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  1. A colleague of mine has just been caught by VASCAR unit doing 99 in a 60mph limit. It was a dual carriageway (no barriers and single lane opposite). Are there any decent websites on minimising the hit this will have on his wallet\license. It's the first time he's been caught speeding , I'm assuming he's in his 30's and has been driving a while. He currently has a twin turbo Supra.... Thanks.
  2. If the wires haven't been butchered yet, you could try an adapter cable. Makes the job soooo............. easy. :hokus-pokus:
  3. Yeah, it was a bottom of the range JVC unit. I used it as a bit of a decoy as I thought cheap head unit, less people will want to steal it (so no one will notice the CD changer). Anyway, thanks for that. I'll check it out. Is anyone else aware of what models have an earth connection as standard already in the loom or not? Thanking you.
  4. Thats the correct way to do it. The two vents come out with the panel and the switches have an electrical clip on them. There's three in total, hazard/fog/clock, unclip these and pull the panel out. If the tape is factory-fitted, it's screwed in with brackets, which you will be able to see once you've pulled off the cover. You should be able to fix your new tapes to these brackets. As far as wiring goes, I recommend buying wiring adapter, available at MotorWorld/ Halfords etc, between £8-10 and make the job a doddle. Hope this helps.
  5. The '67 Shelby GT500 as seen in 'Gone in 60 Seconds' I hope this GT40 sounds as good :P Honestly, I don't think much of Ford, but the GT40 is one dish that's worth trying. It looks stunning , old, yet hopefully it'll be fitted with all the mod cons. :P Talking about supercars, the new Merc SL(R?) looks very nice too. Although I read somewhere it'll only be available in LHD. Waaat??
  6. Please God, let me have one of those.....
  7. I was going to post a similar threadything yesterday. My 97 Corolla is the same. I thought I had worked a way to get the nozzle in and fill up (being very careful not to rip the fuel door off) but nah.. Yeah, I agree with NickE, just hold it half way and be patient. Seems really silly, especially when I'm filling up in the fast lane at Asda <_<
  8. To be honest with you, itworked perfectly fine for two days. Then, I had the radio on, it maybe crackled a little but smoke just started to blow out of the unit. It was a very warm day, so I don't know if that had anything to do with it. I've opened the unit and the board had started to melt. The unit was still working when I switched it off, but haven't tried it since. I had it in another car for just over a year, so was surprised that it didn't last very long. It seems silly to pay someone to fit a unit, especially when it's so simple.
  9. Hello all, I just read somewhere the Elise is upping it's power from 120 to 180bhp by using the Toyota Celica VVti engine. What's all that about then?
  10. Take the two screws off, and the whole fascia (vents, around the cassette, vent controls - you'll have to pull the ends of these) is clipped in with 4 clips. Once this cover is off, you may have to unclip the emergency, and fog light? clips to remove the fascia, the unit is screwed in behind. You should be able to attach the Toyota fixing brackets to your head unit. Use the wiring adapters, available from Halfords and it's an easy job. I'm not meaning to frighten you here and this next bit is for anyone else, but after I fixed my head unit it only lasted a few days. I had it in a previous car for over a year. Any idea's what could have gone wrong? There's nothing else that we should be looking out for?
  11. Here's a question for you... What's better.... 1 . Main dealer with all the gadget and tools and more importantly dealer badge? or 2. Independent garage, i.e someone who will make their money by satisfying customers (by doing a good job on the car) and word of mouth?
  12. I have a Corolla 97. In my manual it says the two keys are the same however the grey key will not open the trunk. That's the only difference it quotes. It's so if you leave a key with the attendant, you can lock your valuables in the boot and give them the grey key..... ;) Can they not just use the latch by the driver door to steal your stuff then????
  13. "What car did you have before then?" "Well, it was ermm.... it was a..... mmmm... a.... mmmmm.. ....to be honest with you, even I ain't sure what it was!!!!"
  14. Had to have a whole side resprayed due to a scratch. Within two months someone scratched both sides and the back. :censor:
  15. I can't comment on the 92 specifically, but on the 889 you had to dismanmtle most of the dash. This included the dash around the speedometer as well. You have to remove quite a few screws for this. On the 97 (old shape)Corolla, there are a couple of screws just under the vent controls, remove these and then the vent controls, central air vent and tape fascia are just clipped in (one piece, four clips). I have a feeling yours will be similar to this. Once the fascia is off the tape is screwed in with brackets. To be honest with you it's not too difficult. Hope this helps.
  16. A new antenna close to £40 :censor: for my 88 Corolla For my Peugeot under £4
  17. Just a thought... I had used the adapter in an 89 Corolla I owned previously (on an Aiwa head unit). Is it possible wiring has changed between this and the 97 model. Also, how do you fit your stereos and has anyone else had any issues/problems/stories?
  18. Hi, Fitted a JVC unit with CD changer in my corolla 97 this week. I had used this unit in a 306 for over a year, with no problems. Anyway, I used an adapter bought from Halfords and screwed the unit into the standard fitting, so nothing dodgy so far. CD changer went under the front passenger seat. Two days later, enjoying the music when smoke started coming out of the head unit and air vents. I have removed the unit which doesn't smell too nice. I was wondering, the JVC manual shows a 'direct speaker' connection (Page 3 at http://www.jvc.co.uk/files/installation_ma...x12install.pdf). Are the standard Corolla leads connected some other way. The head unit isn't worth much, but I'm a little hesitant to spend money on a new unit, if the same thing is going to happen again. Any ideas? Thanks.
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