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  1. These are wolfrace tokyo city 17's, fit on my old corolla and moved them over to the tsport since the toyo proxes are great tyres and had to keep them.
  2. nice alloys there mate, u learning chinese there?
  3. Sammy: The previous owner must have got part of the rubber seal caught between the wind deflector and window. Basically part of the wind deflector sits where the window goes when fully closed, the space is very tight. So when the previous owner fitted it, the rubber seals werent flush, when the windows closed it pulled parts of the rubber seal in too. Not very well explained, but if you make sure everythings flush before u finally close the window you wont experience any problems. Common sense kind of thing. Just a bit annoying since the seals not all flush and sometimes gets sucked in when the window is fully closed!
  4. Ive got a pair of Heko wind deflectors I got with the t-sport but dont like them at all, and also ruined the rubber seals around the window too. Didnt know there was any demand for them, ill put them on ebay later next week! Otherwise anyone can PM me and happy to take any offers, not too sure how to deliver them though, theyre pretty long!
  5. Hi all, Just a quick question, since I've changed my headunit in my Corolla T-Sport to an aftermarket Clarion headunit, the tweeters in the car do not work, Im sure alot of you may have had the same problem, is there a solution to getting them to work again with an aftermarket headunit? Id appreciate any advice, Thanks.
  6. 21 yrs old, 3yrs NCB, £1021 Direct Line.
  7. I appreciate your concern, but can assure you I'm the safest of drivers and am not easily distracted! I understand that we must be exceptionally vigilant on these type of forums too! By the way man-bing, thanks for your walkthroughs, proved very helpful throughout my four years and going of owning my corolla!
  8. I had my ps2 in my old corolla, u just need a screen with AV, then as the other guys said a power converter which generally arent too expensive. Then just wire it all up using the red/white/yellow cables. My mates used to play GTA on long trips, be sure to ground your parking wire so your screen will still work on the move!
  9. I had the K&N 57i kit on my 1.4 for a while, makes a pretty loud growl but couldnt tell any difference with the performance, I thought it reduced my economy and ate a bit more petrol but not entirely sure. If you live in Leeds you can come round and have mine, ive just bought a T-sport so ill have to invest in a new Blitz one i guess, conditional that you havent actually bought one by now though?
  10. yeah im in leeds too, got my custom exhaust from exhausts uk in sheffield, really professional job and i got exactly what ur after - dual exit cat back i think they were 4" slash cut, sounded quality, whole job cost me 450 inc fitting vat etc. unfortunately had to get it back to normal, saving them dollars for a compressor ;)
  11. mate that sounds like an absolute pain, im quite wary of buying 2nd hand cars from non-specialised car firms, much prefer buying from an actual Toyota garage. I got mine from knaresborough toyota, quality garage and everything seems really sound and legit there.
  12. i actually think ur alloys look really good. especially since theyre slightly darker than normal alloy which suits the gun metal colour of ur car. super low profile too, what inch are they? u had ur car lowered too? ive got wolfrace tokyo city allows which are 17s with low profile tyres and lowered 30mm on eibachs, looks quality
  13. alright mate im from leeds as well live in alwoodley i drive around headingley quite a lot and around leeds, got my tints from cappucino too that pepe guys a bit crazy lol, i got my spoiler from some website u can get em everywhere, its similar to the t-sport one they look quality, then got it sprayed and fitted in bradford for around 80quid, definately need a spoiler though. oh in terms of fitting it i think the company drilled and stuck it on, u dont want it falling off lol
  14. the t-sports must be a lot quicker than i thought cause aparently the volvo c30 does 0-60 in 6.5 which does use the same ST turbo charged engine and if u can gain ground on one, ur corolla must be fast! To Kangzy or ckman85, are your corollas standard t-sports with the full SP kit on inc SP supercharger? because do u think itll be worth it getting the pulleys, intercooler, ignition etc changed by SP onto a corolla compressor? or anyone else have any idea? Ive emailed SP to see how much itd be anyway guess its considerably cheaper since i wont need a supercharger
  15. haha take it u dont like the orange ones cause i was considering getting an orange ST. yeah ive heard that the exhausts can have problems if not run on v-power or equivalent. i can get insured for just under a grand on the ST so id imagine the compressor will be slightly cheaper. thanks for your opinion though i just think the compressors much better value for money and the ST's are over-priced for what they are.
  16. Hi everyone, Im going to be getting a new car in the next month or two, Ive been looking at both focus ST's and corolla compressors since i already have a corolla (1.4) as im only 20. Ive test driven the ST and its got so much torque except i know a 2nd hand one will have loads of reliability problems however i know toyotas are bulletproof, ive already had advice from toweylowey so cheers, any other advice wud be great. also does anyone know the difference in speed between the two since the ST has an extra 9/10bhp? if anyones driven/owned both? Cheers guy.....
