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  1. You have been given all the information needed including genuine numbers, from there on it's personal preference/price/availability etc, your choice. The Denso plugs listed are just fine
  2. Not all key fobs have a red light, most do, but not all. When they drop below 3V it's time to replace, some weird things happen with a low voltage, usually you need to get closer and closer to the door before it opens, or on some models, you get the warning light on the dash. You would not be marooned if you have a keyless type of fob and the battery in the key went flat, hold the fob over the start button and press to start the car. I have people come in to say they have never replaced the batteries in years and seem surprised they need to spend a fiver, others will need replacing yearly, depends on use etc
  3. Excellent product, really top quality video, can be downloaded via an app to your phone. I witnessed a very serious accident in January where i was first on scene. I was able to give the Police an image of a car in front that drove away from the scene, and emailed the Police with the video footage before I left the scene, excellent products
  4. On the basis that each dealer will get very limited quantities, I doubt you would get a dealer wanting to deal with the hassle of an export when he can sell all of his quota. A broker would be the way to go, but you may have issues with emissions/safety etc
  5. Yep you are probably right, I dare not look LOL I'm all for progress but.................
  6. The oil situation is getting a bit over the top if you ask me. We have had difficulty in obtaining 0w 16 in bulk, so can only be purchased in pack form at present, which makes it more expensive to buy. 0W 8 is now on the market, yet another oil which will need to be purchased in bulk (tanks) at some stage in the future
  7. Not as daft as people driving at night or bad weather with no lights on, DRL's shining away at the front but have no rear lights, completely thats utterly daft
  8. No, you would put your front fog lamps and rear lamps on, nobody ever got blinded by a front fog lamp, its 19 Watt, nothing illegal in that
  9. Nice, certainly gets rave reviews, enjoy the wait LOL
  10. That is Kaizen for you. Continuous improvement, something the Toyota factories are very much focused on. The employess make hundreds of Kaizen decisions every day in Burnaston, some save money, some save time, others are just a better way of doing something, and if they make a massive improvement then they can earn money out of it. Great to see it in action, we do it at dealership level too
  11. 1: If the car has had a flat battery and thrown up a fault code, it will need to be driven 500 miles before the Hybrid health check (Hybrid battery check) can be done-Standard 2: Rear shock, about £60 plus VAT at your dealer, plus labour 3: The 12V battery can be charged just by running on your driveway, however if it has stood a while, it is most likely knackered 4: The seat clips are easily broken, easily available to order, about £7 each 5: Standard Toyota wiper, about £17, would be in stock at your dealer 6: Oil change on CVT can be changed at your dealer if you think it needs doing, but not normally at that mileage
  12. It might be better if it was clear, black might look a mess if you get some ooze, depends on the colour of the car I suppose
  13. There is no fitting kit for that sorry, I would imagine they would be standard metric studs/nuts
  14. I don't hold out much with this debadging malarky, these dullards are looking at the model, not whats on the badge. Take a look at any cat theft video, they get under the car first to see what they are dealing with, then get the jack and tools out to nick it
  15. Easy enough, just four bolts, make sure the seat is the correct side etc as they are handed LH and RH, somebody did a YouTube video, not watched it all the way through but will give you an idea