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  1. yeah but check out the LARAKI FULGARA.....that is one mean car....i want it now apart from that beetle i think about 97% of those cars listed are superb sports cars btw the MR2 is listed as well so u cant really complain
  2. by the way i dont listen to radio 2
  3. this website is wicked check it out my car is listed as a SUPERCAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hokus-pokus: it looks exactly like this!!!! everything about it is the same apart from the number plate and floor mats and the left over evian bottle in the cup holder, and the parking badges on the windscreen!!! THE CELICA T SPORT the AC Schincteneseojfjskjdskjs look amazing also, check the 3 series and z4 versions out!! ok laters uncle baz
  4. cheers man that sounds wicked. how much did it cost u? that start facility for A/C sounds real good - like mercs! never knew about pager alarms before - what is ur setup called - is it a pager alarm or called something else? i will look into this - sounds real useful but dont wanna spend more than what a tracker would cost. seriously considering some sort of additional protection tho. also, does anyone know bout any new devices for preventing CARJACKING??? i kinda realise carrying weapons with u is illegal but is there anythin u can fit or use to protect u from being carjacked??? heard lot of stories round our way bout near misses with the carjacking crew and wanted to know bout any good ways to prevent it.....apart from creeping up to traffic lights!!! cheers for replies - much appreciated
  5. THUNDER GREY!!!!!! its such an amazin colour it changes with the weather. when its thundery and dark outside the car looks dark and grey and silver and really wicked and fast when its sunny it looks champagne and expensive and wicked and fast and it HIDES SCRATCHES BETTER THAN RED survey of TYPE R owners who had choice of red, black or silver ------ black most popular, then silver, then red. Red is good if you like it but it is really common so i think thunder grey would be cool
  6. by the way 97 paseo i did check for ages if there was a fly inside -- so paranoid there was that i closed all the air vents just in case one of those gits was hiding in the fan system.
  7. yeah cheers will go and tell toyota if they can have a look at it.... asked my dad and he said his jeep always goes off and is real sensitive - even goes off whne it rains and hails!! toyota alarm systems must be real sensitive - shame they dont go off when they sniff a dodgy thief walking close to the car.......... wouldnt it be amazin to have an alarm that rings ur mobile phone when the alarm does go off to tell u when u are miles away from the car??? why dont toyota invent it man. it sounds so easy and simple - ur own GPS system with a cheap 20 quid mobile phone.
  8. has anyone had problems with their toyota alarm system??? since the weather has been boiling my alarm has been randomnly going mad and deciding to get some unnecessary attention. apart from scaring me to death it is slightly annoying. anyone had this problem with their alarm and is it major?? gimme all the gossip before i go to the toyota dealer and try to get them to fix it.... ok cheers
  9. sorry - yeah i'm from near manchester - Sorted Avensis am gonna put my location on and improve my appearance online soon but got slow connection and no time!! i wanna use this owners club more often but will do once exams etc over. cheers for the website - will try it out, but do u reckon i should wait a few weeks just incase i kerb it again??? only joking - but when i see kerbed alloys i always think "what a crap driver." now my car has 2 massive grinders down sides of the alloys. erm ... wing mirrors are also another priority ... i fold them in regularly. My mate has a BMW 330ci coupe and he always folds his wing mirrors up electrically when he parks. he went to pick up some food from a take away and saw these thugs walking upto his car. they roundhouse kicked the wing mirrors not realising the owner was staring at them through the take away window. he went mad!!!! maybe BMW shouldnt make wing mirrors that are so tempting for vandals to kick off once they are folded up? aight laters
  10. this is highly embarassing but managed to kerb my alloys TWICE in the space of 2 weeks. I hope this is not the sign of a bad driver......but i now have a phobia about parallel parking. Actually i have a phobia about parking period. the noise of the alloy wheel as it scrapes against the pavement is worse than chalkboard scratching. can anyone recommend where i can get my kerbed alloys replaced or reconditioned. you see, i got one spare alloy wheel in the boot but i want to fix the kerbed one as well. the alloy wheel is made by FONDMETAL, and yes, they are damn expensive and do make alloys for F1 as well. does reconditioning actually work because the wheel is flaking away like powder. help me please. on another note, i think i can say that my t sport engine is getting better as i do more miles - now that its done 3000 miles the engine is SWEET!!! tte that celica - maybe one day.....
