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  1. Hello peeps I am selling my EP82 ABS rear beam. Please click below EP82 ABS rear beem for drums to discs conversion
  2. I have a full EP82 ABS rear beam sat on my car waiting to be sold. This is ideal for a Starlet or a Paseo owner for converting from drums to discs. This rear beam comes with everything to convert from Drums to discs. It has the handbrake cables, sensors etc and I'm even going to sell it with the Black diamond braided hoses for front and rear. £250 PM me if interested Cheers Nath
  3. No not here yet....... As for everything else you'll just have to wait and see :!Removed!:
  4. Looks nice matey I have bought myself a front cut finally :D
  5. Anyway.... Belated Craig for the 20th Hope you had a wkd day matey
  6. You didn't wish me happy birthday Twas my bday on 25th November Nobody loves me
  7. Where? I looked in there before I posted the question
  8. Hello Peeps, Has anybody heard when JAE is in 2005? Steve? Trying to plan the shows for the year :P Nath
  9. Looks real nice Shelly :D Hope to see it soon
  10. I'm Nath from Doncaster and I have a black 98 SR. Didn't realise there was so many new people, I need to log on more :(
  11. I'm sure your thinking ST185/205 as i ain't a clue what at ST200 is( apart from Ford :!Removed!: ), as for degrade Nath hasn't had a conversion done yet But i guess he is having the Glanza one done, soon Ken is absolutely correct :D Haven't done owt engine wise as yet :P But will be hopefully all ready for JAE Hope you are alright Ken, will come out to play with you all again soon :group-cuddles:
  12. Cheers Dawsey, Hopefully will finally get my car sorted over the next 6 to 8 months ready for JAE :D Well, here's hoping :hokus-pokus: Will take you for a spin once its done and then you can take me for that ride you offered me Catch ya later fella :P
  13. Cheers for the info Knowlson but.... JB Motorsport only do EP82 GT Turbo engines and not the EP91 Glanza V :( Also when I rang them up they said they didn't do front cuts as they cost too much to ship!! All the engines they supply are stripped from the car and all the bits are boxed up neatly together. The reason I am going for a Glanza V front cut rather than an EP82 front cut is It will be a matter of unplugging and plugging of wiring looms rather than splicing looms. Also I can get the lights, bonnet and bumper from it!! Cheers again Nath
  14. Cheers John, Am gonna sort out a web page with the whole project on and regular progress reports!!!! Domi(From TOC) is gonna sort me out a page on his site Street Legal Starlet But I will put up regular posts on TOC as well Hope you and Babs are both ok Nath :D
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