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  1. right guys lets do this at the end of September in Aberystwyth I am up that way soon so I will be looking for place to have the meet
  2. sorry guys for not orginising the meet as i'v had family problems is there anyone here from Aberystwyth area please can u get in touch cause this meet is going ahead later this year
  3. THankS for replaying my car is a 2.0 manual I haven't checked as of yet to see where they've put the delimiter as soon as the weather breaks I will be checking where it is .
  4. I have a 6 gen Conv. Celica jap import st202, when I bought the car I was told by the garage that they had changed the speedo from km to mph and the limiters taken off ,max speed Of the car is 127 mph so can anybody tell me if it has been taken off
  5. right girls and guys how many people wants a meet then just for me to know where to hold it , It will either be aberystwyth or newtown so let me know who wants to go, it will be held on a sunday daytime and bamber thanks for that info on newtown il be up that way in a few weeks to look for places to hold it .
  6. im willin to organise this meet but i need some info on where to hold it, as goto cover all members of wales so it would be somewhere in the middle of wales so if anybody would give some good places we could meet up so some input please guys to make it fair for everyone.
  7. i have been having work done on my celica , bodywork and respray well i went to jr custom paint shop in clydach (the one by the market) first of all hes had the car for nearly a year which really p***ed me off all i wanted was body kit,lights fitted and a respray well here goes: body work well didnt bond the bumpers into the bodywork he must have used normal filler not the elasticated filler side sills are scraping against the doors and the best on of all is the paint job if hes been going for years HOW becouse the runs in the car are on nearly every panel i have also got what looks like pin holes in the paint as for the lacor well thats another thing its crap ! so if anybody want a crap job done on their motor go to him hes the best for f***ing it up sorry for swearing but this has cost me £1,500 and im totally p*ssed off,lucky enough i have found someone who is going to sort the car out and he's going to him for the payment so my advice is to any one is stay clear of J R CUSTOMS
  8. pauldbs

    Help Meeee!

    im glad u put a and b it will be easy now it the b pipe hope this will help
  9. hi folks can anyone tell me would the GT4 brakes system fit on my st202 plus can gt4 injectors fit my car as well thanks
  10. i have been told its a common falt with the convetable, before i bought my celi conv my rear glass smashed and someone put plastic window in insted of glass it's worked when i get my new roof on im putting a uv protective plastic window back in
  11. thanks sjrainsford i always get problems uploading photos
  12. hope you like what i've done
  13. more pics
  14. latest pics of my baby as i havent posted for a while :- hope you like it