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  1. Are they the bushes at the front edge of the sub frame? If so they are £98 from your dealer Most parts on the Verso are not the same as a standard Corolla
  2. You have now posted this in two places, please be specific, is it the front door hinges or tailgate hinges?
  3. No, it will be getting past the door surround seal, unless the screen is leaking which would be unusual
  4. The API is always on the Toyota packaging, as mentioned elsewhere, API SN is the current spec
  5. I think you are over thinking the oil situation, the whole point of an oil having a specification is you can compare it to others. Buy the best spec oil for the cheapest price you can get it, you won't go wrong
  6. Correct, if any codes are stored, you cannot carry out the HHC. Once cleared, you need to drive 500 miles before the HHC can be completed
  7. Same here, it's been legally challenged in England that you CAN have accompanied test drives, but morally a lot don't want that, which is fair enough. We are doing click and collects etc, and have indeed sold a lot of vehicles, it's just the showroom is a changed environment now, not for the better either with people staying away, no TV, coffee etc, weird.
  8. Not sure what the Scottish situation is but in Wales the showrooms are closed with only online sales
  9. You need a belt anyway then, for the price, just change it and see how you get on
  10. In large cities and towns, it is quite common to have separate showroom/PDI/Workshops because of space. This could be the reason perhaps?
  11. Just below the Plimsoll line Tony 😭
  12. Most businesses in the country are in the same boat
  13. They will want the car delivered ASAP so won't be holding onto it, they get paid on delivery 😉
  14. Speak to your dealer, you should be able to track the Toyota journey from order/build/delivery, once the order has been placed/paid for etc
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