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  1. grangie

    Rav4 T180

    Norfolk and back to Yorkshire (400 miles total) last week was 39mpg on OBC, and that wasn't hanging around. Around town I'll get 33 - 34mpg without really trying during warmer months. Expect to do around 31 mpg over winter. For the size and weight of car and its spec I can live with that.
  2. What a kind Scots person you are Its almost worth trying to get hold of a 2004 RAV just to do business with you!!
  3. Just seen that anchs had made his 10,000th post. Wow. Thats a great deal of practical advice and knowledge given freely to us lesser morsels over the years. Good on you mate ...and thanks.
  4. And some day I'll learn how not to double post entries .
  5. Much of any AWD's performance is down to driver experience, approach and departure angles, tyre bias - road or off road. I've had three LR Discoveries (two from very nearly new)i n the past and managed to get everyone of them stuck at some point. Partly my c****y driving I admit, but also because they hated mud and soft ground, where they could dig themselves up to the axles in seconds. And don't get me going on reliability and repair bills. My current five year old T180 is without doubt one of the most reliable, comfortable vehicle I have owned. I could get something newer but to be honest I don't think theres anything out there to match for price and reliability (including, unfortunately, the new 4.4 at the moment). The RAV does all I want including coping regularly with mild off road conditions (forest track etc) and is great in snow. And iI'll bet it won't be long before some of our members are posting you tube videos showing ravs being more than competent off road. If you want to do hard core off roading then get a landie ... but don't hold your breath!
  6. So who do you think won. 25 tons Warrior armoured personell carrier versus a vintage bulldozer. Bet your not surprised to find out that the dozer walked it with ease. Army guys were well hacked off and promised to return the next year with a Chieftain tank. Either could sort my bushes out though!
  7. Sorry bout multiple entries - got carried away and dont know how to undo them.
  8. OUCH!! Presume you told him to stump off!!! (or worse). Yep. Big Kev was right. "the stump comes flyin' oot the garden right into the car .........!!! That will teach ye for mistreating one of the nicest Ravs ever built......!!! OUCH!! Presume you told him to stump off!!! (or worse). Yep. Big Kev was right. " the stump comes flyin' oot the garden right into the car and ....!!! That will teach ye for mistreating one of the nicest Ravs ever built......!!!
  9. Mmm! That looks about the size of shrub I'm talking about! I once tried similar with a discovery but it did'nt like it. Before you sat What?? should explain that it was one of the rare, and as I found out to my cost, very underpowered early 2 litre petrol MPi models. They didn't make em for long.
  10. Good luck with that!! Once tried to contact DVLA by phone when they tried to tell my wife (wrongly) that her car was out of tax and that she was liable to a penalty. Helpline was a robotic joke full of useless numbers that no one answered. Eventually after writing four times (each time with full colour copy of the cars in date tax disc we eventually had an acknowledgement that her details had been updated. No apology though. Rant over
  11. Wow! Looks a brilliant job Anchorman! Thats what so fantastic about this site. You put a post up about pulling a couple of small trees out and straight away you've got members giving advice and showing thet not only do they know bout our RAV's but they are also experts in in civil engineering as well!! Hats off to Anchs and Charlie. Wonder if Big Kev can top that up in Scotlandshire? RAV's in to Mr T for 50k service this morning so hoping no are big surprises later. RAV4 owners are a really talented bunch. Could be an interesting thread for members to post up some of their big DIY projects (and disasters maybe).
  12. Thanks for all the replies guys. Think the consensus is its a no-no then. Charlie that piece of kit looks very impressive. Your good lady must have faith in you. Theres no way that my missus would let me loose with a beast like that on our garden - and those ornaments would definitely be off the window ledge. Have to say though that the RAV makes a fantastic van. Helped refurb my sons flat last year and it swallowed everything we threw at it no problems. As we've gone a bit agricultural thought I'd post this picture that I took at a steam fair a few years ago - that's what I call a tug of war. Which do think won? I'll post the answer tomorrow.
  13. Hi guys, The days when I could wrestle tree stumps out of the ground are now long gone. I want to take some fairly small small bushes and low spreading conifers out of our front garden. I can cut the trunks no problem, but experience tell me that the roots will be awkward to dig out. Then I thought 'hang on a mo - we've got a beefy Rav on the driveway'. Anyway two questions for the experts on here. 1. Can the RAV handle it 2. If yes, any advice on where to attach the pulling chain/rope? Front or Rear, and what to fasten to. Your advice will be greatly appreciated. Cheers everyone
  14. My first Rav (2008 T180) and love it. Also had 2 Priuses and wife on second Aygo. Waiting for new model Rav to come out. Toyota definitely the most reliable cars I ever owned and with my advanced years I've owned a few! Regards Tony
  15. Heres my twopenn'orth guys. 2008 T180 bought September 2011 by me at 33k miles from independent retailer. Full Toyota dealer service history and 12 month MOT. Car has met my needs brilliantly. No oil used. Water pump replaced a 40K (April 2012) service - dealer phoned me to tell me that replacement was needed, but they had contacted Toyota who agreed to warranty repair - outstanding. Car now on 44K miles and behaving faultlessly (touch wood) Oil checked weekly but have not needed to top up since service.. New front runflats fitted by dealer before I bought. I replaced rear runflats in May - lots of tread left but sidewall starting to "wrinkle with age" Great service from local dealer who supplied and fitted new bridgestones runflats for £384 for the pair. I've had Discoveries and Freelanders in the past and they were a nightmare for reliability and no backing from dealers once out of warranty. I feel happy that if I do get serious engine issues I can rely on Toyoyta to put them right within the seven year period. Some peace of mind that I doubt you'd get with many other brands. I've also owned other Toyotas including two Prius and Aygo's for the missus and ale have been faultless.
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