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  1. corolla_wrc


    £250 And south wales
  2. corolla_wrc


    Ive got a g6R gearbox but no engine
  3. Hi, im deffinatly interested in the front bumper maybe more. Also would you sell the car as a whole?
  4. breaking a corolla g6r in red , most parts available. also have some parts left from a 1.3 corolla gs in white. email me on
  5. Most of the stuff is standard like all the tte kit, so when i bought her didnt really need to do much.
  6. well i put them seats in becuase i owned that car a while back. bought them from a guy over in bristol on a farm, he said they were toyota originals
  7. any chance of design drawings?
  8. Looking good, you should take a look at mine. Im trying to find a roll cage for mine any ideas?
  9. The Seats are Genuine toyota corolla, the rear calipers are off a 5door corolla 2000 model.
  10. Hi i no this is a long time ago, but whats the actual differences in the engine. Eg block size, cams, pistons, manifolds etc. thanks
  11. you could drill it and tap and die it.
  12. Hi can some one tell me the differnces between the 4AFE engine and the 4EFE engine as i have found a four branch manifold of a 4AFE engine and i want to know if it will fit my 1.3 4EFE Engine.
  13. wheres the cheapest to buy lowering springs for a E11 corolla, i no ebaygot some on there but want to know if theres anywhere cheaper? Also is there any performance parts for corolla's, i know about fensport etc. ? Thanks
  14. Heres My corolla as it looks atm lol
  15. hey ae111sr as you live close to me, where did you get your front grille from.?