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  1. I've just had my Avensis recall work carried out (Fuel pipe/fuel pump issue) by my local main dealer. I got a full vallet for my inconvenience but if I recall didn't owners of previous recalls get a bottle of Toyota bubbly as well? I guess things have changed a little since then what with sticking throttles, dodgy stearing racks, etc.
  2. Hi, I've just received a quote from an independent Toyota specialist in Kent called the West Malling Garage. The quote is about 20% less than the Main Dealer's (but still significantly more than Mr Clutch). Has anyone had any dealings with WMG? I'd rather not go to Mr Clutch as the reviews are awful and Mr T is too expensive so it seems to me that WMG are a good compromise.
  3. Thanks for that one, although I've got a bit of a lip on the outside edge of the disc I don't think I'll be sticking it on one of the lathes at work to resurface. Good news - I've found my micrometer, bad news it only extends to 25mm, so I'll have to try to borrow one with a larger opening.
  4. According to toyota recommendations: INSPECT FRONT DISC BRAKE PAD KIT (a)Using a ruler, measure the disc brake pad lining thickness. Standard thickness: 12.5 mm (0.492 in.) Minimum thickness: 2.0 mm (0.079 in.) Make sure that they have sufficient rebound, no deformation, cracks nor wear, and have had all rust, dirt and foreign particles cleaned off. INSPECT DISC THICKNESS (a)Using a micrometer, measure the front disc thickness. Standard thickness: 26.0 mm (1.024 in.) Minimum thickness: 24.0 mm (0.945 in.) Hope it helps. Cheerio Cheers, I'll take that wheel off again and measure it. Now where did I put my micrometer ...
  5. Hi, I have a 05 Avensis and my front discs are looking fairly worn (i've done about 55,000 miles) but I'm not sure how much more wear I've got left in them. At what point should the discs be replaced? Is there a minimum disc thickness? I can see a line running along the outside edge of the disc at what I guess is about half thickness, is this a wear indicator and if so is this the thickness at which the discs should be replaced?
  6. Isn't this for the D4D diesal engine? The 2.0 litre D4 petrol engine produces a much more respectable 145 BHP: http://www.toyotagb-press.co.uk/protected/...6/tech_spec.pdf
  7. There was a Top Gear episode once where Richard Hammond spent around £500 "improving" the performance of a non-turbo car - induction kit, wide bore exhaust, etc but £500 later the car was tested on a dyno and guess what, no performance improvement! I know that's not very scientific but it is a real world example and like the previous posters have said, it goes someway to proving that if you want to spend a small fortune making your car go faster then you'd probably be better off spending the money on buying yourself an old "hot hatch" and having fun with that instead.
  8. That's the one thing the T-Spirit doesn't have! The button is there but only works when the optional COLOUR sat nav is installed, if you have the standard black and white/orange one then you can try shouting at it in English, German or any other language you like (I know, I did) but it won't do anything.
  9. The 2.0 Litre D4 VVTI engine is a Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) unit which is essentially a hybrid petrol-diesal engine, that is to say it is a petrol engine that takes advantage of a number of technologies developed for diesal engines to give you the best of both worlds - improved torque and mpg with the refinement of a petrol engine. In practice it does a pretty good job returning mpg figures slightly lower than diesal counterparts but without sounding like a bus! Compared to a work colleague's 2.0 litre Ford Mondeo diesal of a similar age, my 2.0 litre petrol Avensis gives between 35 and 40 MPG while his Mondeo also gives somewhere around 40 MPG if he's lucky, so by time you've allowed for the extra cost of diesal there's not a lot in it. It's also worth bearing in mind that the 2.0 litre D4 VVTI engines are pretty reliable and do not have the oil burning reputation of the 1.8 litre engine or the flywheel issues of the D4D.
  10. I had my master cylinder replaced under warranty about two years ago but recently it's started creaking again - I guess I'll just have to turn the stereo up. By the way, does anyone know how long a warranty repair is guaranteed for? Is it for the remainder of the car's initial three year warranty or does it get another three years starting from the date of the repair?
  11. I've had both 17" and 16" on my 05 Avensis and I noticed some differences. With the same make/model of tyre (Goodyear Excellence) I found that the 17" lower profile gave crisper handling but the 16" with a higher profile gave a slightly quieter and softer ride. In the end I chose to keep the 16". By the way, the older - pre face lift T25 (03 - 06) had 45 profile tyres fitted (Dunlop SP3000a) while the post face lift (06 - 08) had slighty higher profile (50) Goodyear NCT5 tyres fitted. I tried 50 profile tyres on my 17" wheels and found that if I went over a bump or dip in the road then the tyre would rub on the suspension components (so I changed them back to 45s) - I guess that when they face-lifted the car in 06 they also made some subtle changes to the suspension.
  12. Yes I know I'm sad but I like to know how things work and found this interesting article about Gasoline Direct Injection engines - the sort of engine used in the 2.0 litre petrol Avensis. Here's the URL if you like that sort of thing: http://www.canadiandriver.com/2005/08/31/a...t-injection.htm
  13. I think the 06 T-Spirit has the same TNS300/310 satnav is my 05 model which unfortunatey does not include the voice command operation - although I too tried shouting at it (in a variety of languages) until I found out that this feature only comes with cars equipped with the colour satnav. Andy.
  14. I've actually found the report and the results were: Joint First Place (8dB below EU benchmark) : Yokohama AVS DB550 and Goodyear GSD3 Eagle F1 Third Place (7dB below EU benchmark): Goodyear Excellence Andy.
  15. dark andrew


    There is a design fault with Avensis manufactured between 2003 and March 2005. The steel used in the clutch master cylinder corrodes and can result in symptoms such as yours. Although Toyota fitted modified master cylinders from March 2005 they never issued a recall and only units that failed were replaced. I'm not aware of any extension to the warrenty on this part so if you can't live with it or if it gets worse you'll probably have to pay for a new one - luckilly mine went inside the three years (as did my headlamps - another known design fault that was addressed in March 2005 but only replaced if a fault developed and not as a matter of course).
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