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  1. My CTS brakes needed replacement at just under 40K, only to be expected with the type of car it is, I mean you dont buy it just to pootle round at 25mph!! I managed to get my brake discs/pads on-line for £100 and got a mate to fit them, so even when you have to replace them, they should not break the bank! B)
  2. Just been over to Ireland, filled up with Shell V power and managed 37 MPG average !!!!!!!!!!!!! My CTS is begining to get a little bit too sensible, perhaps is time to tune the engine!!
  3. Dont worry about is whatsoever! I do occasionally, its very easy to do with a powerful engine. You wont have done any damage, just slightly burnt the clutch! really smells worse than it is! Just dont make a habit of it, if you do it consistantly you could burn the clutch out. Hope that this has put your mind at rest
  4. I have noticed that when using Tescos super I get 27ish MPG depending on whether I gun it, but if I use V-Power the MPG goes up considerably, 34-34MPG so it is worth the extra pence per litre!!
  5. Hi Guys Just to let you know if you are in the market for resonably priced brakes then it might be worth a look at Brakepart, Toyota were charging me £160 for the front Discs/Pads (not fitted) and I could only find them slightly chaeper elsewhere. Brake part charged me £103 inc delivery. Ta Finnster Sorry Try this link!! Brakeparts website!!!
  6. Just to update you! Contacted Toyota GB before xmas in writing saying that I thought it was unfair that I should have to pay £160 for getting the lining replaced, they responded straight after Christmas and told me to contact my local dealer who would look at it for me. Took it into Platinum Toyota of Trowbridge yesterday who confirmed it had just fallen off rather than been damaged. They then contacted Toyota GB who offered to pay £120 towards the bill leaving me with a bill for just £40!! Thanks for all the advice lads and well done to Toyota
  7. Surely rather than spending all that money on the extras to make it look like a T-Sport and a little bit faster, it would be cheaper/easier to buy a T-Sport! Or have I missed the point???
  8. I'm not a technical genius, but not sure it that is a picture of a T-Sport?? at least it does not look like mine!
  9. Merry Christmas all and be careful on those foggy roads!!! :D :D :D
  10. Brilliant! Will try Toyota first, then if I dont get any joy with them I will have a look at Ebay. Cheers Chaps
  11. Hi all The wheel arch lining on my T-Sport decided to fly off whilst on the motorway, which was a little bit concerning. Anyway I went to my local Platinum Toyota who want to charge me £160 to fit a new one. The part new costs £60 new, and I have tried to contact breakers yards internet sites but no-one seems to be breaking Corrolla's at the moment. Does anyone know of any other websites who might stock this item and how difficult it would be to fit?
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