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  1. Parts-King

    Hybrid battery costs

    There is nothing to stop you doing it, HOWEVER it would be most foolish to do it without the necessary precautions. You can KILL yourself. That incompetent idiot is not even wearing electrical gloves, most foolhardy to be anywhere near the HV side without the proper safety equipment The batteries are exchange, you have to hand the old one back to your dealer, there is a £569 surcharge if you hold onto it
  2. Parts-King

    Interior Light only comes on at driver's side

    We have had a few budget cars over the years, quite a few only had one door switch, a Micra in particular had no switch but the wiring was there for it!!
  3. Parts-King

    T Sport BHP?

    No problem Cheers, John
  4. Parts-King

    T Sport BHP?

    PM Me the VIN I will check for you Kingo
  5. Parts-King

    I've been Hybridized

    Yes probably Brian, we have been around for over 40 years lol
  6. Parts-King

    I've been Hybridized

    The genuine Dashcam is a Nextbase, as above link
  7. Parts-King

    Changing headlight bulb

  8. Parts-King

    Changing headlight bulb

    I'm ace
  9. Parts-King

    Changing headlight bulb

  10. Parts-King

    Changing headlight bulb

    Give me a ring, I will post a pair to you, 01978 720074 Kingo
  11. Parts-King

    And it's Goodbye from me

    Like everything else, range will be improved, Hydrogen is here in the UK and more stations are planned. The Police are taking Mirai because they need to reduce their carbon footprint in London, EV are no good to them, the cars are hot swapped and cannot wait for charging to take place. When the supermarkets can see an opportunity to MAKE and sell Hydrogen AND make money they will be on it, then you will see production expand. Toyota have released all the patents for fuel cell technology so it can be expanded and improved, it is here, it is not going away. I for one am quite excited by it...can you tell? lol as I was with Hybrid in 1997, look where that is now
  12. Parts-King

    And it's Goodbye from me

    Toyota have far from lost sight of the future, they are at the forefront of technology, just not what everyone else is doing. The Toyota mantra for some 20 odd years has been to produce cars with zero emissions, but at that time, the only way forward was Hybrid for which they are now mainstream. I was lucky enough to talk to the UK chap in charge of the Mirai Hydrogen project, what an exciting future that is. Imagine being a fuel station owner now, having to buy your fuel from a refinery and paying the going rate. Roll on a few years (available now but not mainstream) and you will find your local petrol station making their own Hydrogen on site. Not tied to any fuel manufacturer, making your own fuel from electricity and water, now that truly is the future, and it's not far away either, all we need is the vehicles to be built at much lower costs, the fuel stations are coming, more and more added each year. When we have cars buses and lorries on Hydrogen it will take off massively, the only trouble then is taxation, there is currently no tax on zero emissions, imagine what will happen when zero emission vehicles become the mainstream?
  13. Parts-King


    im here im here
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    I'm here........sorry didnt get it, please re-send