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  1. Well said Davey!!! I have resigned and will miss to old times. Made some amazing friends from here and thats something to take with me :)
  2. Hi Les, 1 x Overload 12inch = £10.50 1 x Mexican 12 inch = £9.50 Total £20 added to last payment!!
  3. Cheers peeps! £5 is generous right now.. my MR2 is feeling it not being driven everyday!
  4. Lol... Now Japan sneezes and the world gets a cold!
  5. Hi people, I put this on here as it will get more scope and isn't really specific to one type of car. My MR2 has been pretty much stood since the big freeze in November. Recently charged the battery up with no issues but a few days later the car takes longer to start (still turning at a good speed tho). Eventually it won't start at all resulting in a flat battery. When it does try to start it ticks over a few turns and dies. Strong smell uf fuel so no starvation there. Obiously I want to sort this out without spending money on all parts of the ignition. Could this be a sign that the ignition coil is on the way out and only functions on a fully charged battery? The car runs fine when its has actually started. Cheers anyone who has a clue! Andy
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    I drive with an umbrella Mo!!...lol.
  7. JappyBeast


    N/A means naturally asperated which means its a non turbo. How bad is the leak? I just put up with mine. Not sure about the import feeling faster. Are they both the 158bhp versions? I know that the imports are mapped to run on higher RON fuel.
  8. Days now booked off for this!!!!!
  9. Oooooooooooooooooh!! I have that blue 'BAR' sign in my kitchen!...lol. Oh yeah, me and Fran a defo pending holiday bookage!! And its close to us :)
  10. Was an amazing night! Sorry we didn't make breakfast tho!
  11. We are gonna try and get there earlier too.. empty the bar.. or the bottle of voddy in the hotel room!
  12. If this is gonna be the last then me and Fran will still be up for it in 2011 no matter what!
  13. Just warning you that Francesca is VERY shy!
  14. Mine is fixed itself again. Looks strange not having the orange light on!
  15. Mine developped this issue a few months ago. It fixed itself but now is back. I got used to it as my car only ever went about 5 miles with the light on anyway!!.. I just go with the needle! Hope someone can help you!
  16. After you have completed it you can do a tubby conversion on mine for a crate of Carling! :)
  17. Les, don't forget my better half, Fran is coming!!!! I would like, Parcels Turkey Cheese Cake Francesca would like, Parcels Beef (Joke in there somewhere) Choc Tart! Looking forward to this!!! :)
  18. !Removed! Sky!! Fran calls you the 'cloud guy'!
  19. Right.. I'm gonna book it off so no changing the dates!!
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