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  1. If you are looking for a dodgy copy you are in the wrong place 😉
  2. Map update is on an SD card, buy the card from your dealer
  3. There is a tool but can be done with hand tools
  4. It is important to put the 1WW 2WW engine oil in those BMW engine models (well its important with any engine) but get it right with this model
  5. You will never need it. If you need a key your dealer will order the key to chassis number, waste of time putting those tags on to be honest
  6. In my opinion a lot of retailers put any old battery on that will fit the profile, that's not always a good thing. The genuine battery is £160 inc VAT, call your dealer and see if he is willing to offer a discount, especially if you have a good relationship or service plan with him, service plans often attract discounts on other items, worth a try for 10% off, it will also be the correct battery for the job
  7. That new Yaris Hybrid is a proper pocket rocket, great car with even better MPG, my only complaint is the tiny switch gear and dials on the steering wheel/dash
  8. It is common practice to outsource the fitting of screens, it is not a technician job, however the recalibration is, and that is how it should be, in my book
  9. I do worry about these re-calibrations being done in windscreen shops, I have even heard of them being done "over the internet" , they are not a quick lick and out the door, it takes some time to do, personally I would not want a windscreen fitter doing them, the calibration is very specific the way it's done and if not done correctly, may not work when needed. I may be doing them a disservice but............
  10. We bought the kit at the first sign of Covid, we needed a quick method of sanitising customers cars before sending them back out again, it is very popular
  11. The problem with the wands and bombs is you don't get to all the surfaces where nasty niffs hang out, they will do a good job, but often return. They don't when the Sanity machine gets going lol
  12. Cannot disagree with any of the above We use this commercial Sanity cleaner, very good for killing anything in the car LOL
  13. I have seen plenty of fuel filler pipes rotten these, you get fuel spills from the neck when going around corners, that certainly would not help the MPG, check that out The fuel tank thing was USA specific, it did not affect European cars
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