  11. T128 please tell me when ur mate bored of his shogun evo - i'm seriously considering buying one as my next car!!! i am really impressed with the shogun evo - looks wicked and will make a great car/jeep - its all about being unique nowadays - not seen one on the roads in UK. mitsubishi does quite well - i hired out shogun pinin - thought it was gonna be crap but ended up being a real nifty little 4x4. whats a cz3??? never seen one before. is it that rally jeep on gran turismo concept? aight cool. all i can say is i want a shogun evo. by the way - i was considering a type r civic before and really badly wanted the 30th anniversary one with red recaro seats. weren't any left by the time i wanted to place order so i asked honda dealer to make a standard type r into 30th anniversary. he said EACH recaro seat would cost 1000 including fitting. the 30th anniversary was only 1000 over list price against normal type r. this personal version would have cost 20000 with 2 red seats, tinted glass, momo steering wheel, and a/c. what a rip off :arrgg-matey: !!! went for celica t sport instead. turned out to be best bet.
  12. went Cyprus for hols and never wanted to take my car with me on holiday so much before! the place is full of wicked modded cars -- esp celicas. saw so many celicas i almost wanted to nick one and drive it (only joking - its against the law). But seriously - in a place where cars are seen as status symbols (guys would drive up and down the same street all day and night in paphos to get attention in their celicas and lancer evos), the main cars that are seen as cool are Japanese sports and rally cars. saw very few German cars - usually S classes or 1988 Audi quattros!!! but i think i have fallen in love with the mistsubishi shogun evo. saw a white one with a nice but not ott bodykit (standard) and it sounded great. it was 3 door with fully black glass and spider alloys with diamond studs. It looked gorgeous. dont think they are built anymore tho.. please toyota make a landcruiser T sport. my celica t sport needs a big brother ;)
  13. yeah i guess i was a bit OTT but its a shame when guys separate cars into girls and guys cars cos the sign of a truly good car is one which is driven by all types of people. one good example is the MINI -- now that is an amazin car for its performance and price, but a lot of my mates say it is a girl's what???? my bro got one and he is the biggest pimp in uni. ...if u are considering a T-sport dont consider image, cos T-sports dont look visually that different from the standard cars. If u want a car based on image for equivalent price, go for a Civic Type R or a Focus RS - they really do stand out from the crowd, and tend to attract the wrong crowd if u know what i mean..... btw last week some drunk guy in manchester came upto me in traffic light and started spitting onto the car and swearing at me. i couldnt drive off cos the crossroad was real was SCARY!!! i was more worried bout what he would do to the car rather than what he was saying to me! another story in the life of baz!!
  14. celica T sport a girl's car???? when my gfriend tried drivin my Celica ts she couldnt handle it at all - firstly the damn pedals are aluminium and her one inch wide stilletto shoes couldnt get a good grip, 2ndly the seats were so low she couldnt see over the steering wheel properly 3rdly the engine is so damn powerful she would get speeding tickets all the time 4thly ----- WHAT IS A MAN's car??????????????? dont say lotus elise cos thats a girls car dont say impreza or evo cos girls look amazin drivin those cars dont u dare say ferrari cos when i went to Europe (Germany and Italy included) i saw a LOT of 360s being drivin by women 5th --- if u think a celica's a girls car then why the heck are u considering a corolla. since when has a 2+2 sports coupe been more of a "girl's" car than a hatchback man??? if u love toyotas just get a toyota avensis. thats a FAMILY's car. 6th - get a TVR without traction control, ABS or airbag. Then drive it around a track full belt without a helmet. That'll separate the men from the girls. Cos no woman's stupid enough to buy a TVR or drive like a maniac with one. Only TVR and Westfield are men's cars cos only we are thick enough to buy a car which only looks good and goes quick. But not much else. By the way i love girls drivin "men's" cars - it turns me on....
  15. i tried driving a proton satira (???) GTI specced up by lotus as a test drive, but this was yonks ago when it had only come out. At the time i thought it was damn good becuase it was the fastest car i had ever driven in my life, BUT IT WAS A PROTON!! the lotus-toyota combo would be real good i reckon - but a lot of people wouldnt buy the elise if it was called the Toyota Elise. Wat do u reckon??? Car names are like designer icons. I would definitely have bought the proton if it was called the Lotus Satria GTI. Imagine if the Celica was called the Lexus Soarer-Celica T sport. I reckon that would double its sales. If all these Tsport models made by toyota would remove the toyota name and just call themselves TRD Celica, TRD Corolla, and TRD Yaris, or TRD 1, TRD 2, TRD 3, the residual calues on these ltd edition models would be amazin, and the exclusivity would be second to none. a lot of cars are held back from their true potential desirability by the image they have of commoness. Like BMW have Alpina, Toyota shoudl have TRD/ Tsport as an exclusive collection. But i am a designer label victim which does make me a bit partial.