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  1. Happy Birthday *smoke!

  2. The 2 piece one,they also selling full set, but should be over 500 pounds.
  3. Will you guys consider Replica C-ONE style carbon front lips? I may get a good price for group buy. http://www.c-one.co.jp/C-ONEPARTS/vitz-rs.html
  4. Guys, Anyone know where can I buy this front lip? it looks very good. http://www.yarisland.com/multimedia/pictur...-2003%20019.htm
  5. I found the replica TRD wing only,no other parts available yet. Forgot to mention, it comes with build-in LED brake light.
  6. I think the paint job better be done localy,even I can arrange that in cheap. But I cannot sure they will perfectly match. I'll get the qoute anyway,they can follow the colour code. I'll try to post the real thing tomorrow.
  7. Hi Toymaniac, The photo is load from TRD japan, please have a look. http://www.trdparts.jp/parts_aero-vitz.html The one you posted looks like it modified from the stock version wing. well, I'm not sure if there are another version from UK.
  8. Guys, I just found a dealer that making Replica TRD rear wing (fibre grass), with build-in LED brake light. it costs about 55 pounds(unpainted) + shipping 12 pounds. He can offer me lower price if group buy,also group up postage would be cheaper. Please contact me if anyone interested. **price is just roughly converted from HK dollars** George smoke64@netvigator.com
  9. I just installed a set of LED rear lights to my first generation Yaris 1.3SR with no problem. I think they all share the same design.
  10. indeed K&N does increased top end power,and slightly decreased low end torque. But the fact is that ,wet type air filter could infected our air flow sensor, cause their oil will fly off and stick to the sensor,that could cause problem for accurate air flow readings. Tom's or TRD dry type filter still the way to go, if you're not looking for huge HP gain from there.
  11. I've installed a pair of speakers to the rear panel. I just get rid of those front dash speakers, I just took the radio out and re-wire the fronts to doors,and the doors to rear,that is. And that fader works fine with them.
  12. TRD strut braces are damn heavy but solid as hell. I would preferred C-one or Carbing for about same price as TRD's. BTW, TRD strut brace costs about 100 pounds in Hong Kong.
  13. For the rear... mine was caused by the hinge of the back seats. Cause in 5drs. version they have only one point to lock up the back seats. and it would swing a little. try fold them down to see if the noise go away. If they're gone, means you need to fix the back seat like mine. Just let me know if you need further info. Cheers
  14. Jaxx, I've been through this... Those side door rattles are cause by the white plastic mount of the door lock button in side. that could always hit the door panel inside to causing sound. To fix this, take off the door cover panel,and you'll see a white plastic mount under the lock button. Warp the mount (outside)with sponge tape. also trist lock button a little bit deeper to tighten it more. that is it. Cheers
  15. Hello YARIS@HK, I'm from Hong Kong too! I got 1.3 5dr MT, lite mods. Good to see you here!
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