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  1. Hey all..got some pics of the OBX Cat Back exhaust I no longer need and also the Towbar which was originally fitted to my car. it adds a surprisingly beefy burble..which alas my dad didn't like..i since spent £500 on a Toyota unit so i've done my brains in on this. The exhaust cost £250 and has only been on for 1 week/50 miles ...make me an offer... towbar was on for about 10 years..make an offer :) and the towbar
  2. hey there..just wondering what you ended up doing?
  3. Hi y'all I don't know who to ask about this but I have a brand new Cat back STainless Steel OBX Exhaust system from the states. I fitted to the car thinking I'd saved a shed load of money but my dad hates it and after thinking I have saved money I am going to have to now buy a genuine Toyota Exhaust ( £500 basically..ludicrous money although I suppose the car is 13 years old ).... Who do I have to email or pay to be able to post as a for sale ad? It will literally have 100miles on it so it seems another Camry owner would appreciate it more. ALso have a complete Toyota tow bar aswell. Could a m
  4. change the strut top mounts but at the same time change the sway bar bushings and the bearings on the front strut..your car will drive like new... just sorted all the suspension on our red car :-)
  5. hi guys this an appeal. i inherited my grandfathers 1998 white camry v6 sport when he sadly died in november it's been in our family for almost 8 years... but i have run out of time and money and she needs to go to somebody who can give her the time money and effort to rescue the fabulous car she really is... she's abit shabby ( no rust but needs a professional detailer to rescue the bodywork ) .. the interior is excellent and it has service history second to none.,... but it needs all 4 strut top mounts...and an mot which it wont pass as the manifold is blowing...if somebody fancies taking on
  6. Hi guys I need to know when Toyota UK made the Camry Sport ( ours is a v6 on a 1999 ) how much did they lower the car from the standard car? was it 40mm?? any help greatly appreciated Si
  7. Hi all I own 2 lovely and increasingly rare UK model Camry V6 Sport's the cars have been a joy and a pleasure to own... ( We have one white and one burgundy ) These cars do have certain quirks however and has any other owners noticed that help and info aswell as fellow owners info is almost completely absent on the web??? I'd like to think we can change this....whilst the Camry has always sold well in the States amongst others in the UK it is a rare sight. I want us to be able to atleast be able to discuss problems and experiences with our cars in such a way that we can build a good knowledge
  8. hi guys..we own 2 1998 camry v6 sports both have same problems..the bushings as have already been mentioned...and the strut top mounts...change these and your car will sound fine again :-) poor quality rubber my friends
  9. that's good to hear alan!!! when I started reading your post I was about to lambast the typical uselessness of dealers :) glad its better! Si
  10. Did you have any clearance problems with the wider tyres?Are they on standard Sport rims or have you upgraded, and if so, to what? I need new alloys after i let my mrs take the car shopping and she managed to kerb a wheel badly enough to buckle the rim. :censor: ..... Yes...our old ones were killed with pothole damage in manchester....the standard sport alloys are poor quality and do not have sufficient protection from the tyres. I went down to the local alloys shop and got a set of mangels i think they are....i bought a set of 4 with all new wheel nuts and 235/45/17 tyres....i kept the best
  11. I love my standard 1998 Toyota Camry V6 Sport... But sometimes it just seems to lack that little bit of extra urgency. What mods are available to maybe boost power up to 240 bhp (any more on a front wheel drive car is at best stupid) but without killing the fantastic reliability? There seems to be nothing available for this engine especially in the UK? I would even consider light pressure turbo or supercharger? ANy pointers would be greatly appreciated. Si
  12. I don't know about quieter Alan but we recently put bigger 235 tyres on our Camry and whilst I can't say it went quiter the ride does seem improved.... I suppose the usual suspects if you want some..continental, dunlop, goodyear, bridgestone...i wouldnt buy michelin (french) and have a thing about pirrellis being rubbish as had some bad luck with them. :)
  13. Having browsed through this forum I think I may have the answer. Firstly it creaks like an old pig first thing in the morning.....apparently the noises are from bad swaybar bushings and also possibly/probably the suspension strut mounts... I have to say for the last 6 years it has always done it and we just put it down to the way the car was...and it never ever bothered me in the slightest...i had no idea there was something i could do about it till i came here..hehe hope this helps...i'm not doing it on mine at the moment as I have other priorities and it drives fine :)
  14. Hi there. We have had a 1998 Camry V6 Sport in our family since it was 2 years old...it has been a fantastic car with no trouble at all....except for a propensity of killing tyres and alloy wheels!!!!! The original "Sport" alloys (which were very poor quality British made wheels) bit the dust after repeatedly being battered by potholes....we struggled along for a while not being able to balance them (it never seemed to bother the poise of the car but might explain the way we went through tyres) until this year when one had a long hairline crack up the centre and another had a gouge so deep it
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