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  1. A D4D is indeed a diesel, but the taxation class is correct. i would write a letter explaining that the DESCRIPTION is wrong, but the taxation class is correct. I would not waste any time on the phone. Explain this is having an effect on the MIB insurance database as it is Petrol and not Diesel
  2. Am I missing something here? The car shows up as a PETROL car on the V5, it shows as PETROL on DVLA lookup, but shows up as DIESEL when you try and insure it? Surely it is the Motor Insurance Bureau that has it wrong?
  3. The DVLA lookup info that I use is correct, a petrol, it is the insurer database that is wrong, IMHO, is the reg ****JVG?
  4. Here you go, its a Nextbase 380GW so you can get all you want off their website
  5. We have 25 Toyota/Nextbase Dash cams for sale. These 1080p FULL HD dash cams come complete WITH SD CARD and also with a HARD WIRE KIT, full instructions and 3 year Nextbase warranty. The price delivered to any UK mainland address is £199 INC. They connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the Nextbase app, the image and video quality are superb
  6. On that (and most later models) the Cat is part of the manifold, cylindrical part below the branches of the manifold, new models have the DPF just under the cat, but before the front pipe
  7. Basically it involves tacking a bolt/wire to the wing and pulling the dent out. It is designed for pulling areas that are double skinned and difficult to pull out. When you consider the time it would take to pull out, skim and repair and repaint, you are probably not far off the price of a new wing When you return the car it has to be in good condition, you WILL be charged for any damage, and you have no control over the costs, so best done before it goes back. You could put it though your insurance?
  8. That looks to be a bit more of a job than a smart repair, there are quite a few wrinkles in that wing. By all means call out one of the "Chips away" style companies but that looks more like a bodyshop repair Kingo
  9. Parts-King


    We order every inflator/air bag to chassis number, if we let you know it is in and you fail to turn up for the appointment, we only hold the parts for a short time after and then allocate that part to somebody else, (for people in for service for instance) this is probably why your dealer had an airbag available
  10. The car will be stolen. They get a reg number from a matching legitimate car, same year/make/model and make that plate and put it on the stolen car, makes it look legal
  11. Both! Stolen and cloned to make it look just like a legit car
  12. Doubt it would bother them to be honest, have you seen the video? Low life thug prepared to pull up in the middle of the road, hold the traffic up while he steals the cat, not bothered in the slightest, plates on his car probably cloned so the chances of finding him would be slim
  13. Oh they do! Battery powered angle grinder, sod the noise it makes, several can be stolen off the likes of Hilux etc in a minute, just grind through and gone, causes thousands of pounds of damage. We keep all our Hilux locked up in the workshop at night
  14. This has become a national issue now, and Gen 2 seem to be the main target. They are stolen for two reasons, firstly their precious metal content, and secondly, for the replacement (black) market You can buy a Catloc specifically made for the job, costs about £200 fitted. Made of marine grade stainless steel and anti tamper fixings it protects both front and Cats, there is also a unique chemical etch tool that puts a serial number on the cat which goes on an International register, Police and Thatcham approved device, might be worth a look Kingo