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  1. Is there an easier way?? Suspecting the turbo is on its way hence smokey and hot. So i thought i would take the turbo out and have a look or send it to a specialist. Looking at it, i maynot have to undo the manifold, but i have to remove the rad. And taking the air intake pipe off the turbo is a real pain as well... so its a real bxtch... any info ?? regards
  2. Anyone got it?? I need check mine now cos its chucking out white smoke when engine is warm..... Ta
  3. does anyone know which other toyota uses the same switch??? Need one... Thanks
  4. what have you done to yours to make a CTR behind you??? Surely they are fast enough......
  5. !Removed! hell starletsy.... At that time, I was in an auto Glanza V so i think the gearing made the top end crap.... But saying that, i really cannot believe a 1300 can hit 130mph (I know its been done ) but just very surprised thats all. So i guess i will have to get a cable convertor then matey......Bugger really but shall have some fun when hitting 130mph. I thought the limiter will be removed automatically once a cable convertor is fitted..??
  6. No No.. thast a glanza V for sure and its the second one i have brought in.. I did the cable convertor on the first one but then i thought its no point as the car is not much faster after 115mph anyway.... Any other suggestions?? Not only that it costed a little bit more for the cable convertor, but I don't like the idea with playing the clocks...
  7. Where can I get one?? I don't want to go ffor the cable convertor this time round. All the suppliers do them in black but I kno most of the Glanza V come with white dials to start with.. any ideas?? Cheers
  8. only the 20V one i am afraid.. Can't afford the supercharge one yet..
  9. I have a AE-101 93 model. Just picked it up and found that the idle speed is a little high.. When start from cold, it shoots just under 2k.. when warm (fully)it is still around 800, sounds about right cos seen the stickers under the bonnet says should be about 800.. But would like some Levin owners to confirm. very please wiht the car and good on drifting too :P regards
  10. I am looking for a kind of big family estate type car similar to the Picnic. But whats there available in diesel and auto?? Lucida is a bit too big... Cheers
  11. malcom, when is your car arriving then?? i bet you can't wait :P Joe
  12. Can someone tell me if fitments for the above items are the same thruout all SW20 range (i.e from 1990-1998) If not, what year makes what difference?? regards
  13. As title.. any info is appreciated.. regards
  14. Pete, If it doesn't cost you much then get it. However, if it is a top mount like the original one and size wise, not any bigger, then i will say it would improve the performance. You will also have to look at the number of fins per inch and compare with the original one. Whatever the case, it should just look enough good on your car and on your modification list :D regards
  15. I hope this time i don't upset the moderatorS....... As follows, (all 8 seats, 2.2TD auto, with 12months MOT, 6 monhs TAX) 1994 X pack, 59k good clean condition. Tinted. £4495 1994 X pack, 45k, good clean condition, Alloys, sunroof, Tinted £4495 1992 X pack, 33k, very very very tidy, like new. £3750 1994 x pack, 60k good clean condition, sun roof. £4295. Indivdual spec and photos available, no reasonable offers refused.# regards..
  16. 5 Stud. what size tyres shall i use to match the original 215-65-15 ?? i mean on a 16inch rims?? thanks
  17. oil and air filter for 3c-TE engine in Lucida 2.2 TD Is there any toyota uses it in UK? Do u have any prt numbers for those filter from a different brand other than geniune Toyota Parts? Thanks
  18. i am aftering a set of wheels for my lucida. 5 stud.. can someone tell me what other toyota or other manufacturers use the same fitment? what is the fitment?? PCD and offset..? I think i will go for 15 or 16", don't wanna go too mad.. :D Cheers Joe
  19. if it is the same engine to the picnic. then great, I will be able to source any service parts from my local spares.' Thanks
  20. thanks sammy. If someone can let me know what other toyotas use the same engine... it will be appreciated. Thanks Joe
  21. hi all, I have become a proud owner of a Lucida 2.2 TD 2WD like most others. Can someone give me the engine model so I can cross reference some usual service parts or if you guys can just give me some info on them like the part numbers or at least tell me which other Toyata uses same engine in UK, this will be a lot of help. Also the car is coming up to 100,000 km shortly which i then need to change the cam belt? i guess that is belt driven not chain..... Is it easy? i am quite mechanical myself. any other lucida to recommand?? Thanks JOe
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