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  1. Hard wiring is the way forward, no hanging cables getting in the way, looks so much neater
  2. PM me your Reg number and let me know what you need, I will price genuine for you
  3. Only used them on Bikes, and very good they were too
  4. If you buy from a Toyota dealer I would expect them to sell you genuine OE parts The term OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) actually boils my p**s, the most overused phrase in the industry which DOES NOT mean you are getting original parts. OEM means that supplier makes parts for the manufacturer, it does NOT mean the same quality will be used for the after market. OEM companies make parts with differing quality levels to suit the after market. If you want a quality part, use GENUINE parts or from a top supplier such as Ferodo/Bosch/Brembo etc. That phrase "OEM" should be banned
  5. Why would anybody run so low on fuel, range or guage, it makes no sense. You do NOT want to run out of fuel in a Hybrid, you will be in for a hefty bill that you will have to pay yourself, just fill it up when it gets low, simples
  6. Parts-King

    MyT app

    I don't have fuel on my app 😕
  7. I would dismiss that first article out of hand, it talks about CVT being relatively new technology.......what the actual????? I have not seen a problem with a Toyota CVT ever, not saying they never have problems but I have never personally dealt with one, they are pretty much bomb proof in my book
  8. There is a mute button that is easy to touch and mutes sat nav voice, its just to the left of the screen
  9. I have worked for Toyota dealers since 1977, I think I have got used to them now. Since the Hybrid introduction over 20 years ago I think I have only ever dealt with 4 or 5 battery replacements, they are VERY robust and something that can be covered under warranty up to 15 years if you have it serviced at your dealer. I would say not to overly worry about Hybrid battery life, it is something you most likely would not have to deal with
  10. From your local friendly Toyota dealer, £142 all in, jack, brace, wheel etc INC VAT, give me a call on 01978 720074
  11. or you can get from me and save a few quid
  12. 18,000 miles, average 30 MPH, 600 Hours???
  13. Give me a call on 01978 720074 (ask for John AKA Kingo)