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  1. That would not repair with a dent master IMHO, the crease is right on the swage line and when you have a crease there, they are difficult to pull out. You would be able to make it less severe but not completely. Why don't you claim on your insurance?
  2. The trim uses clips and just "pops" on, use a flat trim tool or screwdriver covered with insulation tape, and pop the clips from the tailgate. The tailgate is double skinned so you probably can't do much with it from the inside to be honest
  3. The fix for most of these Aygo's is: 1: Replace the high level brake light, its modified 2: Replace those two bump stops under the tailgate glass 3: Replace the bulb holders at the back of the rear lamps Once you have done those modifications, it cures 95% of leaks
  4. I don't know what the EXACT difference is BUT the Jap and French models have DIFFERENT part numbers, so there is a difference
  5. There is no code, but you will lose pre sets
  6. Hope it works better than my Toyota safety sense that tells me I am exceeding the TEN MPH limit, actually it's a 40 MPH limit that it cannot read the sign properly........anything software based can be hacked and overridden, waste of time if you ask me
  7. Hi We could get one for you but they are not cheap, about £85 delivered, new of course Kingo
  8. No, won't fit yours Bobby, sorry Kingo
  9. They will be consigned to history OR, more likely, you will be able to drive them for limited mileage too and from an event or for MOT, but slowly they will be scrapped and new technology will come in
  10. Hardly likely, diesels will be long gone before Hybrid, bet ya 😉
  11. Not anytime soon You seem to think it is something new, a fad, here today gone tomorrow, it's not, it's been here 22 years so far. Half of Toyota sales on some models are Hybrid, the RAV is now ONLY available in Hybrid, it will be here to stay until something else comes along, whether that is all electric or Hydrogen. Nothing is forever, it changes all the time
  12. I drive a Hybrid (company car-my choice) Good MPG (what other 1.8 AUTO will give me average 55 mpg) Low emissions Low BIK (tax) The Prius was introduced TWENTY TWO years ago, proven Hybrid technology, many used in the taxi trade (Uber and PH) HV Batteries now priced at around £1000, I can honestly say we have only ever fitted a small handful of new HV batteries in those 22 years. It is not just about MPG
  13. They had data and safety sheets on a central system that could be accessed, the problem was that nobody had any idea about what to do with the battery. In most cases a 12V battery is just disconnected, with an HV battery, there is a process to close it down, they had no idea where it was located, or what to do in the event of an HV cable failure, voltages involved etc. This was about 4 years ago, I'm sure things have improved with the number of hybrids on the road these days (You would hope)
  14. We did some training on Hybrid for N Wales fire service, they had no info on Hybrids whatsoever, our chaps showed them how to power down and handle safely etc. A little worrying that they had no info on Hybrids considering the popularity