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  1. They are usually cut off mercilessly 😱 takes seconds, nobody bats an eyelid....sadly
  2. A lot of Cats on Toyota are part of the manifold, right at the front and difficult to get at, others are halfway down the pipe
  3. Doesn't mean it is still not leaking from there. The lamps are modified and a know issue for leaking
  4. Usually the two rear tailgate bump stops, rear lamp seals and a new High level brake light cures any water leaks into the boot
  5. Sounds like it's recording KM's not Miles
  6. I have not seen anything myself TBH, I think the 2020 CH-R, and RAV models will have it as standard, but I doubt it will be a retro fit, not at £500 knowing the prices of Toyota head units
  7. PM your UK reg number to me and I can price you a new one. I only do genuine new parts though, I don't do second hand, sorry John/Kingo
  8. That type of lock nut is made by Evo Automotive, you need the key number which are stamped on the nut. Can be ordered from your dealer if you get the number, otherwise you are stumped
  9. Compression test? Inexpensive to check
  10. You can't adjust it, the bumper is probably out of alignment after your bump. There is a screw in a speed clip, there might be very slight adjustment but it is minimal
  11. The original post is 9 years old, maybe nobody knows?
  12. I deal with a very large aftermarket company who supply cats, exhausts etc, they cannot get aftermarket replacements at this time either We have had some cats come through that have been on order for a couple of months
  13. They come on the headlamps, be careful if you buy online, they very often DON'T come with them For a pair of genuine ones, PM me your Reg number for a price Kingo
  14. Yes they do work, but can only fit them to engines WITH electronic turbo controls. From a performance point of view why buy a 1.0 engine? Why not buy a larger engined turbo car? You would be wasting money trying to up the power on a 1.0 car