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  1. The problem with the wands and bombs is you don't get to all the surfaces where nasty niffs hang out, they will do a good job, but often return. They don't when the Sanity machine gets going lol
  2. Cannot disagree with any of the above We use this commercial Sanity cleaner, very good for killing anything in the car LOL
  3. I have seen plenty of fuel filler pipes rotten these, you get fuel spills from the neck when going around corners, that certainly would not help the MPG, check that out The fuel tank thing was USA specific, it did not affect European cars
  4. Just be careful when doing that. The nose weight of a bike carrier, plus the weight of an electric bike usually means you can only legally carry one bike as the nose weight is exceeded with two bikes
  5. Not sure if PCS is adjustable on Yaris, it is on Corolla, there are three settings, default is the middle setting. Some of the most common accidents are people/cars/bikes stepping off the pavement or pulling out of side junctions and lane departures, hence why these form part of the PCS system. The car has braked for me in the past, but I never felt the car out of control or braked too hard for me
  6. Everything has a price, but that price is no more than people will pay for something. A dealer would need to prep it, put a warranty on it and pay VAT on the sale, it's not all profit.
  7. There is no requirement to tell you when something was made, in fact, the dealer would not have the build date on any documentation. Don't forget the pandemic started here in March 2020, sales went through the floor. It is unusual for a car to hang around for a long time, was it a special model/unusual specification?
  8. You only need to hold the fob over the button when the battery is low, not after it is replaced
  9. The battery is a 3 volt jobby, when the voltage drops, it will display the warning light on the dash. Change the battery as soon as you can. You will not be left unable to start it, the procedure as mentioned is to hold the fob over the start button and press it to start, it will not need reprogramming, just change the battery ASAP, its a CR2032
  10. Never spent a fortune on my cars Don, but bikes............theres another story 😀 🏍️🏍️ Very valid point on "full dealer history" Our sales team do not look favourably on missing service history, it can affect the cost of a part exchange considerably
  11. Take that up with the dealer concerned, I am not here to defend that practice whatsoever!!
  12. You can service your own car, HOWEVER, proving it has been done correctly is a challenge. You must have documented evidence and be competent to do it. You won't be able to do HHC's, im my opinion, for the man in the street it's not worth it unless you are prepared to keep records
  13. The manufacturer cannot void a warranty because you do an oil change, what they can do is void the warranty if what you did was a poor job and resulted in damage caused by doing something wrong. Lets say you put a Chinese oil filter on it and recycled oil in the engine (plenty of companies sell that type of shizzle) then that is not Toyota's fault, and then they could void a claim if they so desired. Nobody will be interested in voiding a warranty by fitting a quality and oil filter change, fleet companies do this all the time
  14. You can do anything you want to your own car, but whatever you do is down to you, it's not Toyota's responsibility
  15. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ There is really no need, modern oils can handle 10K intervals with ease. If you want something to make you feel manly, buy a Bullworker (remember them?) 😭
  16. I have had many 1.8, and a couple of 2.0, I consider my MPG as quite good, I get 74 MPG in a 1.8 in the summer, and best I could do in a 2.0 was 58, real world figures for my type of driving (I don't drive like little Miss Daisy)
  17. There is no requirement to do oil changes between services. The grade is 0W 16, it takes 3.9 Litres, if you are going to buy your own, stick to known brands to be safe. Why do you need an additional oil change?
  18. When I was on the tools we had one grade of oil, Castrol or Duckhams 20/50, it was very rare to require a different grade. Todays modern oils have come a long way, synthetic, anti wear, anti foam etc etc. Modern engines in general also have less oil inside them, reducing the environmental impact. We currently stock six variants of oil just for Toyota
  19. The bonnet and paint do not need any heat protection, I bet it makes minimal change to any noise level as well
  20. No sorry Tony, I don't, DM me if you want to purchase, I can send you a secure payment link/info etc
  21. I'm here 🙋‍♂️ A new insulation pad and clips will cost you £200
  22. I can understand peoples hesitancy, but you do realise Toyota have been using Hybrid batteries for 25 years with VERY reliable success? My concern is not batteries, it is whether the electricity network can cope with the demand, especially at peak times in the day. You might be limited to off peak only for charging in the future, that is no good for anyone
  23. You can buy a concentrate screenwash from your dealer, 08808-80143, good for minus 20C, being a concentrate it is much better for the winter, those ready mixed fluids are OK in the summer but you need a better one in the winter. We also do a "one shot" concentrate (40 ML) 08808-80132 which is under £2.00
  24. We don't record the whole service, we record the visual health check so you can see if tyres or brake pads are low for instance. It's a bit like the Referee being wired up on a Premier league game, you might hear players mentioning what happened at last nights party, little Miss Daisy could be shocked 🤣
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