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  1. Thanks to Wayne for coming up with the FOI data from the Met Website - very interesting. A very quick look shows that about 2/3rds of Catalytic Convertor Thefts appear to be from Toyota Prius. But interestingly the more detailed list by model from Barnet shows Prius being misspelled and thefts being allocated to several different models of the Prius. If you add all these up, then in Barnet from Oct 2018 to April 2019 then almost 80% of the recorded thefts were from Toyota Prius models. This data is only up to April 2019, but the upward trend is striking with each month showing a large increase in the number of thefts. Our Catalytic Convertor has (fortunately) not been stolen, but we know several people who lost theirs last summer/autumn. We have an "early fourth generation" model, and our Toyota garage just a few days ago said the catloc device is not yet available for this model, but will hopefully be available from March or April. If you have a "later fourth gen." the catlocs are available. But they only offer limited resistance to theft, said the garage. Not a good situation!
  2. The Guardian published another article on Saturday 1st February: See https://www.theguardian.com/money/2020/feb/01/catalytic-converter-thefts-hybrid-car-insurance-toyota-prius Some owners are having insurance problems following theft of cat. convertors. I am particularly concerned by the statement “The thieves make about £300 to £500 from every converter stolen, fenced through scrap metal dealers, with car manufacturers warning that a gap in the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 enables dodgy dealers to buy them without checks required on where they came from. Bizarrely this crime only takes place in Britain, with an outbreak in California contained by new laws." I wonder if there's anything that can be done to close this loophole, and am planning to write to my MP. Can I suggest others do this, unless there's a better way to escalate. We have a fourth generation Prius. We know several people who have had their catalytic convertors stolen, but they all had earlier models which have more precious metal. However I notice in this forum that at least one 4th generation Prius had it's "cat" stolen. So the other action we could take is to fit a catlock - I see the price is now £250, but last time I asked our dealer, they said the wait time was huge.
  3. Well - nothing worked, I did try to update the software! So the car now has a new "unit". I'm not sure exactly what was replaced, but everything is working and all our settings were preserved. It took a while as the Toyota Dealer updated the unit to the latest software and maps, and that failed the first time, we were told. So all working, and fixed under guarantee.
  4. Thanks, but no, there isn't a USB drive in the USB slot at all. We first noticed this after the last service, so I wonder if some sort of update then failed part way through. But we have been back to the Toyota garage and they spent several hours trying to fix the problem.
  5. On our 2 year old Prius Excel, a fault has developed when trying to play three different types of media. CDs (both normal CDs and MP3 CDs), USB drives and bluetooth. The CD starts to play, and does play perfectly - right through to the end if left. But the message "loading..." appears, and never goes away. Also some controls are disabled (ie you can't skip tracks) althugh volume works. The same "loading" message, which never goes away also shows when you try to play music on a bluetooth connected phone, or a USB drive. The fault first appeared after a service. The garage has agreed this is a fault under guarantee, but they can't fix it, and are saying a new unit is needed. My guess is this is a software error as it is the same fault for 3 different types of media, and occurs when trying to read the directories of the device. Has anyone else had this problem? I assume the garage tried disconnecting the device completely which (might) cause a reboot (although they weren't clear when I asked. Is there any other way to reboot the media player etc? I suspect we will have to replace the whole unit (it hasn't yet come in, as we are away for 2 more weeks) and it seems a shame to have to scrap an entire unit. This has all the signs of a software fault which a "reboot" might cure.
  6. Final comment - we are back in London after several traffic free weeks in West Wales, and I confirm the traffic queues are showing correctly. (6.9.0H / 2017 V1)
  7. Since doing the update we've just done one long journey - London to Pembrokeshire. Traffic warnings were working, especially for a large queue at the Severn Bridge. I can't for sure recall but I think the red lines were on the wrong carriageway. I had read your post, and think I was not surprised and didn't make a very good mental note. We opted to divert, and that took us to the Head of the Valleys road - and then we were told that was shut, but only a little way before. The system should have known. In the end we came along the old and slow A40 - but it is a lovely drive. In West Wales we don't seem to get any traffic warnings or maybe there are no jams. The new maps still have plenty of errors, so it does seem they are way of date still. I haven't done enough driving in areas I know to be able to comment more.
  8. Thanks for the replies - very helpful. It sounds like I'm stuck with getting a good book and being prepared to read it in the car when the maps need updating. However, it would be a good idea just to update one map at a time. I assume that if I just update (say) the UK map, the older copies of the others will still be available. The download file is about 6 GB (gigabytes) and this uses 7GB when extracted to a USB drive. It appears ot include everything for Europe. There is little point in using a fast SD card (although I can't see any reason why this won't work) as the limitation is in the head, according to CPN. I used a very fast USB drive, which can be read at over 100MB per second, so 6 gigs can be transfered in a minute or so on a USB 3 port. In an ideal world, Toyota should aim to have updates take no longer than 15 minutes, in my opinion.
