. Shame, my dark grey one is up for sale. You've got that at a great price though according to the guide prices. The blue looks nicer in the flesh plus it's an easy to keep clean colour so to speak. You'll love it! We love ours and will miss it.
  10. With mine I just used an old phone I had lying around, think it was a Sony Ericsson one. I paired it with my mac and synchronised all of the contacts with it from my address book. Then paired it with the car temporarily to transfer the contact across. Thing is, I don't use them though as I just use the iphone voice recognition anyway as I've found it very good and uses the bluetooth car kit microphone. Just press and hold the home button on the iphone for a few seconds, then it beeps and wakes up the car kit so you can say who you want to call. So you say for instance "call Joe Bloggs Mobile". And if you have an iphone 4S the same applies, but it just activates SIRI instead which also works fine.
  11. *****SOLD***** Sadly the time has come to sell our lovely Prius. Finances are tight now with us getting married soon, plus a company car is on the cards so it has to go. Its a T Spirit spec on a 57 plate with only 53000 miles and a full Toyota service history. It had its last service at 50k miles around christmas. Its also had a full set of good year energy efficient tyres fitted just after the service. So in all respects its ready to go. The colour is Dacuma Grey metallic and has wheel centre caps so the alloys can be used naked, or with the supplied full wheel trims. All of the usual T Spirit stuff such as JBL sound system, E/W, R/C/L, Reverse Camera, Self park, Sat Nav. We're looking for a bargain £7000. Located near J11 of the M6.
  12. I just fill up when its low. Maybe when its flashing, or one blob or maybe two blobs. Sometimes I may even fill it up when its showing half a tank! I certainly dont bother wasting time doing calculations or getting as much as I possibly can out of a tank.
  13. I don't think the front bulbs are too difficult on the Gen too. More fiddly than anything as they're awkward to get to.
  14. On my Gen 2 you have to be pretty quick putting it into EV mode and if you miss it, it won't let you as it wants to go into the compulsory engine warm up cycle. If the car runs normal otherwise I wouldn't worry about it. There are so many factors that can effect that such as temperature etc.
  15. Go for it, you won't regret it. It's one of the best cars I've ever had for everyday motoring.
  16. in short, my Gen 2 has never done less than 400 mile on a tank and more commonly hovers around 450 per tank. The Prius is MUCH better than any other car in town. On a run I think my Prius is ace. I was regularly doing business trips north of Newcastle and it flew up the motorway at 80 to 90 MPH and still averaged 54mpg. You will find much the same response to mine. I doubt you'll regret buying a Prius.
  17. Its also worth pointing out that the above is slightly better than a normal car with the prius as well, as they coast much better with less resistance than a normal car. When you back of in a petrol car you get engine compression and gearbox resistance, in the prius it's hardly noticable. The only noticable resistance is the energy recovery.
  18. Like I say, I got mine off ebay and they were listed as Toyota Prius wheel centres or something like that. They're not exactly the correct size as they clip on nice and tight, but when on they rattle so have had to wrap a little tape round them. Just had a look on ebay and theres currently none for sale in the UK, but there are ones from Japan or the US. Apart from that, I think they look the part!
  19. Sorry i was slow, but i did say i'd post a couple of pictures of what the wheels look like with centre caps.
  20. Hmm, bet it adds to the drag factor just a bit! :D
  21. I've done a few changes to my Gen2 prius with the JBL system. I started by modifying the poxy dash mounted speaker a little as I found it really contributed to the tinny sound set up. It's common to just unplug it which makes a big difference straight away. However I opted for fitting a resistor in line to lower the volume output from it a little so it blends in more. Then i've fitted sound deadening in all the doors which made another big difference to the sound. From this point I was a lot happier with the system. Finally I fitted a JBL subwoofer in the boot which was great value for money. It's no boy racer style sub, it merely complements the sound and helps where the door speakers roll off. My latest addition has been a bluetooth aux in module which enables me to play music from my phone via the aux in connection in the centre console.
  22. I liked with the Gen 3 I had for the day that the steering wheel buttons when touched illuminated a mimic display on the dashboard. I also noticed that you didn't have to press the button enough for it to actually perform it's function, just a slight touch bought up the display. So I suppose that means it's not so important that they're illuminated.
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