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  1. Briano


    The egr in my car was replaced previously too under a different recall, so I don’t think they are related if, it is being recalled for this work too. I’ll look up the service bulletin later when I have time
  2. Briano


    I did see in the news yesterday that Toyota Ireland are doing a recall on the egr due to a potential cooling leak. I think it is the 1WW 2WW (BMW) engines. I checked mine and it is due for the recall. Will wait and see.....
  3. I previously had a 2012 2.0 diesel which I imported from the UK it had about 200k on it when I sold it 4 years ago, never gave any trouble so I would not be too concerned about the mileage if it has been looked after in terms of servicing. I recently (January this year) imported another 2016 avensis tourer from Northern Ireland. The old VRT rules still apply if the car is on a NI plate or it’s on a uk plate and has been registered to an owner in Northern Ireland so don’t rule that out completely if that is something you were considering, but make sure to check it out to confirm prior to make
  4. Hi guys i recently bought a 2016 avensis tourer. It has the standard black antenna. I have seen others tourers with the shark fin type antenna. I am wondering if I can change it or is there a reason why there are different types eg DAB tuner? Mine has the DAB tuner but many Irish cars won’t have DAB. Thanks Brian
  5. Hi Guys, I'm new here and from Ireland I've a 1.4 2005 corolla with 25k miles on the clock. Over tha last six months or so I've noticed a rattle / knock noise from the engine on startup when its cold usually in the mornings after being left overnight or after being left in the carpark all day while I'm in work - the cold weather seems to make it worse. It is intermittent and sometimes you can only hear it after I start the car as the revs drop down to idle revs and sometimes you can here it at idle revs for a few minutes after starting. Once the engine is warmed up you can no longer hear it.
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