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  1. Just a note, if you do that it will wash what grease is in the bearings out, shortly it WILL need an alternator if it didn't, also, WD40 attacks the brushes in alternators and starters.
  2. I rebuild alternators for a living, they sell for $85usd here.
  3. I did this swap on 2 USDM Tercels myself. Starlet disk axles are available with or without ABS. Also `93 seems to have larger stoppers on the e-brake cables than pre93.
  4. what hubs are you running on front for the MR2 axles and did you need to shorten the axles? I saw where somebody asked how much I paid for the engine package, I bought a semi-parted out MR2 and drove it on a flatbed tow truck for $2000.00usd.
  5. The frame mods were done for transmission clearance. I'll be running the MR2's wheels and a decent set of tires. Thanks for the comments! dawesy, what transmission/axles are you using and how long have you been running that combo?
  6. I'm swapping that same engine to a Tercel. Pictures of the progress can be seen by clicking here
  7. The 5sfe tranny should fit the 3sgte though it won't last forever it will give you time to buy a better transmission.
  8. 'fit' is a loose term, notice the required frame mod for 'fit'
  9. While this is true, the 4efte will be under loads of pressure to make 300hp, the 3sgte is barely modded. I see less problems from this setup once done.
  10. Needs custom everything. Nothing fits at all. The wiring came out the MR2 basically as a unit without disconnecting from engine so I expect to just drill a hole in an area reasonable to relocate the ecu. I'll be using the MR2 transmission so I must relocate the shifter linkage. I plan to disassemble the CV axles and shorten the shafts myself. Front spindles have to be replaced with celica parts and that's not a simple bolt in either. Then the fronts become 5 lug and the strut mounts change...
  11. GO HERE and read along as I take this and shoe-horn it into after I make clearance for the transmission, kinda like doing this You still willing? I'm on the transmission conversion now.
  12. get an upholsterer to put the celicas cover on your seat frame after modding the cover a bit. Keep it matching.
  13. 15psi? Any reason you don't turn it up more? I've been told a 3SGTE can live on as much as 30psi daily driven.
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