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  1. Happy Birthday vickyvulture!

  2. or u could just get a needle and poke it in the jet washer holes and able them yourself, that's wot I've always done. They have probably only decreased in their spray angle due to water preassure, so get yrself a needle, poke it in which ever hole that is causing the problem and angle it at the direction u want it ..... Simple :D
  3. .. is getting a new one! Yep, as you may have read at the beginning of the year, I wrote of my first car (1ltr 2001 red yaris). But, as of 5.20pm yesterday, and after some hard bargaining by my friend, I am now the proud owner of a T3 Yaris, sapphire black, 5dr, 2004 reg, and only 17,500 miles on the clock, so not bad! Lol. Got it for £6,100, down from £6,500, with 6 months road tax, full tank of fuel, mot, service, and 1 years free RAC breakdown cover. Pick it up 1st Feb. Pics coming soooooon!!!! Good deal would you say kingo?? The insurance company phoned up today, and they said it would only cost me and extra £160 on my current premium, which isn't too bad. So once the insurance cheque has cleared, I'll give em a call and pay it all off. Then I'll just have the £5,000 debt to pay off over the next 3 years. Still, spose it helps my credit rating! lol.
  4. like they've said, it certainly depends on what type of journey you're doing. I went from Leeds straight down to kent, mostly motorways, a journey of around 200 miles in a 1ltr yaris and used barely half a tank of fuel! The journey took about 6 hrs due to traffic problems, and there were no stops either!! Amazing little car. Once, I managed to get from kent to norfolk only using 1 bar on the petrol guage (sry, didn't look at mpg at the time, was just amazed that i did it traveling at 80mph all the way!) My miles per gallon trip often said that I was doing an average of 40 - 55 miles to the gallon, so pretty good in general. Though on short journeys this was reduced to around 30 - 35 to the gallon.
  5. Can't comment on a manual yaris, but your aygo may have been a bit sluggish pulling away at roundabouts simply because its a auto! I had a manual yaris, 1ltr, and it was fine pulling away from anywhere, as long as it was in a low gear! Overtaking only needed 4th gear, foot down all the ay to 70mph then into 5th gear! Great car. I hope you are considering a 5 door yaris though for when you have kid/s . . for obvious reasons. I'd say the boot space would be plenty big enough for a pram or pushchair, and you can always get another few presious inches in the boot by bringing the back seats forward! As I have always told my friends . . you can get anything in a yaris! Friends were always amazed at the amount of cupholders I had . . one for every seat. Ok, so these may not be what you are considering, but you'd miss them if they weren't there! and they're great for when its your turn to do the mc donalds run! lol. Enjoy your car search. don't forget to let us know what you get in the end . . I am sure that someone will be along shortly to give you the advice that you orginally asked for!
  6. If i must be so blunt as to say, C H A V ! I can't believe that its ever passed an mot in its life . . looks at those rear lights! plus the fact that i doubt if she can see through her windscreen with all that crap in the way . . and the steering wheel???????????????????? phone in the middle of the steering wheel???????? what happens when she has to turn corners? does it fall out, then she has to fiddle around awkwordly to find it in the footwell? doubt that car would have many accidents though with paintwork like that! doubt that theifs would consider steeling it, as they would easily be caught! lol. . personal opinion though, and if she's happy with it then who's to say otherwise
  7. Wow! If you'rs got written off just for that . . I dred to think what the insurance company would've thought about me catching the wheel arch on the end of a ramp in a multi-storey car park! but instead of stopping and reversing, i just drove on praying to god that it wasn't going to be that bad when i get out and look! Got out and looked, slightly bent here and there to say the least! but just went to my local garage and got it bent back into shape for £30. The bit below the plastic bumper is made of tin, so he couldn't do much with that, a bit of paint had been chipped off but it didn't look too bad. I did consider buying a new bit of tin off ebay . . but never got round to it. Good luck for tomorrow little beast. Smile and do you very best to convince the engineer/assessor that you'll be ok. When/if you get back, I promise to give you lots of love and a good wash! (might even take you through the carwash for a treat!) here's the other pic showing the damage from the passenger side, oh, and there was also a little bit of damage to the rear! . . .
  8. I don't know what the insurance company will say. Their gonna get back to me on Monday! I'm with the AA for breakdown and insurance (or so I thought). I phone the number on the little yellow card the AA give you for breakdown. After going through all 'options', I finally get through to a guy who says 'yeah, that'll cost ya about £180, unless your with us for insurance'. I said I was, he replied 'oh, well then you've come through to the wrong side, I'm now going to put you through to the Insurance side'. Hmm, not too please, it was !Removed! windy and I just wanted to get home! AA insurance took all my details, then said, 'you're not with us, you're with Fortis, so I'm going to put you through to Fortis'. 5 minutes of waiting in a strange dutch man's lorry cab later . . 'Hi, you're through to Fortis. We can only get you free breakdown recovery if you make a claim NOW'. Half an hour later after making my claim, she then said that she would phone AA to get recovery! Crazy Crazy Crazy People!
  9. Sorry I haven't been around for the last year! Just been a bit busy with other stuff in life that takes over! As you can see, not a happy ending to my lovely car. Had an accident on the A17 yesterday morning. Some guy didn't indicate whilst turning off a road. Every car behind him had to brake and swerve onto the grass verge to miss him. I was behind a huge lorry, so didn't really know what was going on. Next thing I knew I was braking hard, and slammed into the lorry's *****. I didn't realise til after it happened, that I had also spun round a little and caught the first car (the one that was turning off) on the ***** too, so there was a lot of debris on the road!! No one hurt though. Either it was the lorry's *****, or just a foot away from where I ended up, there was a huge ditch, so if I had've swerved too much, I'd probably have ended up in there! lol. All over now. Thank god. Just sad now as I have no car . . and no little yaris to greet me with his friendly face each morning. What a great end to 2007! NOTE TO MODERATORS! I JUST REALISED THAT I'VE POSTED IT IN THE WRONG FORUM, COULD YOU PLEASE MOVE IT TO THE YARIS SIDE!! THANKS :D
  10. BEFORE . . AFTER . . After just a year of joyful yaris ownership . . I've written it off! It is so sad to see the contents of your car, and a years worth of savings (to buy the car) laid on the pavement in 3 carrierbags as you wave goodbye to your little friend whom you haven't known for as long as you should've.
  11. PLEEEEEEEEEASE TAKE THAT STEERING WHEEL COVER OFF! I am sure that you could get a much more tasteful black one!
  12. I worked it out that i get 70 miles to 1 line on the digi display, there are 7 lines, so that equals 490 miles per tank! wot a girly way of looking at the world!
  13. Danny, Dont bother with ANY of the above - I bought some cheap JML ones for £10 in Woolworths - (universal car mats), and they work brilliant. They have NEVER slipped, and they fit like a dream :o) (even better, as I bought them with a gift voucher - - so they were FREE!!
  14. This aint much of a help, but i have a 2001 yaris, and my steering wheel is deffinately straight! Maybe you have Woody's steering wheel to go with his number plate! :P