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  1. Best way to do diagnostics, but i heard that stuck fuel pressure regulation valve (dont know how its called but it's on fuel pump mounted with 2 screws) can cause this problem.
  2. Hi, received cheap chinese Mini VCI adapter J2534 together with Techstream 7.20.041 and MVCI driver (says it's version 1.4.8). Installed. Tested on Avensis D4D 110kW. Can see the car, parameters, but can customise only auto lights. Cant find anything more- no power windows, wireless locking etc. Downloaded Techstream 7.31.003. Reinstalled. Still the same. Downloaded new MVCI driver (says 2.0.1). Still the same. Tried to switch between regions - Other, Europe, North America - the same. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. In your place i whould read error code by shortening obd pins or at the dealer- they have more advanced scanner. And then it will be clear what is wrong and what shoul be fixed http://www.obd-codes.com/p0400
  4. If all injectors had 0 or infinity, your car would not start at all. overfueling is just a result of fault. better do a diagnosis, it will be cheaper than overfueling:)
  5. have you bought car like this or it just happend? do you have 'check engine' shining? could be lots of reasons for that- have you been to computer diagnosis-will save lots of time, maybe belt alignment is wrong or they will see bad sensor? all plugs are wet? new platinum plugs with 1.3mm gap? check wires-damage or short (for short take water sprayer and spray on wires-if they are shorting, you will see and hear) check if you have good spark What about air filter? Take out o2 sensor and clean it (carefull, it's expensive). Was going to write a lot but someone already did: http://www.aa1car.com/library/problem_hesitation.htm Adding to this article it could be thermostat or themperature sensor problem (CPU thinks enigine is cold all the time)-check how temperature rises and if you have hot air blowing inside.
  6. Please correct: hesitation happens sometimes or always? I understood -somethimes.. in this case how have you managed to measure lean or rich mixture you have? Does it happens only when driving (moving), or also in idle RPM ? Does it happens all the time you release throttle and then gently press again or just somethimes? Who checked your O2 sensor? it's not like in other cars, it's special, unique to 4AFE and expensive. Let's think: Rich fuel= too much fuel / too less air / spark plugs does not work correctly (does not burn fuel like it should, but i'm not sure about this if you have rich mixture-maybe, if part of fuel leaves not burned, o2 thinks you have too less fuel and gives cpu orders to increase rate?). Fuel=cpu+pump +fuel filter+ injector + valve for fuel excess (fuel returning to tank) + O2 sensor. Air=air filter+gas pedal with throttle + ICS valve + EGR valve Re electricity i'm not sure, it depends if you always have rich mixture or not. But spark plugs also are worth checking. Have you checked air filter?
  7. What could be wrong ? Tried to lube both joints with no effect. Found nothingin the internet.. After turning right steering comes back without any sound. Sound is not clicking of grinding, steering is not jamming in any position..
  8. 2007 Avensis Hatchback d4d 110kw
  9. D4D filter is under the hood. The thing in the right near air filter, with big knob on it:)
  10. one more thing forgot to mention - using hho system you need to change o2 sensor values. Additional h2o in exaust will make ECU to correct fuel mixture - it will think your engine is running on a leaner mixture. It means, ECU supplies more fuel to burn, and you will have something else but not savings anymore.. Well, if installations are correct ( i think o2 sensor emulation should be done), maybe everything should be fine. but in this case you have to look at your mpg everytime for possible problems while ECU won't see real o2 measurements.
  11. Problem: turning right i hear sound and feel vibration in sterring wheel and hear sound from front. But not allways. Turning left does not vibrate. Vibrates after half a turn for secomd or two, turning slowly or fast, mainly on low speed. Toyota said i need to change steering rack forf 1000pounds. But i can drive if i'm ok with sound. Today i hav found something interesting. I like driving in the highest seat position and steering is highest also. Today i have lowered it yo tje lowest position. And vibration disappiered. Now i' m not sure is steering rack involved.. maybe you know the problem reason? Thanks.
  12. Good luck.. it will be realy interesting to get feedback. Strange, this hho system is known for decade, but.. i haven't seen anyone using it, even taxis. Why? Maybe because you will get water in your exhaust, and it will corode faster. Maybe if you get your water into oil, you will change your engine. Or maybe system is just not efective, becaise generating h you need lots of electricity. I am realy waiting for your experience. Good luck
  13. I just said Carinas, but the engine is the same, 4afe. Good luck. If it will be injecror, you should look for the same color. In my engine i had blue (eu model). Pinks were from japan models, they dont fit.
  14. It's a common problem for this car. I'm sure it's made in UK, not Japan. In uk carinas EU parts were used, and thats a problem. So, your problem 90% is injector. Symtoms: then engine is hot, somethimes you lose power, engine becomes louder. After moment or two- everything is fine. During this moment stop, open hood and try to unplug injector:s connector. If engine is running the same- you found it. If engine revs drops, plug it in and try another. My suggestion-start with the second:) problem is inside injector-then it heats up, sometimes it just stucks, posibble because coil wiresbecame short wired. Replace injector, cleaning will not work. The second problem could be distributor or comutator.
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