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  1. The other day, in the new Corolla, I was doing 65 MPH just feathering the throttle, the car was holding in EV, the Auris would never do that, hence why the Auris would do 58 MPG and this Corolla is on 72 MPG, amazing difference and a much better car
  2. I'm happy for anybody to check what the GPS says on my cam, yesterdays clip showed my maximum speed on the one minute clip as 54 MPH and at the point of very close impact, I was doing 19 MPH. The Nextbase 320 GW has GPS/mapping, shows where you were, and the G forces on your journey, very informative
  3. Hit me baby one more time 🙋‍♀️ 👩‍🎤
  4. No chance, you should see me in her hot pants
  5. Yes, I did opt to leave it on when I set it up, it has been mildly amusing to anyone I show it to
  6. I had a look at my saved footage last night, somebody nearly side swiped me on a roundabout, then as I sounded my horn, he blasted me back and gave me the finger! For sanity I just wanted to see the incident again, and sure enough he moved to the right in his lane to overtake a lorry in front of him. One thing I forgot is that it records all the sound, the radio you were listening to, and in my case, the mouthful of expletives
  7. That's not a good part number for one thing, should be a 10 digit number, not 11
  8. Think mine was about 690 miles (I think)
  9. YES: It is NOT a normal gas, see my earlier post, it has 1234YF gas, have a deal with your dealer, they are best placed to do it properly as they will have the correct equipment
  10. Lucky's currently errrr, naff weather here
  11. 10c on the temp gauge, the air coming out of the vents should be 10c or less
  12. Make sure the car is up to temperature, set the AC as low is it goes, put the fan on high through the vents, place your thermometer in the vent. It should be 10C or less, if it is less then it's working as it should be, if it is over 10 degrees it needs servicing, one of the checks after servicing is to do that same test. When serviced, the refrigerant is recovered, and the correct quantity of gas AND oil is put back in, this is important to keep everything lubed.
  13. That may be the case when you are doing it DIY, but as a business, you don't want to be stripping the manifold, cleaning it, putting it back on only for the same fault to happen down the road. You need to be sure as a business that you are not doing the job twice without payment for your techs time. These are not an easy job to do on the 1WW 2WW engine, you don't want to be doing it twice
  14. Well, my car had 20 miles on it when I picked it up (it had been to valeting bay and for fuel etc) so has covered 570 miles in total and 550 miles since I last brimmed it. I put in 31.28 litres, which cost £40.01. Now the average MPG on the gauge is 71.9 currently, but when you do the calculation it's a staggering 79.93 MPG I can't quite believe it
  15. Parts-King

    3 Beeps

    It double beeps for speed cameras, and multiple beeps if you get a bit close to something, not heard a triple beep