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  1. Morning all,

    Have searched through the posts about dodgy parcel shelves, I was wondering if any of you 3 door owners out there have come across a cargo net that fits across the boot opening?

    The wife has a tendency to pile so much stuff into the tiny space behind the rear seats and the boot that when you open the back door it is a total lottery as to what will pour out!

    I can find something similar on the Toyota US site, but nothing on the UK version?

    Any ideas on costs or suppliers would be greatly appreciated!



  2. Hi All,

    New to this forum, but the missus has been having problems with her Rav so I thought I'd drop a quick post - I have had a search but can't seem to find a similar problem so wondered if anyone out there had experienced anything similar?

    The car in question is an '03 Rav4 3dr NRG with standard Toyota 16" alloys all round with a pair of Bridgestone Dueler's at the front and Toyo Tranpath's at the rear.

    We have had the car for about 6 months and throughout that time have experienced loss of pressure from the front tyres, particularly the drivers side. I fill the tyres with air to the reccomended pressure and then within a month they have dropped down - when I took it to the garage this week the front o/s tyre had dropped from 29psi to 16psi in the space of about 4 weeks!

    The car has been back to the local main dealer that we bought the car from (Jemca Croydon - who have been excellent thus far), but aside from the usual diagnostics (slow puncture, badly fitted valves, duff seals etc.) they have not been able to find anything wrong with it. The car has just gone back in whilst we can afford to drop back to 1 car over the holidays.

    Now in the last 6 months the car has had new tyres fitted, new valves fitted, everything rebalanced and just about all of the other obvious checks done but still no joy? I seem to remember reading somewhere that rust on the inside of the alloys could affect the seal between the tyre and the wheel, but this seems to be clutching at straws somewhat?

    Any help or ideas or a nudge in the right direction would be greatfully accepted!



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