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  1. Been driving the folks Aygo MMT which is a 56 plate. I have now noticed that when accelerating slowly, the car violenty jolts The the change from first to second has got worse with each change accompanied by a sudden jolt. Same from 2 to 3. The gears are fine in4th and 5th This never really happened before and am thinking that the gearbox is on the way out.Any ideas what price we are looking at?
  2. It is with deep regret that I will be getting rid of my beloved Yaris after nearly 2.5 years of ownership. There were issues: The car never gave me any problems but everytime I took it for a service, I had to rebook it in for warranty work (stuff that was diagnosed by the mechanics - not me) which I feel would be needed again if I kept the car for its intended period (about 6-8 years). Transmission clutches, 2x ECUs and Turbo replacement after just 22k miles does not bode well for the future and they are not cheap items either. I just feel I have been lucky with my m/m transmission so far whereas so many on others have not been so and I feel in a few years I will get some grief from the unit. Also I feel the need to get a car that offers the toys of their bigger counterparts in a small car. There is a market for such vehicles especially in the current economic climate. Toyota have certainly missed a trick by not offering these features as standard or at least options. I am disappointed that the new yaris has not got these features available and if I wanted them, Id have to buy a T spirit Auris. I had issues with my leather upholstery when I got the car in October 2006 (see my first ever postings) where the quality and installation was below standard (torn leather, saggy hide) and the lack of interest from the dealership and Toyota UK (who were absolutely useless and closed the case without my approval and knowledge) left me with a very bitter taste in my mouth. The car itself is a gem and does what it says on the tin. I will never own a car that is so frugal and so cheap to tax, insure let alone find a diesel auto that does 60 mpg. However I don't think I have a strong case for owning a diesel car anymore - the money saved in tax is then eaten up by the extra cost of servicing , fuel. I was going to wait for the Toyota Urban Cruiser hoping for the toys but I feel it is time to move to another Japanese make whose name is held in equally high regard. I have decided to buy a new Honda Jazz which I am getting next month, so I would like to thank you for all your comments and advice. I wish you all the best with your Yarises.
  3. Yeah I am very satisfied with my car because I feel it caters for every department very well and does exactly what it says on the time without being too flash. If I had a gripe it would have to be the stingy specification hike (for a lot more money) over the T3 and the zero scope for upgradability plus the interior plastics are a bit naff. Alsoo I keep farting on about cruise control and I wish it had other toys like rear electric windows and auto lights and wipers. I beleive Toyota have missed a trick by omitting big car features on small cars as there is a market for vehicles with such features and other manufacturers are capitalising on this e.g Honda Jazz - the toys you get for under 13k is baffling. Then again as I said before where else can I find a 5 door car small car that does 60-70 mpg that changes gears itself and needs only £35 to pay for road tax and is cheap to insure? There are not many about! At the moment I feel I can do without them toys (bites lip) so long as the cost of motoring is kept down and saves me money which is what the Yaris does. I do sometimes look at other cars who have these features as standard but I feel I would be losing out on what my current car offers. The press are mega biased towards Corsas and Fiestas and to a slightly lesser extent 207's, Clios and Puntos. How do these manufacturers fare for reliability and customer service?! They always like to kick the Yaris, Jazz and two other unsung heroes - the Fabia and Suzuki Swift. .
  4. Handbrake on and leave it in E will be burn the clutch. If it is in E, so long you stick your foot on the brake pedal, the engine disengages power to the clutch (and wheels of course) after a second. You can of course flick into Neutral but keeping my foot on the brake works for me especially in rush hour traffic.