  9. Hi, I've had a new Prius Excel since April, and noticed that the maps delivered with the built-in SatNav were way out of date, especilly speed cameras. So I just managed to download and install the latest maps 6.9.0H (I get 3 years free updates). Downloading from the shop was easy, putting the files onto a USB stick was easy. But when you get in the car, power up, and then plug in the USB stick, the installation takes a very long time - 1 hour and 10 minutes. The instructions say you must keep the engine running. Well in a Prius the engine only runs when the battery gets low, which it did on two occasions. I was prepared for a fairly lengthy install by the instructions and had taken something to read into the car. But is it really necessary to just sit there for over an hour each time the map is updated? Nowhere in the instructions does it say if I could leave the car running (I recall in any case if I get out it will beep loudly at me!). Or whether I could do it when driving, so I don't waste over an hours time. I haven't yet done any significant driving with the new map - I notice one person says there is a problem with traffic warnings being for the wrong side of the road - no doubt I will find out if that's the case.
  10. Hi, I've had a minor bump on the rear right of my 2006 Avensis estate (Diesel D4D T3X). It came with rear parking sensors which are extremely useful. Well, someone has bumped our rear - I could see no visible damage initially, but later I noticed that the parking sensor was now emitting a continuous beep. On closer inspection I found that the rear extreme offside sensor was broken. (There are four) It was slightly cracked and pushed through. I managed to get it out, and have disconnected it and taped up the wire and hole for the time being. Unfortunately the continuous beep is still there, so I've switched the sensors off using the switch under the floor. Toyota only replace the entire set of sensors apparently, and it's an expensive job. However it looks as if it might be possible to fit a new sensor, soldering wires together if necessary and pushing it into the 20mm hole (haven't researched if that's possible... it might be more difficult than that). Does anyone know if that's possible, and if so, where I can get a single compatible sensor for a 2006 Avensis? I've searched this forum and I can see full kits on eBay, but no-one just selling one sensor. If I buy and install a whole kit it would be a much bigger job and if I just try to use one sensor from a kit, I have no idea if these would work with the existing installation. So, having said all of that, I would be most grateful for any advice anyone can give!
  11. Hi, My 2007 Avensis (December) needs new rear tyres after only 21,000 miles. I used to get better tyre life than this on my old Vauxhall Vectra. The tyres supplied by Toyota are Dunlop Sports 3000. 205/55R16 91V Not only that, but the rear tyres have worn with flat spots, so they are now very noisy. Most of our mileage is easy motorway driving, so we ought to get better life than this. Anyway - what are the best replacements? I've done a quick search through this forum and note that Continental Premi-Contact 2 gets a good mention (I've also had good experience with Premi-contacts). Also Michelin Energy gets a mention. Anyone had good experience with tyres on an Avensis? Obviously life is important, but I want a good quality safe tyre! Thanks in anticipation! Brendan.
  12. I've just finished doing my input into the annual Which Car survey, which has triggered me to post the following observations on this forum in case they are of interest. In general our Avensis Estate (Model T3-X Diesel Estate D4D 2 litre) purchased almost exactly a year ago has been a delight. It's very reliable, quiet, drives well, and is great for load carrying (and did we carry a lot when involved with a major building project this year). We've had not a single problem (except one puncture - no doubt a nail dropped by the builders!) But there are just a few things that meant the car wasn't quite as good or as pleasureable as it should have been. Here's the list: Optional extras are very limited, and can’t be ordered in sensible ways: Engine options: We couldn’t order the 2L D4D engine which only omits 149g/km of CO2 with the model with the trim and seats we wanted. Only larger engines could be ordered with the top of the range model. This meant my wife could not have the leather seats she wanted. Sun roof: You can’t order a sun roof in UK. (You can in other countries). This nearly stopped us buying the car, and we really miss a sun roof. Trip Computer poor - Can’t reset with a single button - end up pushing lots of buttons - not safe! / Range over 100 miles pessimistic.. - Average speed indicator resets when I switch off engine. What if I want my average speed for a trip? Other niggles - Clock is inaccurate and time consuming to set. No automatic summer time adjustment. Why can't it be linked to the radio like our last car? - CD/Radio: CD Player plays MP3s, which is very useful. But the LCD display characters are oversized which means you can’t see much information - eg “What’s playing” for MP3s or DAB etc. You have to press and hold a button to see a few more characters – quite dangerous if driving. - DAB Radio: Again, the huge characters mean you have to keep pushing buttons to get any significant information out. Also, the DAB radio doesn’t show the line of text all other DAB radios show about “what’s playing”. - No MP3 player input on the radio/CD player. I'm sure that will change soon if it hasn't already. - The load compartment cover is very heavy and difficult to remove (although it does stow under the floor). - No light in load space. Very difficult to see when you load in the dark. Now here's some good features: - The automatic wipers. The rain sensor is great. - The rear parking sensor – this was an extra, and very useful indeed. - The DAB radio is hiss and interference free, so sounds better (although UK DAB quality is generally poor as it uses low bit rates and an out of date compression system - let's not get into that!) There are some service gaps, of course. - The MP3 CD player is great – it completely removes the need for a CD changer, and we can just burn our music onto CDs as high quality MP3s and leave them in the car. I hope this helps someone - and maybe someone in Toyota might even read it. I've made comments to the sales guy but I suspect this isn't a good route back to Toyota. Thanks for all the useful information on this forum - that's another real plus for having a Toyota - Brendan.
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