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  1. Cheers and well the 107 OC is not afraid of the competitors, we prefer to think of the other sites as friends ;)
  2. They are not pretty much the same, they ARE all the same, the only difference between the three is the exterior panels making them all look different, so a test drive wont tell you anything. You will need to base your decision on which one you prefer the look of and finances. Yes you can probably buy a 2nd hand 107 cheaper but thats because the Aygos depreciate a lot less which is also an important factor. The price of things such as services etc seems to vary wildy between the three and there are more mods available to the 107/C1 than the Aygo IMO. But I would still always opt for the Aygo. It is just cooler :D
  3. I am admin for the 107 owners club, by all means pass me the info and we are happy to help arrange joint club activities :)
  4. Thanks for the messages guys and thanks for the info Nemotion and your right there is a wealth of information out there available on the net and I am doing my best to learn but sometimes if like trying to fill a glass with a waterful..just too much info. It hasnt been the easiest of starts with 2, cost me 600 to get it through its MOT and then only a week later the alternator blew up, and now its clear I am also due a new battery to, but I so love driving it that somehow I justify to myself its worth it. I didnt anticipate the level of attention I get with the car at all, I think there is only one other MK1 in the area and it doesnt venture out often so I get a lot of head turns and I certainly seem to be impress ten year old lads with it Because of all the money spent on keeping it on the road I havent done much in the minor modding I wanted to do yet. Still want a new Steering wheel and gear knob minimum. I have however upgraded the knobs, I really disliked them with the handle on them and I appreciate this might not be to everyones taste as the colour is quite bold but I love them, they are solid metal and a brash orange:D Also am not sure if I can over own a car that doesnt have pop lights
  5. Hmm bet Les made me male! :irked: Will have to flash him at CAE
  6. Can I not be SJandMR2 please, I dont want to change my username everytime I change cars Can I just be SJ or SJ80 if you need more characters. and cheers to whoever made me male :P I doubled checked am definitly not!
  7. I have facebooked Miles...Rematch Pending
  8. Cheers guys and gals.. Gaz I have a sudden urge to go to the pod :D where is Miles? :lol2:
  9. Yeah not to SJandMR2 though Can either just be SJ or my username on most other forums is stiglet ..think it was an irony one years ago :lol2: either will do
  10. Said goodbye to the Aygo and now have a MK1 MR2, am rather enjoying it I loves it I know nothing abut though so feel free to tell me anything useful. I have already learnt not to leave the lights on when taking pictures..battery didn't like it Cheers Er SJandMR2 or Just SJ x
  11. And me! NO LEAKS Whatsoever! and 100% loved my car
  12. Well I will admit I don't post on here much these days for a few reasons but I felt I had to say a proper virtual farewell to my Aygo and give it my overall review in the place where my love for Aygos was founded and grew. This was actually my second Aygo and I have it for the three full years and decided to hand it back at the end of the finance plan. I LOVED this car to pieces and I will gladly admit to shedding a few tears and giving it a hug as I left the garage on Friday :( It NEVER leaked once! Toyota Lister were always helpful and efficient if a tad over priced sometimes on replacement items. It had a new clutch replacement at about two years but to be fair I was never that nice to the clutch. The pasltic bodywork meant the odd knock it had often came away undamaged. It did 51,000 trouble free mile, any small issues I had common things, boot lid catch etc were always sorted quickly by toyota and were never troublesome again. For every day driving it was brilliant for darting around a city, and sat comfortable and efficiently at motorway speeds. I did a few cosmetic mods over the years..gear knob, licience plate surround, chrome ariel, door handles, got carried away with stickers at one point. And of course I did fit a 'V8' ;) If I were to change anything about it I would have liked a seat belt adjuster being a shorty. And well if they ever made a 1.4+ version I would be first in the queue. Also the fact that kept remaking the 'blue' was rubbish there should have been different colours and different editions! It did get jibes which never bothered me, but direct negative comments from people who clearly did not understand the concept of the car (ie its a budget city car) did bug me somtimes. I was even happy to pay the tax before I gave it back given it was only 20.00. Always a good comment to make when the petrol guzzlers take the piss. Some of my favourite memories in my Aygo First meet 07 @ Cadwell Track CAE 08 (at the back of all the 2's ) JAE 08 CAE 09 JAE 09 The V8 Conversion for Santa Pod ;) One of the many trips to Santa Pod 107oc National Meet 09 Top Gear Track 09 Farewell Road trip across Europe to the Nurburgring 2010 This is just a handful of the meets, shows and road trips I have done in 51k miles of ownership. Enjoyed every single moment. So that is three years over with I would reccomend this car to anyone and I think I have certainly unofficially sold a few for Toyota, there is now 4 on my street alone I would also reccomend taking it out and enjoying it as much as possible! :P It's successor however is a MK1 Mr2, am already dreading the Tax bill And I really need to think of a new forum name SJ xx
  13. And the Aygo isnt coming But my MK1 MR2 is
  14. is off to Nur woohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  15. I believe that was perfectly on topic :P And the company is awesome :D
  16. Aw I would but I am at the Nur :( Oh wait that is more fun :getmecoat:
  17. If I could keep my Aygo forever and afford to have other cars I really would. But my next car will be something more petrol guzzly and less reliable :D
  18. OK yes but surely people who know me know I am mentally not 30 more 21. Or 12. Or just mental
  19. I have been to several national meets with TOC such as JAE and CAE etc and I have rarely ever been the only Aygo there so they are worth attending, info is in the national meet section. There has never been an Aygo only meet as far as I know bar the Toyota PR Cadwell trip which was organised through TOC, which I also attended in 2007, which was very cool. Heres a pic.. I am also Admin for the 107oc despite having an Agyo and we have some meets lined up. I think its true about the groups being diluted, the C1 and the 107oc both welcome the other triplets as does here but the Aygo doesn't tend to attract the modders/petrol head types car enthusiast who would be attending these meets. Whether this will ever change with time I would hope so.
  20. Thanks everyone :) And the screen is wrong I am 21!
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