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  1. It is like that, however, yours looks like it has been tugged and is now ill fitting. It is there to allow for the tilt and lift column, I have no idea how you could drop anything like liquid or coins in there, you would never get near it to be honest
  2. Try a new headlamp bulb, one might have blown previously without you knowing. I have seen plenty of cars where BOTH headlamp bulbs have failed
  3. It's the genuine accessory, comes complete, so you are not having to buy any extras to go with it. It is the Nextbase 380GW forward facing camera. I have one in my Corolla, really good image quality. You can order from me over the phone, price is £198.95 delivered INC, don't forget it comes with the hard wire kit, card, etc
  4. If you buy a Nextbase one from me, it comes complete with SD card, mounting and hard wire wiring kit, with instructions
  5. Indeed, but I would expect them to write to the dealer via our internal systems to let them know why, not just "it does not meet the criteria" I would expect to see, too old, no service history, etc etc
  6. I think you need to put your efforts into communicating with the dealer and Toyota, the threat of a social media file if you don't get your way will not help you. If it is denied (officially) they will give you a reason as to why
  7. Still at it matey, all good thanks......well, managed to break a bone in my wrist last month after taking a tumble (don't ask) not a drop of drink had been taken either, but all OK now thanks 👍
  8. B/Print are obviously using a better class of bean can to make them out of
  9. I just looked at some on my shelf, China, Thailand and Austria. Like all worldwide manufacturers, they will be made in several countries, just in case of local supply issues, 👍
  10. Parts-King

    Build year

    I can tell you the DAY it was built from the VIN, just go and see one of the parts boys or PM the VIN number to me, it will be Tuesday before i can do that for you as I am out of here for the weekend
  11. Cost of a Hydrogen car is stupid, however, Toyota have released all patents on the technology (apart from the fuel cell) in order to get others involved and to bring prices down. Once you have sufficient vehicles (buses, lorries etc) then I expect it to take off. When I was talking to the chap who runs the Mirai programme, he said that because there is no "fuel product" as such to buy, then when there is demand, the big supermarkets will get in on the act as there is no raw product to buy, just water and electricity and a bit of chemistry, then you have a saleable product, on the forecourt, no transport costs etc etc
  12. Whilst not many, you would be surprised, they are mainly in the Wales/ London corridor and Aberdeen areas
  13. Nonsense. Renault use that stupid system, costs you about £60 for a touch up. The paint is available from your dealer for £9.95 Kingo