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  1. Guys, my Verso key has broken off in the ignition and so I need to replace it. Can someone advise which key off eBay (or elsewhere) I should buy and the programming side of it? Much appreciated!
  2. Can someone help with regards to this please. I know I can get a replacement from eBay and then get it cut, but can someone send me a link on how to program it to the car please? Tried searching but couldn't find it... many thanks!
  3. http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=73187
  4. This is normal. The light will only illuminate once you open the doors, not when you unlock from the remote.
  5. You can get the bulb replaced at a toyota dealer for £0.50 (parts) + £50.0 (Labour) and not forgetting VAT :o Exactly, what a rip off! If anyone in Kent needs theres changing - I'll do it for free, please please don't pay anyone to change the bulbs in the speedo. It's so easy to do yourself.
  6. Michelin. Can't remember the exact name. They lasted for ages!
  7. Definately the bulb. Try tapping the area first to see if it comes on again. Quite easy to change yourself, don't pay a $tealer!
  8. Sorry to hear of your accident. Hope she's back to A1 very soon. Try and following and let us know how you get on B) Hold the switch down.... when the window goes all the way down turn the ignition on and off 2 times.... hold button up and do the same with the ignition whilst holding the button.... this should reset the limit switches.
  9. Hi, I've put 17s on mine, i'd recommend 215/40/17. Here's some pics....WHEELS
  10. It's not possible, they are different shapes.
  11. Nice clean original example you have there :)
  12. That is what the manual says 5w30 to 10w30. However my dealers always used 10w40 and so I've continued to do the same. Never had a problem with it...
  13. Hi and Welcome, The spoiler can be bought from these guys Here It wouldn't be cost effective to change the drums for discs. I've got the TTE springs on my car - it lowers it about 40mm but you can drop it even lower if you wish. Post some pics up with how far you've got, I'm got some up mine HERE Had a few changes since, but haven't had a chance to put up new ones. The wheels need to be aligned using a Haweka Lug adapter, this will resolve the problem. Hope this has helped :)
  14. I'd advise changing it considering it probably hasn't been changed for about 7 years now! I changed mine on the last service by managing to get a pair of eBay for about £30(from a toyota technician). I think from the dealer there about £50. The originals were blacker than black! Jasons right, the 'tab' from the top one has to be cut with a knife of some sort - no biggy. You can always pull both out and see what condition there in - give them a hoover while there out :D
  15. I recommend Magnatec 10w40 this oil will be perfect for the engine or you could go for toyotas own 10w40 available from dealers. Castrol Magnatec 10w-40 comes in a green container.
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