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  1. Not a "Market place" as such but there is a buy/sell section https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/forum/23-for-sale/
  2. We have seen many a rodent attack on cables in the past
  3. It is a software update, but some DCM units fail during the process and have to be replaced, they are investigating that
  4. Yes it has been put on hold, sit tight and you will be notified when to go in and have it done
  5. Not if you are in the motor trade there not, utter s**te
  6. Once upon a time, a pal of mine worked for Shell, Thornton Research centre in Ellesmere Port, about 40 years ago. He used to work with additives for the automotive industry. At the time they were working on additives for South American cars that ran on alcohol, only problem was the alcohol would kill carburettors and fuel lines. He actually had use of a car imported here from South America, it ran on alcohol which they had on tap at Shell, and he would run them with additives for test purposes. The smell from the exhaust was very strange Anyhoo, point being is I am sure these additives these days will be up to the job of only 10% mix 👍 Personally I would use some additive and drive it, I would not be overly worried about it
  7. Don't you have to register it with DVLA first?
  8. A genuine one is £160.61, they have been modified a few times
  9. Best to prevent the washer fluid freezing in the first place and use winter concentrate screen wash, we have had dozens of people perplexed that their washers don't work, the bottles are usually empty or frozen, unbelievable 🙄 It's not a big ask to make sure you do some minor maintenance and fill up your washers
  10. By heck there are some angry people on that thread This is nothing new, doors have let in water and have it drain out the bottom for years, they are designed that way. The scraper seals do not stop small amounts of water from getting in, but of course it needs to drain out
  11. It's not unusual for a washer pump to die, the genuine ones are expensive, like £150 ish It's not the same pump as the front, but you might be able to swap the connections over to see if it works, if not have the connections tested to rule out any lack of feed to the pump
  12. The subframe is best part of £1K, if it is that rusty, buy a different one, you don't want to be buying a new subframe at next MOT
  13. We had a Landcruiser completely stripped, all interior, seats, dash, wings, bonnet, lamps, wheels etc, never even alerted the CCTV cameras. They then sprayed a bleach solution all over the car and interior to kill any DNA I presume. Unreal, these people are out there folks
  14. It can't go much lower, it is at it's lowest for 56 years. 😂😂😂 Hopefully we see an easing of the semi conductor issue, transport, shipping, container shortage etc etc this year and things start to pick up next year
  15. Mrs Kingo had cover with the car insurance, she misfuelled the car one day and they would not come out, had to pay a fuel Doctor about £200 if I recall correctly. From that day on we have been with Toyota Roadside Assist and never had to use it lol, certainly good value
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