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  1. It was an option, in other words, the original owner had to pay for it to be installed, if it was not paid for you didnt get it. The head unit is the same, hence having a navi button, most likely the navi box is not installed. It was a very poor turn by turn system, not even worth installing if you could find one
  2. Is it a Diesel engine? If so they have a dual mass flywheel. The signs of that failing are huge noise and vibration, it will eventually stop you from driving the vehicle
  3. A large proportion of these cat thefts are organised criminal gangs, the same gangs that fund drugs and large scale wire theft as well, the cats got to China and India "No questions asked"
  4. Two pumps in the front washer bottle under the wing liner
  5. Yaris single blade is £14.41 inc VAT
  6. Behind the glovebox, remove the glovebox to see it
  7. My AC is never off, my seat heaters are used regularly (must be an age thing ) The MPG has dropped from 74 in summer to 67 in winter, but that is always the case with Hybrids
  8. It's not the rear screen, it's the rear side windows at fault
  9. Lots of people who get into a Hybrid for the first time struggle with MPG. There is a certain driving style that will get you the MPG you desire. I currently drive a Corolla Hybrid, in the summer I was getting 74 MPG, that has dropped to 68 MPG in the winter. Make sure your air direction is on fresh, air con on, the screen will clear very quickly. I have salesmen ask me how do I get such good MPG, they all think they can drive Hybrids, they can't, they want to drive it like a motoring Journo and wonder why the get poor results
  10. No need to ever change the chain, if you ensure it is regularly serviced (oil changes) then the chain will never need replacing
  11. Click on my profile and send message, paint code will be 3 digit
  12. VIN plate is on the B pillar (3dr) and C pillar on 5 door models, PM me the VIN and I will tell you the colour code
  13. They did do 13" wheels, on the Jap built base models, they cost £60 each plus VAT, you would probably be better off getting a decent set of 14" second hand and put those on, new alloys will be more expensive than £60 each