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  1. Happy Birthday San0 Celica!

  2. Mine failed MOT too. I heard if car is pre 1995 import you might get away with not having a cat. Can you tell me if you got the situation sorted as i'm in a similar position now.
  3. Hi did you get your cat sorted? Mine failed MOT - and they wouldn't accept that mine was JDM ss-ii as it's not on the paperwork. Can you tell me where you got the parts etc - THX.
  4. Nationwide Autocentre has the special offer for full service and MOT for £220. So i went there - boy was this false economy. As the MOT had to pass, and i was in a rush, i had no choice but to go ahead and change the front discs/pads. £330!! I did ask if it was labour cost that boosted up the price, they just said that was what came up on the computer with AA discount! Never going there again!
  5. Hello - I have a 6gen import and want to find reputable garages for servicing. I prefer one close to Reading/Berkshire. I've had minor service done at Toyota Slough main dealer (the only main dealer who will touch an import!!), but it's gonna be really expensive for the major B service coming up. Any recommendations?
  6. My antenna is stuck - just like yours - remains half way down when my stero turns off. I hear the motors whirring but eventually after a min or 2, the motors stop, with the arial poking out still. So what's the work around in getting this fixed? Did wd40 do the trick or was it take it apart and clean it?
  7. Who's on for the next meet Tuesday 16th October? See you by Comet.
  8. I think i will give up on this. Maplins don't sell anything like it. And I definitely don't want fire! Where can you buy the right resistor though?
  9. Nearly there! My mate had a guitar volume POT, we used that and it nearly worked - there was too much resistance - so it was either on or off. I'm going to Maplins next week to see if they can help - prob a small one with not much resistance so i can tweak the vol more. Again - my electronics know-how is not good either. Will let you guys know the outcome! After looking under the dash and the amount of wiring and plugs that go through that tube into the doors, i was really put off by it. Don't think i want to poke any thing in there.
  10. The existing front channel wires are already hooked up to the 2 way speakers in the door near the bottom. I know there is a clip in the door that taps into the wires and leads to the mirror area, but this makes my tweeters too loud. So What my plan is to get an amp and pass wire directly to tweeters to lower the volume a bit. The rear speakers near the back seat windows are connected to the rear faders, so thats ok as the vol can be adjusted.
  11. I got an amp but puzzled as to how I get a cable feed through the dash > via the tube where all the other wires go and into the mirror area where my tweeters are. Would coat hanger with blunted end do the trick or is there an easier way to feed speaker cable through the tube? Do I need to take out any of the dash area?
  12. The celica-club had a stand there, as well as the supra lot. not much else, apart from many japanese car enthusiasts coming and going - not much to see. The American muscle cars also showed up - like the Starsky and Hutch / Dukes of Hazzard Doge Challengers! Ended up taking my son to the adventure playgrounds shortly after!
  13. San0 Celica

    Window Rattle

    I get the same irritating rattle when fully up, its random when its up over slightly rough roads. I've taken the inside door panel off and tightened as much as I could see, but no use. In another forum, it was suggested you add cellotape (the 3m invisible version which isn't tacky) along the top surrounds where the door window meets the to edge of the black surround. I've yet to try this, but will have a go soon.
  14. Good turn out, wide variety of Japanese cars there. Good to see more Celica's too!
  15. I don't mind and live with it - at least when the RDS traffic news comes on, i have good reception, but i know what you mean, I used to have a double DIN player but took it out, and connecting to my Alpine, seem to keep antenna up when powering on.