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  1. I have the same car. On average it takes 44 litres to refill once the low fuel light comes on - seems to a huge reserve… I get something similar in terms of km out of the first 1/4 tank too.
  2. Another possibility is damage to the wiper arm resulting in the blade not sitting correctly on the screen
  3. Thanks for all the feedback guys. Much appreciated
  4. For what it’s worth, I have the 2.0 litre and have been tracked fuel consumption over the last year. Ranges from between 5.9l/100km (~48mpg) to 7.0l/100km (~40mpg) depending on the weather and type of driving but would typically be 6.1l/100km (~46mpg)
  5. So I’m driving a 2016 avensis with 2ww engine. 145000km on the clock, no problems. Engine oil looks very black - just wondered what everyone’s opinion on using an engine flush every now and then. Thanks….
  6. I just cleaned them with window cleaner and a cloth when I was cleaning the windows
  7. I had a similar problem with the rubber seals making noise - I just cleaned the rubber door seals and it cured the problem
  8. I had a similar problem on my avensis recently. It was leaking between the valve stem and the wheel. You can buy a replacement seal kit which includes the nut and the seals. However (as in my case) corrosion between the nut and the valve stem usually means the valve stem breaks from the sensor and you end up having to replace the sensor Edit: part number for the seal kit for my avensis was 04423-02010. Might be worth confirming it’s the same for your car
  9. €70 for the valve and €10 for the seal kit...... it was only a small leak approx 5 psi per week. Could have just kept topping it up.........
  10. Update: As expected the TPMS sensor broke trying to remove it. Just wondering what is the best to update the new sensor to the system. Is tech stream the only option? I have the ID of both the old and new sensor Thanks in advance
  11. I didn’t have to remove the soundproofing to get the washer jet out, just carefully removed it with a screwdriver to release the clip. I wrapped the tip with tape to protect the paint. If you are planning on putting it back in you need to be careful you don’t damage the clip that holds it in place on the bonnet. But maybe the sound proofing is different on mine (2WW engine)
  12. See pictures - this is the part in my 2016 T27. From memory the “0” is 0 degrees and I think there is a +2 and -2 degree option but I’m open to correction on that
  13. I had a similar problem. They are not adjustable - i had to replace it in the end. when I was getting the replacement there was 3 different part numbers ( different angle of the jet for each part number) - you have to know which one is in your car - they have an identifier on the front of them. I should have a picture of mine when I did it recently. I’ll post it later when I find it
  14. Hi guy’s I have what I thought was a slow puncture, but is actually leak between the TPMS valve and the wheel. I have got a replacement seal kit for the valve, but the nut holding the TPMS valve in does not want to come off easily. Feedback I am getting is that it is fairly likely the valve will break..... Anyone in this situation before - if they have any suggestions for removal without breaking the valve. I have applied WD40 to see will that loosen things up a bit Thanks Brian
  15. Thanks guys for the advice. I’ll drop to a local a/c specialist and see what they find
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