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  1. Why has someone changed my comments when I asked a question. Isn't it normal for a forum moderator to answer and not edit/delete a posters comments as part of a constitution/guidelines?
  2. "You have to be a paying member to sell on TOC" I didn't post this.
  3. "You have to be a paying member to sell on TOC" Who edited and posted this comment as I didn't say this. would be polite, as a moderator, to put your own name in it please!
  4. Adam-Up Nooooo thats mine. I saw it first!!
  5. TSportVirgin! that looks really good. I have also found someone who sells the gear knob with LED lighting underneath so it lights up red at night and is connected to the cigar lighter. Looks really cool with the 6 speed and reverse all correctly setup and glows red at night. sweet.
  6. yes thats the one I am looking at on ebay and been talking to the seller. i wasn't sure if it would fit my tsport hence the question in here before i buy it
  7. 87000 and no problems at all
  8. Hi all, Had a quick search through and couldn't find anything related to my question (unless my choice of search words weren't that good so sorry if a repeat question!) I am looking at purchasing a 6 speed gear knob to replace my curent 6 speed in my corolla Tsport as the red reverse selection on it is tarnished and annoying me. I have found a 6 speed knob (same as mine) but its for a corolla verso so i was wondering if anyone knows if they are the same and word fit in my 2003 53 plate tsport corolla (has the reverse option but this one isn't red but thats ok!) thanks for your help aaron
  9. My son wanted me to get him a Tsport for his first car after he saw all them others one that day You know what i told him ;) "Yes son of course you can" was your reply. :)
  10. yes it went ahead and the weather was good to us. We had two Prius T-Spirit owners come along as well which was great; Post for the meet in the central region section - Scroll down the 2nd page for some pics
  11. Great to have a Celica owner come along too. Nice one.
  12. Excellent pictures there mate. Great day, weather held out, good laugh, not having that !Removed! chicken meal again though!!
  13. Yay. Good turn out. Three people had to leave earlier, one Auris and two Prius models, so had around 18 people there today (as some came in two's). Enjoyed it, nice to see lots of lovely cars in one place.
  14. Yeah should be 19C tomorrow with slight cloud and sun.
  15. Ooooo, another attending. Getting busy. tsport_stu mick24 (maybe) Pritchard Captainoats stretch G3m brother-prince (maybe) jerry phipps Red Yaris 54 (maybe) toyosports (maybe) Zipcode man-bing (maybe) frankie_TS (maybe) Mkuk0 G7PCQ m4hfu3 (maybe oli T-Sport hoover travman t sport (maybe)