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  1. almost looks factory fresh (needs more glass)
  2. the 3S-GTE in front wheel drive guise is surprisingly stable in this chassis, lots of pome and still corners very well given the extra weight.
  3. i have attempted to tune the SR's 4A-FE and let me say that it is far easier cheaper and less soul destroying to find another powerplant, be it and old mr2 4A-GE engine or the newer levin's 20v 4A-GE, both of these are relatively painless swaps that the chassis will have no problem taking. I would not advise turboing the 4A-FE as there are more gains to be had and development potential from an engine swap (cheaper in the long run).
  4. those pictures are brilliant useful. i've gone the whole hog and have no spare wheel well now. the power steering rack picture is good to to know that i'll clear that. the thing that concerns me know is my standard front and rear anit-roll bars. the 4wd ones look very different. those prop shaft mounting tips are very useful too. many thanks. oh and the suzuki looks very cool
  5. might well be the shims for the inlet side. measure them with a feeler gauge and find out if they are still intolerance.
  6. i always find it easiest to take out the whole engine/gearbox arrangement when replacing clutches (but that's just me)
  7. that's a steal at that price dawsey! what are you up to? what conversion have you got the works, an st215 engine? for the mid engine conversion perhaps?
  8. tried the o2 sensor in the exhaust. these can screw with a cars idle all to well.
  9. just look for LED's that say 'no canbus error' they've been made with a resistor in series to simulate the same load as a lamp
  10. 3s-fe with gte internals? are the big ends on the crank shaft the right size?
  11. whilst having the head of after oil consumption i would have swapped the pistons rings for a fresh set. it sounds like oil is getting past the rings and has clogged up/damaged the o2 sensor. if it were me, id replace the piston rings and hone the cylinder bores before refitting the pistons. then see what that does to oil consumption
  12. TD04 is the replacement turbo of choice, it'll work on the standard engine internals (with a little help from a piggy back ecu) provided you don't put too much boost through it. plus they are cheap and readily available. only you can't just swap the turbo, your have to get a downpipe and manifold done as well.
  13. yep, the corolla g6 gearbox would go straight onto your engine with no problem and will fit straight back in. you sera originally had a 5E-FE engine in it which is the same as the paseo's one.
  14. lowering a glanza or starlet is the same as a paseo/cynos or other tercel based vehicle. this should be useful to you: basic lowering guide
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