  17. i had the same problem along a ring road doing about 90mph, a fox the size of a big dog ran out, my friend who was driving behind me said it looked like i ran over a can of red paint, knocked my whole fog light out and my bumpers quite loose but didnt do as much damage as yours
  18. hey yeahh i remember i was driving with my mate in his honda civic, i saw u coming towards me in my rear view. just seen your notice on ur page lol yeah that was me, u done much to your CTS then? i wish i had one my cars so slow being a 1.4 lol
  19. yeah i was gonna get some alloys but theyre quite expensive and being a student i cant really afford them lol, i want some thin 5 spoke alloys, what do u think to the wolfrace triads? at 17" too since the cars lowered i dont want any rubbing of the arches really. nah the door speakers are sooo easy to change you can take them off in seconds, the front doors are held by two screws, one by the inside door handle, and the other is under the rubber slip where theres a small hole to close the door as in the inside door handle lol. then you yank the door off and it totally clips off its really easy. theres a walkthrough somewhere here which i used, the rear speakers are a bit trickier on a 3 door hatchback as the whole part comes out but yet again held in with clips so its easy. the spoiler cost me 105, then spraying and fitting was only 80quid at some place on the edge of leeds! yeah the tints are 5% around the 3 rear windows and i think 35% at the front passengers!
  20. Hi all, ive been a member of TOC for around a year or two and have found all your help great. ive had this car since i was 17 and have been working on it ever since ( a year and half), modifying it to the best i could. ive been meaning to take pictures and show you all for some time. have a look and let me know what you think. ive done everything myself except fitting the lowering springs, fitting and spraying the spoiler, fitting the brake pads, and creating the custom exhausts. LINK --> (includes video & pics) http://s143.photobucket.com/albums/r150/chani2310/ there are 14 pics some are crap and a video of my headunit these are the modifications that i can remember to the car: - K&N 57i Induction, Cobra custom made exhaust system (Exhausts UK - sheffield) twin exit 4", lowered 30mm eibach springs, EBC greenstuff brake pads, professionally tinted windows, spoiler, richbrook aerial i think, rear lights imported from czech republic (black rears), xenon upgrades on all front bulbs, then i have quite an interior: - Sevic motorised head unit, linked to sound system, ps2, televsion, radio dvd etc. 2x12" subs in boot, 6x9s power cap tweeters and x-overs installed on parcel shelf, front door speakers and rear speakers replaced and run through an amp along with 6x9s, the 2 12" subs are run through a mono block, the ps2 is run through rcas to the headunit and powered by an inverter, not hard wired. odd parts like the handbrake replaced, and sparco pedals, 6 point harness been installed too. the speakers took me so long to do (weeks) but you guys were great help with posting up links etc so id like to thank you all, ill give any advice on how i did any of these mods, and give us some feedback! cheers
  21. hi, Does anyone know how to remove the rear panel that covers the rear speakers in a 3 door, 06, corolla? ive replaced the two front speakers, 6x9s on the parcel shelf and two subs in the boot however want to know how th remove the rear panel by the passenger seats, they feel like theyre clipped in like the front panel and there are no visible screws? Any help would be appreciated thanks
  22. yeah i imported some from czech republic, there are 3 main bolts to undo, then the whole light comes out, swap the bulbs, connect the batch of wires back together and put them back in, on ur way!
  23. hey wt induction kit and exhaust system u use??, wt brand is it?? i got a 1.6 E12 vvti (non modified) and i have raced a Ek civic 1.5 vtec earlier (modified a performance exhaust system), but both car got the same acceleration. Hi there mate, ive got a K&N 57i Induction Kit. The exhaust is a custom made system from the guys at Exhaust UK in sheffield but they manufacture with Cobra exhausts
  24. Thanks for all your posts people, ive had a read through it it all.. but im sure my car has gained at least something from putting an induction kit on which also has a cold air feed that iv directly led under the car so cold air rushes through, i could notice the gains with the exhaust because my rolla felt a bit nippier. I raced my mates 1.6 corolla which is still an E12 model, i could keep up with him and began to gain at around 50/60mph, so there must be gains but it could be his driving! but its not too hard i dont think! Anyone with any suggestions to how i could improve performance furtherly? i am thinking of focusing more on handling in terms of lowering, strut bars, alloys and tyre packages. What would you all recommend? Also is it that VVTI engines are not as powerful or something compared against Hondas VTEC? because when i checked up, the corolla runs at 95bhp and Civic at 89bhp? Im not a wizard at cars but suggestions would be great Thanks for everyones help
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