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  1. Kinda wish i had gone for the Sat Nav now but just couldnt justify spending almost another grand for it... I guess if I come into some money, I could always get it installed lol
  2. Is that TTE.de? We emailled them the other day to find out price and they said that they werent released yet, and when they were, my dealer would be able to get them for me. I desperately want to get hold of some lol
  3. Great cars although I had the Celica GTFour when i was 20 lol Wish i still had it, but the guy i sold it to wrote it off, so i cant even buy it back :( Enjoy it :)
  4. Wow that looks awesome, really great! Will you be gettin any colour added?
  5. Where are you getting your lowering springs from cos ive been told by everyone that they are unavailable at the moment. And how much are they? Also what car club are you a part of :)
  6. I had a Smart from Dec 07 to Feb 08...Mine was a 55reg base model. I bought it cos it was quirky looking, and it was different. But the drive was terrible. Jerky at roundabouts if you had to slow down/stop, like delayed reaction! So many times i pulled out and would be urging the car to hurry up n sort the gears out!! Ended up changing gears myself most of the time with the Tiptronic. Also like said, as its tall and thin, made me feel unsafe on motorways n high speeds. Hence why i owned it for only 3 months. Also thought it was overpriced for what it was as it had none of the toys or exciting interior that the IQ has. Was very plain and basic. When I first saw the IQ, i knew i had to have one cos i loved the Smarts looks. Toyota have developed the idea alot better though! And its a proper manual which i prefer I went on the Smart Owners Club the other day and most of em slated the IQ, think they are stuck in their little Smart bubble to be honest!!
  7. Thats why i left my partner to do it! If he messed up then it would give me a chance to moan at him about it haha but luckily for him he got it all 6 bulbs changed in about 10 mins! Looks good
  8. Nope but I will be upgrading all the speakers soon anyway... How much is the optional extra?
  9. When i saw one, we just stared and grinned lots at eachother!!!
  10. A colleague ordered a Corsa in January 2008 and didnt get it until June 2008 due to an optional extra she wanted so it happens elsewhere too...
  11. Sally19

    Positive Iq

    I LOVE IT TOO!!! Get a teeny bit fed up of seeing the same thing mentioned on here (*ahem*scratches*ahem*) as i have NO scratches still after nearly 4 weeks :P Its fun to drive, its nippy, its new, everyone likes it! Its perfect to me :)
  12. Sally19


    Did your rears not come as standard then? Mine did... My private plate is S2L XX Cant get initials as my last name starts with an I :(
  13. Lol thats already been done by Blitz i believe...
  14. Sally19


    Looks pretty funky... Have you tinted the fronts then? Im gonna put my private plate on soon... im guessing yours is your initials?
  15. I want to become a trader and have sent a PM but no reply....Can someone PLEASE enlighten me on how to become one!! Thanks, Sally
  16. Hey, yeh i been using Fuelly to track my mpg (see sig), never looked at the trip computer lol
  17. I have noticed my MPG steadily going up each time i fill up.. I usually fill up just as it starts flashing so thinking this may distort the figures a bit on fuelly as i could still have a few more miles left in there! But dunno how far i can push it lol
  18. Hey guys is it possible a newb in an IQ could tag along!! Also will try to get a friend with a 'rolla AE86 to join us. When would you want payment etc?
  19. Yeh they are pretty good! But no I would never endanger my IQs life like that haha, rather them than me thats for sure! Ah i cant be ubikd waiting for him no more, gonna crash out in bed! Night all! xx
  20. He is being the navigator. Its a local thing that his friend got him into, you use your own car, its not like hardcore rallying haha, its all on tarmac roads He is navigating for someone who is driving a Micra His other friend is using his Seat Ibiza And another friend using an Impreza So you can use any car really...Had to pick him up once at 2 in the morning from one of em, glad i dont have to tonight!!
  21. Yes...:) Well im waiting for my rubbish bf to get in from his night rally, sigh
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