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  1. My wife's car has never missed a beat either. I've no idea how often, if ever, the plugs have been replaced. For servicing, we've always given the car to the local dealership. Maybe we pay much more but we've not been that disappointed. We had a major tire wreck literally hours before flying off for vacation. The Green Flag geezer couldn't source another tire anywhere so we had the car towed to the Gatwick dealer. They offered to keep the car in their secure yard for the three weeks we were out of the country. Somehow, I don't think all small independents can do that. Sometimes, paying a bit more at the official rates can give you a bit extra.
  2. Thanks for your help all. I ordered the alternative product from Amazon which should be here early next week. Pity you can't use the kits to inflate tires but maybe it's possible with the replacement kit as the sealant appears to be a separate item.
  3. While I'm logged in thought I'd mention about my wife's iQ3. It too had noise problems and went in some six times or more to be looked at. In fact, even though the warranty has long expired on the car the ticket is still "open" because it was reported under warranty and was never really fixed to our satisfaction. About two years ago we had it in another look. This time, they apparently removed all the interior panels around the boot area and added some foam-like padding betwixt panel and body. Since then, the old girl has been much quieter and doesn't rattle anywhere near as bad; the car's been much quieter too.
  4. Good evening, all. Two months ago one of my wife's iQ3's tires popped. Unfortunately, the tire sealant kit couldn't repair it and checking the date sticker indicated the sealant was some four years past it's use-by date. That might explain why the sealant leaked from the tire and resembled not much more than milk in consistency. Our local Mr. T quoted around £62 sans VAT. My question is, do they replace the sealant bottle in the box that the electric pump and pressure gauge are in or do they replace the complete box itself? A quick eyeball of the box leads me to think you can't replace the sealant on it's own so you have to discard the entire unit and buy a new one? I suppose the price isn't a killer but can the sealant units be replaced/repaired by other firms? I need to to look at repairing/replacing very soon so any heads-up you can give about the best way to proceed would be appreciated. Second, providing you don't "break" the seal on the bottle can you use the unit to pump up your tires? The unit plugs in to the cig socket and it has a small pressure gauge so for tire pressure checking it might be useful for that purpose in addition to sealing punctures. Just an idea... Many thanks. Peter.
  5. Wifey's car is coming up to six and a bit years ownership. We last took her iQ3 in for a formal inspection about a year ago, maybe more. Mr. T apparently removed all the rear trim panels and padded the internal spaces with something or the other; it could have been a proper inlay of some official kind or equally some scrunched-up newspapers, what have you. This time around and it was perhaps our sixth visit or so having the problem looked at, it seems to be much quieter. Leastways, Mrs. Wifey hasn't complained about it or perhaps she doesn't "hear" it anymore. Interestingly, when I had the car serviced a couple of months ago, I mentioned about the noise and the lass who checked the car in told me that as the issue hasn't been formally closed on file we can continue to get it looked at without charge which is quite decent of them. Mrs. W loves her iQ3 and laments that Mr. T don't seem to make them anymore as she'd happily trade hers in for a newer one, this time, without the leather seats as she finds them too hot and sticky in summer and too cold in winter. Because of the seat airbags you can't put covers over them for obvious reasons. She'd have liked the CV gearbox as she finds six gears a bit too much work to shift up and down in traffic. Throw in a rattling rear-end for free (the car's, not hers) and she'd be a very happy bunny. Thanks for the advice about the lock. I know Mr. T hasn't tried that so I'll mention it to them if we go in for it again.
  6. bokkie

    New Iqs

    While waiting to pick up Mrs. Wife's car one afternoon I noticed a couple of new iQs on the floor. I was chatting to the showroom totty and apparently they were both fitted with the CVT transmissions. A couple of years ago you couldn't find many cars which came with them but now they almost seem to be standard issue. Has the CVT concept come full circle and they're now back in favour? Just curious.
  7. Thank you for the technical drawings. I spoke to my local Mr. T and they tell me to book the car in and have a technician come with me in the hope he'll be able to hear it again. It can wait for a couple of weeks as vacation is imminent.
  8. Thank you gentlemen. I will look on shytebay and see what's available and how much.
  9. Ours has the maps on a removable SD card. I'm not really bothered about updating them but has anyone ever got hold of an updated SD card? I can't find a price listed anywhere and sure as eggs is eggs any upgrade won't be free? If it's cheap enough I might, but if it's eye-popping, then no. :-)
  10. They even took the silly spoiler off fhe back window to eliminate that from the equation. Well, now I am upset ;) Oops, sorry! You have one fitted on yours? LOL yes, and I paid extra to have one fitted No worries all taken in jest, we don't all have the same taste :) Ours was fitted by the dealer for himself when he had the car. Because the iQ was quite new to the marker then (2009) he had it blinged with the spoiler, upgraded wheels, leather seats, and he had the satnav option fitted as well. My wife never liked the spoiler and I tried to convince her if nothing else it would help to keep snow off the rear window! the spolier is now in the loft.
  11. I know what you mean and she likes the CD on rather too loud for my old lugs while I prefer Radio 4, which sums up the age group we belong to. Funny thing is, last week we heard some horrible noises which we couldn't place. It sounded like a strange buzzing which changed as we drove along. Eventually, we realised the car was ok and that particular noise was the result of having the radio on MW and the only thing playing through the speakers was the sound of poor reception. Mrs. Wife really thought we had an engine problem to contend with as well.
  12. I will ask Mrs. Wife to try it as the car is driven by her 99% time.
  13. They even took the silly spoiler off fhe back window to eliminate that from the equation. Well, now I am upset ;) Oops, sorry! You have one fitted on yours?
  14. George, they've also checked the belts and removed the entire contents back and under. They say they put some padding behind the trim but I don't know what they might have used or if, indeed, they used anything. If I can remove the plastic trim I can leave it out for a while in the hope I might be able to narrow it down. It's not the trim itself because we've tried pushing on it and they've tried that as well. Same for the rear speakers, back seats up as well as down. Seat belts plugged in, held in, engaged in those little slots in the trim for the clip. In short, just about everything that can come out has been out.
  15. We've removed everything in the back and under the seats. It definitely sounds like it's behind the trim. We've had maybe three blokes from Mr. T's dealership sit in the back. Sod's Law, on two of the three no rattle/buzz could be heard. They even took the silly spoiler off fhe back window to eliminate that from the equation.
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