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  1. are u talking about the connection to the back of the head light bulb? 3pin prong type? mine have a grease type coating on the connecters which i supose is to help fight rust. can u not just scratch/sand down the connecters if so ? i'll beable to take soem piccys tomorro afta work if all goes to plan, just got bak home now and its dark, still need soem one to host the piccys tho :) ?
  2. Im going to a few body shops friday to get a few qotes on fixign the dents and scratches might b worth my while. if some 1 can host pics i'll take sum to put up on here,wont beable 2 get them 2nite as im going swimming and then the g/fs after wrk sorry. £800 first price higher than i thought :) any more plz?
  3. As the title states..... Spec 1988 F reg Toyota Corolla 1.3 saloon GL 4 door White FSH Im the second owner from new for 8 months now 39k miles (100% genuine lots of proof) will have a 12Month MOT went i sell it and bout 4 months TAX Cars condition fitted new exsost new anti roll bushes 1 new tire, other 3 are good and spare is good fitted corolla alloys ( not sure what model quite new ish) had full service on time cam belt, gear oil, 4life etc interier is like new everything with the car the car is so clean its unreal not 1 bit of dirt on the engine! the motor it perfect,will run 4 many years 2 come NO RUST this car has been cared for dearly by original owner (very old man) and me Only problem with it hence the man giveign up his car being old he bashed it a few times :( the bonnet has a dent in the middle front and the driver door has a dent/scrape which is rusting now (the only rust on it might i add) im looking for a new bonnet and door. and there is a few touch ups around wheel arches where he must ov scraped it (not ovious) left and right corners of front bumper have scratches (just needs painting, no problem) there we have it iv been very honest and it an exstreamly good motor, im currently looking for a decent /dare i say it Honda CRX MK2 as i love them 2 bits So whats it worth peeps ??? if u need any more details just ask plz :)
  4. i have been tryign to find a new bonnect and drivers door for my 1988 saloon corolla since i have dents that cartn b easily fixed, my dad faxed all toyota dealers breakers etc from work asking if any one had any bits since a new door bonnet un painted from toyota would of cost over £120 each! a bloke has just foned me and he has a door and bonnect i can have if i go pick it up, but there red and my car is white :( is it gonna b worth my while given the respray cost? i really have no idea of the cost, just thought id ask here since me dad at work atm. i cud get the toyota super white paint at cost price, so what am i looking at paying peeps?
  5. to fit a white toyota Corolla 1988 (F) 1.3 GLi 4door saloon must be white and its the drivers door. any one please? as mine have un fixable dents in them
  6. Ooo u can tell im new to thise cars! i did'nt realise there was a few diffrent models sorry when u say uk AE86 corolla do u mean a Corolla gti 1.6 4age DOHC motor? its a old hatch back 1988 >1993ish corolla. i know im being cheaky but if some one could post pics of all the diffrent model cars under the AE86 , GT etc i would help alot
  7. I have never seen one in real life nor are they listed in auto trader mags, they seem to be very rare, i have'nt reserched them iv basically just noticed them and im trying to find out more :)
  8. Firstly hello this is my first post :) i have a /cough taxi corolla GLi 1.3 4door saloon Freg white car iv had the car about 6months.Now heres my problem. I want 2 sell the car in the next few months so it needs abit of tideying up. its had 1 previous owner from new, an old man who dented and bumped it :( it has a big dent in the driver side frunt door and the bonnet has a dent on the edge, both of wich carnt b fixed easily. So i need a door and bonnent, all so a frunt bumper wud b nice as he has scratched it on both sides showing the blck plastic inderneeth :( bar from this the car is mint, i have every MOT and FSH at same garage and it now has 37k 100% genuine miles on it, no rust wot so ever, perfect interier. and 2day after work iv have bought for £50 and fitted toyota corolla alloys bigger and wider now looks much betta with tires btw :D . the engine is sound its had a full service few months ago,and a new back box when i had it as it has rotted away just sitting there. Its a lovely car to drive, drives liek a new 1 just its the saloon model and looks abit old man ish, i live in the west midlands near walsall, where can i get parts to sort my car out please? dont c many of my beasts about any more :(
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