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  1. I've got 1.2mm on mine and it is perfect for mildly modified engines such as Fmic 1 bar of boost, straight air filter and exhaught slightly lower compression than standard to help against knock (i belive) and definetly dont forget the ARP studs
  2. Hello I had this problem on my 185 it was the dampers mine got so bad that it looked lower on one side than the other. Replaced all of the damper and springs with good condition second hand jobies and all is good now.
  3. Hello I am going to put on a oil catch can on my 185 and would like to know what bore size I should go for their are two sizes 9mm and a 15mm any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers :)
  4. befor you even consider to buy the D2's check out what people have to say at gt4oc.net as i belive this has had some mixed reviews mostly bad :( Olly
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    Hi ya I always thought of it as an economical version of aircon that dosnt use up all your petrol but is better than just the standard air flow. Olly could be wrong
  6. Alright mate i'd go for a jap import any thing from 1990- 94 but not the carlos sainz instead i would put a front mount intercooler on and turn the boost up to amout 12psi (safe level) and you should be seeing a good increase in power plus when they come from japan normally they are slightly modded anyway ( exaught, manifold) if your lucky. Olly
  7. what wheels do u have on it? They are 17 inch TSW ribs but they have been on there since i bought the car (year and a half ago) and the noise has only been around for a couple of months
  8. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2533...mp;id=877655120 can anybody tell me who make these front splitters and where i can buy them Cheers olly Ps i have a strange rubbing noise from my front wheels which gets worse when i turn left and disapears when i turn right any sugestion to what the cause is. it was lowered and changed back to standard suspension to try and cure it with no luck Cheers
  9. Hi I am looking in to getting some new suspension but just need to know how low mine rufley is. attached is a pic of my car i want to go either standard or 30mm low as i think mine is about 80mm low. when i push down on any of the corners i get no bounce dose this mean my shocks have gone or could it be because my bump stops are touching my shocks any help would be greatly appreciated olly http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2032...mp;id=877655120
  10. Hello It could be your heater matrix has gone the part is cheap about £40 pounds from fensport but the job is quite expensive as the whole dash has to be removed i belive :(
  11. Hello I am looking to change my alloys for some new ones and was wondering if anybody knows the offset and PCD needed for it. cheers olly :D
  12. Hello cheers for the info, that offer sound good how much would you want for the stock items? I'll have to pay for postage cause stafford a little bit of a drive for me to collect. :D olly
  13. Hi All Have been driving round in my 185 for a year now and the rediculously low ride hide is starting to ***** me off (60mm+ lowered) :angry2: . Can any one recomend a good set up on the suspention that isnt rock hard and isnt to expensive or should i go back to stock setting. cheers olly
  14. Hello mate i cant help you but you might be able to help me which site did you find the quad conversion on cheers
  15. hey guys just a quicky, i saw that you can get a FMIT for a pulsar gtir from D2power (cheers Dawesy) but how easy are these to convert and fit in a 185 and would there be any side affect because of it cheers olly :D
  16. hello may i suggest Volk Racing GT-C as they are gorgeous and you can have about five defferent colour choices with them. if you type in on google you'll see what i mean beautiful
  17. hi mate im with admiral. on my 185 import i pay about 700 with 3 years no cliams and 3 points good hunting
  18. Hey all just a quickie! what size speakers fit into a 185 in the rear as mine were taken out befor i bought it and i want music back in my life. I know i dont need it as the sound of a gt4 is a beautiful thing but any help would be appreciated.
  19. as i said in my last topic i have just recently bought a JDM BLITZ DUAL SBC BOOST CONTROLLER and a BLITZ FATT TURBO TIMER for mt 185 gt4 and was wondering if anybody new a good not to expensive garage that could fit these for me and do a decent service. cheers
  20. had a look in my old mags its sold by Setrans Ltd and is £58 including vat and carriage it dose delimit and is SVA approved there phone number is 01303 272009 hope that helps olly B)
  21. if you look in the back of any jap car magazine (banzi, jap performance) there is an electronic convertor that is wired in an changes your car from km to mph its about £50 plus instilation , dont know if it delimits it though
  22. ive just recently bought a JDM BLITZ DUAL SBC BOOST CONTROLLER and a BLITZ FATT TURBO TIMER for mt 185 gt4 and was wondering if anybody new a good inexpensive garage that could fit these for me and do a decent service. cheers
  23. You can go to 1.1bar if you've got all other supporting mods in place and working ok. Anything above that and you'll be blowing hot air with the standard turbo. I strongly suggest you get a O2 wideband sensor and a decent piggyback ECU set up before you do anything though. It'll give you a good idea of what your engine is doing. But as above 12PSI (.9 BAR) is reasonably safe with what you have. I've run mine at 1.05 for a while without a metal HG and it was ok. Turned it down to .9 now though as I really don't want to do an engine rebuild just yet. :D . Bear in mind everyone has a different opinion and different experiences with what can be done. If you want decent power and torque get over to gt4oc read some of the threads and go from there. Otherwise it could be a steep and expensive learning curve. cheers guys that will be of use the car dose have some sort of piggyback ECU but not sure what it is at mo will look into this an report back for you thoughts cheers again
  24. Hello ive just bought a import 185 1990 in maple red v rare colour and love every minute of it. just wondering if anyone could help? It has a metal head gasket and an uprated fuel pressue regulator, full powerflow custom exhaust, is lowed, and has an aftermarket boost gauge.Ive also just bought a Blitz FATT turbo timer, BLITZ DUAL SBC BOOST CONTROLLER and a bailey dump vale.just wondering what is a safe boost pressure and what else i can do to improve bhp and torque without going over the top. cheers
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