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  1. Greetings... I'm negotiating for a 1990 Celica GT4 Turbo and wonder if any of you fine and knowledgable people can give me any advice. I've owned a 2 litre Gti before and am aware of things like cam-belts, buckled brake disks, pop up lights and the like but have no idea what I should be looking for with regard to turbos. Are there any particular things I should be aware of? I love the old Celicas and a GT4 seems like the natural progression but I can't afford to get 'screwed' so any input would be truely welcome. Thanks... Andy.
  2. Really...? Isn't there a problem with pistons hitting valves and stuff like that?
  3. Hi... I've got a 1993 2.0 GTi 16v Celica with 124k on the clock. When I bought it I was told that the cam belt had been renewed... but... on saturday it snapped! I was just pulling off from traffic lights at the time and was only doing about 10 mph so has anyone any thoughts on how bad (or not so bad) the damage might be.... AND... what am I looking at repairwise? Thanks. Andy.
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