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  1. My a/c specialist put dye in after fixing my system so if i have any leaks in the future it will be easier (for him) to find them using his uv light and goggles i think.
  2. I believe his leak test is to test whether the system holds a vacuum. But a couple of minutes where there is no discernable change in the vacuum pressure isnt proof that there is no leak at all just that there are no major leaks. My Toyota garage tested my Prius a/c last year and said there were no leaks and they just regassed it, 11 months on a/c gas is low because it has leaked out through a faulty condenser. My a/c specialist fitted a new condenser, regassed the sysytem and added special hybrid oil and lastly added a green flourescent dye so in future any leaks will show up much more readily.
  3. Yes should have said 2010 my fat fingers
  4. Yes a uv flourescing dye can be added after system us regassed then using uv light leaks can be seen. My 2019 Prius was just done in June 2018
  5. Are you able to offer a discount on the standard Toyota 2.4.1 Warranty offer?
  6. RAV4 EV Electric in the UK
  7. Hi a few pictures of the RAV4 EV regards Rich
  8. Hi I have the one and only Toyota RAV4 EV Electric Vehicle in the UK (as confirmed by the DVLA data resource companies) It is right Hand drive. We have only had it on the road a month but we have got 80miles on 'A' roads and had an indicated 15% remaining battery power. A friend in Sweden got 112miles from his last week driving carefully. The car is superb, it is so smooth, goes well, but not quite as quick acceleration as a 2.0 ICE RAV4 Automatic. It has A/C, heat pump heating, Heated front seats, electric heated Windscreen and ABS brakes, and seats 5 and has a big boot. This is probably the most 'normal' electric car ever made, it is a RAV4 that happens to be electric powered. regards Rich
  9. I have the Toyota Roof Cross bars on my 98 RAV, you pull up the cover on the side of each side of the bar and a rod with a T piece should drop down so that you can engage this in the slot in thr cars roof rail, then you pull the cover down which clamps the bar securely to the roof. Once you have done this a few times its no too bad.
  10. StormGrey


    You could try ebay to see if anyone is Breaking or Dismantling a RAV4 near you? Try entering the following search criteria (breaking*, dismant*) rav* in the drop down section Cars, Parts & Vehicles
  11. StormGrey

    Model Ravs

    Have you ever seen a RAV4 4.1 5 Door model ?
  12. Certain types of Corrosion would be covered by the Toyota Corrosion Gtee would be worth seeing what toyota Dealer says. My RAV4 4.1s (1996 & 1998) never had a spot of corrosion or rust on the painted body work even the 11 year old VX Alloys only have 2 spots on the whole set. My RAV4 4.2 (2003) D4D had lots of spots inside door & tailgate shuts & under the bonnet & The alloy wheels were corroding so I had to get them bead blasted & Powder coated. I don't think they make them like they used to
  13. Does anyone where there is a WIRING DIAGRAM for a UK RAV4.1 1998 to 2000 especially with the REAR FOG LIGHT SWITCH Wiring Shown ? The US based Haynes 92082 Manual for RAV4 1996-2002 that I have does not show any Fog Light information.
  14. The REAR FOG LIGHT SWITCH on RAV4 4.1 1996 to 1997 is a Press ON 'Stay In', Press again Turn Off Switch in Out position I believe this switch is illuminated when the side lights are turned on and only has Four wires Red with Silver Fleck, White with Black Trace Brown Fleck, Green Brown Fleck, Red with Green Trace Silver Fleck. When the Side AND Headlights are on and the Rear Fog Light Switch is Turned on the Rear Fog Light and the ORANGE WARNING LIGHT ON THE DASH Comes on. The RAV 4.1 1998 to 2000 has a Rear Fog Light Switch that looks the same from the front BUT this is a Press ON Switch returns to original out position, Press again for OFF and again switch returns to the original position. This switch has 8 Teminals ALL Connected, 6 in a row and 2 at each end of a second Row, again the switch is lit when the side lights are turned on, and again the rear fog light can only be turned ON when the car light are turned on and the Orange Warning Light on the dash lights up. (This later Switch is the same as on some Toyota MR2 cars, I don't know what year tho) I would think there must be a relay or two involved here. Has anyone seen/ Know where there is a WIRING DIAGRAM for a UK RAV4.1 1998 to 2000? A GENUINE TOYOTA RAV4 4.1 Front Fog Light KIT I bought contained the following: (2 Bosch Fog Lights, a Non Illuminated Rocker Switch with 2 two inch wires and a socket, a wire to connect to the plug close to the radiator to go to the front Fog Lights, a fuse and a relay to plug under the bonnet, There was no warning lamp at all!) This Rocker Switch has 2 TERMINALS is NOT Illuminated and connects to a TWO Terminal Socket taped up behind the blanking plug next to the Rear Fog Light Switch. This Switch has a Front Fog Light Symbol and 'OFF' marked on it, there is no activation of any Warning Lamp on the Dash or the Switch. Does any of this help?
  15. We have used the Westlands Toyoyta since 1999. They are the Toyota Dealer in Bromsgrove. We have always had excellent service from them. Toyotas over 3 years old can have a Bronze service which is £79. They will collect your car, service it wash it and return it all in that price. Hope this helps.