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  1. hi, could you please tell me where you got the rear bumper? cant find it anywhere

  2. Can someone definitely tell me where I can get a set of braided brake lines to fit an E11 corolla. Ive searched on ebay but the only listing is for the ae101 / ee101 corolla (e10 shape). Are the lines interchangeable between the 2 models. All help is greatly appreciated,
  3. A few weeks ago the engine check light came on... The car went into safemode, would not rev over 3k revs etc. Its a 98 3SGE redtop beams engine. I got a diagnostics check done, it indicated a mass air flow problem. The temperature readings from the air flow meter were fluctuating as normal on the diagnostic computer but the mass air reading was not moving or changing when the engine was reved. I presumed it was the air flow meter, however after changing it for a new unit the problem still persists. the car fault has been cleared by the diagnostics machine but the engine light appears almost immediately. My thinking now is that the wiring from the afm to the ecu might be damaged causing the fault.. Has anyone ever experienced a fault similar to this? or does anybody have any other solutions as to what the problem maybe? Any help is greatly appreciated
  4. Im lookin to re-install the standard horn back into the car..? If i remember correctly there was only 1 live wire (coming from the steering wheel) which has an adapter that plugs straight into the base of the horn. Ive got that bit sorted but im struggling with the rest. I cant remember how the unit was earthed to finish the circuit. Can anyone shed some light on this...or even if possible post up some picutres of there engine bay so i can spot where everything should be? Cheers.
  5. could someone explain exactly the UK system for classifying damage repaired under insurance. Whats catergory C and catergory D..??
  6. thats actually an old pic... that one has the booster tuning WRC spoiler and the standard one I now have both the WRC one and the TTE one fitted...
  7. could you please e-mail some pictures of the car, im currently looking for a t-sport email - kwilmott_31@yahoo.ie
  8. usually when you see a whole load of disclaimer signs before gong into the car wash its never a good sign....if anything happens to your car in it, you have no come back..
  9. Finances man....Cant exactly afford the facelift version right about now..! Are there any more common problems with the t-sports apart from the dash..? Is it true that the lift bolts are causing problems..? Fair enough if it's a financial issue. It it was anything else (excluding the need for a 5-dr model) I would feel duty bound to convince you to get the facelift ;) As for the lift bolts, it does appear that the slightest bit of wear on them causes the lift to soften. The good news is that if you are prepared to change them yourself then the bolts cost about a quid to buy from Mr T :) Ya financial reasons im afraid...the facelift model does look nice..il have one in the future! But i will make a few subtle changes to the pre-facelift to perk up its appearance slightly ;)
  10. Finances man....Cant exactly afford the facelift version right about now..! Are there any more common problems with the t-sports apart from the dash..? Is it true that the lift bolts are causing problems..?
  11. Im seriously looking into purchasing an 02 / 03 reg Tsport. This is the pre-facelift model. I have a few question to ask all ye wise owners.. - Do they all have 6-speed gearboxes..? - Do they all have Traction control as standard or was it an optional extra? - Was the leather interior also an optional extra.? - Are the problems regarding the Gearbox and wheel bearings actually very prominent in the Tsport..? - What colours were available in the pre-facelift Tsports..? Also if anyone feels like contributing some factors i should be considering if i go to inspect a Tsport, Please Do so.. Thanks in advance for your replies..
  12. go on tell me whats the other half of that bumper..?? dying to know
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