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  1. Happy Birthday Storm!

  2. Fade tints - pants! I went for 40% tints on the sides which the police are unlikely to bust you for and a 20% tint on the rear window. Its really helps make the rear windows look darker than they are with a nice fade to the tint on the front windows Been planning to update the photos on my garage to show the tinted windows... just haven't got around to it yet....
  3. Just had mine in for it's first service with 9065 miles on the clock :)
  4. Shields are a top notch dealer - was in there on Monday and have another for them about my front brakes which I'll post soon :)
  5. I installed my cd changer in under seat thingy. I didn't screw the thing in as I couldn't find any room for the screws... What I done was get some velcro tape stuff. You stick one side of the tape on the changer and match the pattern on the tray with the opposite side of the velcro. Works like a charm Changer doesn't move or jump - ever (unles you slide the tray out when its playing).
  6. Fantastic job mate! I'm a !Removed! when it comes to artistic talent so 10/10! Graphics are class
  7. sorry but i have to agree here i was opting to spend 6 grand on my yaris to get 'maybe' 160bhp? for 6k i bought an mr2 turbo with 260bhp (as near std) and its more than capable of trouncing a heavily moded yaris! but then if your after a mega unique powerful and light yaris and arnt worried about burning the $$'s then go for it ← I have to agree as well. I would love to do silly things to the Yaris but at the end of the day it's city car that you can have lots of fun in and if I had unlimited resources I would do silly things with it and end up with a show monster with a engine lifespan of 5k miles! In RL tho with those resources I would have a R34 Skyline!
  8. Both look good imo but after seeing Ryan's Enkei's on a black Yaris up close and personal I'm more inclined to vote the Enkei's. Never thought I would like white wheels on any car but the Enkei's seems to suit the Yaris really well (black and red ones anyway that is!)
  9. Yeah i agree with that one. The seats are actually designed like that so u have the option of big subs or small subs :D ← Love that feature as occasionally I have to take out my subs to ferry family to the airport, go to b&q etc. The thing that sold the TS to me tho was a small car that is cheap to run, that that is fun to drive but i can fit comfortably in! (i'm 6'3" with long legs) Totally a tardis! The quirky dash in the middle is cool as well - weird but once you get used to, very functional - only liked the TS analogue dials tho - I like to watch hat needle on the rev counter!
  10. I with you on that one mate, i love those LED lights Are those ones for phase 1 Yarii or am I just being stupid (read p155ed) and phase 1 and 2 rear clusters are the same???
  11. I work for Shell and I've not anything about this... that doesn't mean it's not true though! It's always possible that they may just rebrand Optimax as V-Power. Also I think it sounds better
  12. Those look familar... same ones I've got in fact! Lookin good mate
  13. Nah, they're not Arnold Clark, I wouldn't go to them! Shields are a main Toyota dealer.
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