  5. what I was hoping to hear so thank you, pork_pie. No bother at all May I ask a few more questions, please (that may seem a tad naïve but I've not encountered an MMT 'box before)? Do you stick it in 'Drive' and thereafter, jerkiness notwithstanding, it changes gear for you like a normal automatic? Well you stick it in E mode which stands for "Easy" This mode selects the gears for you automatically. A few inches behind the gearbox is an Es button which stands for "Easy Sport" which holds onto the gears for longer which I find useful for driving in hilly areas. There is an M (manual) mode that allwos you to change gears yourself. In this mode tip the lever back to change into a higher gear and viceversa. In this mode Es cannot be selcted When not particularly under load i.e. when just pootling, does it tend to hunt-around for the correct gear or does it seem to 'know' which to stay in? (With only three forward gears but a two-litre engine my S**b petrol autos have sufficient spread of power to get into top and stay there for most road-situations, making a very relaxing drive; whereas a C****ën BX diesel auto I had was forever changing up and down and was tiresome because of it.) In Easy mode I feel the car changes into second a bit too late (around 15mph) and changes into the others a bit too soon which means it is in top gear by the time you hit 40mph. In ES mode it does not reach top gear until 45-55 mph. In Manual mode you change gears when you like but the it does not let you change into 2nd until its gone past 15mph just like in Easy mode. A little infuriating but I accepted it. And what range do you get from a full tank when not pressing-on? (Obviously, I don't know your driving-style; but mine will be ahem, less than exuberant, as I'm going diesel again for the economy.) I get at least 500-550 miles from a tank (or at least when the fuel light starts flashing (there are 2 modes of flash where if it flashes madly (as opposed to slowly), its best to stop off asap). This works out to between 58-61mog. The best I ever got was 67mpg. Oh, and is it noisy or acceptable at 70 m.p.h. on the motorway? I would say its acceptable considering . The engine can be a little racous at 70mph even though its doing a little over 2300 rpm . It is a nice engine with 89bhp and as much torque as a petrol 2 litre (140 lbft) but at low revs it can feel underpowered even though this amount of torque is available between 1800-3000 rpm. However let the turbo spool up and over 2500 rpm it pulls very strongly. Any more question, post them on here. Pork Pie
  6. I have the exact model and the box does need getting used to especially in driving style (you really need to ease off the gas to facilitate a change in ratio. At 60 mph the engine is spinning at just 2000 rpm so it is quite tall. Whilst the jerky gearchange quality is typical of such systems, the fact highlighted below helps me forget its shortcomings: Where else am I going to find a diesel self shifter that does more than 60 mpg whose road tax is £35 pa?. It is unique and never want to get rid. Okay there is the Fiat and Citroen but they are as reliable as a bucket with holes.
  7. Dealer told me the 1.8 SR has been discontinued purely because they did not shift enough of them to make it profitable.
  8. I have driven the 1.0 VVTI before I bought what I currently have (1.4 D4D 2006) and for this weekend I have a 1.3 VVTI TR as a courtesy car and to be heenst with you, the petrol uints are bags more refined with the 1.3 coming out on top of course. I am very suprised with the 1.3 havign the same power yer 60% less torque than my diesel. In the mororway its doing 70mph at less than 3500 rpm which is class average. Now sure what the new 1.33 does with its 6th gear...... I think IMHO diesel is not for me anymore :(
  9. I second this view. Given the economic conditions, the pressure we are all under from the global warming gang etc etc, smaller cars with lots of kit (as standard and/or extras) must surely be the sensible way to go. When I finally replace my E12 Corolla T-Spirit it will almost certainly be with a smaller, more eco friendly, car. BUT I will want the same toys and a few more besides to choose from. If Toyota can't be bothered (and they do appear to be losing the plot in a lot of areas these days) then I will go elsewhere. And I say that as a Toyota fan of many many years standing. Yaris - size would be my target but I couldn't cope with the current model. The interior plastics are god awful quality in my view and I would much prefer a real auto box and not the halfway house MMT. But that is all personal opinion of course. I am pleased I am not the only one who thinks this as well. I was looking at the specs of the FIesta and Honda Jazz and their spec blows the doors off the Yaris big time. I phoned the Toyota dealership last week about cruise control and rear window winders and other toys and he said that Toyota are dividing their range into categories where the Aygo, IQ and Yaris are divided into the "City" section. And the "Auris" and "Avensis" in the Family section. I never heard so much bull***** in my life. I took my Yaris in this morning to book in for warranty work and whilst I was waiting for my courtesy car, I sat in a new 2009 Yaris. I shook my head in disbelief that Toyota have been so stubborn in not raising this model to a higher level. The only diff was a new nose, new plastic covers for the wheels, an extra cog and a "stop start cog" knob Back to your comment about the autobox......... It is funny how the American market Yaris have a conventional torque convertor auto (AND CRUISE CONTROL FFS) yet euro models have this absolutely awful MM unit. I should know, mine has it. The thing is a torque convertor will never provide the green credentials that the government says that manufacturers should follow to the letter. However the latest BMWs does somewhat close the gap between their torque convertor autos and the equivalent manual. Whilst their autos do without the stop start gubbins, they stil retain the brake regeneration system and it is this what others cars should have too. Get this. Their 318 diesel auto saloon does 52 mpg!!!!!!! We all know torque convertor auto units are nice and silky smooth. The MM unit in all Toyotas provides the same mpg and CO2 output as its equivalent manual and thats that appeals to the environmentalists and govt. I must admit feeling lucky to having a diesel auto that does more than 60mpg but I dont enjoy driving it. Also it is cheaper to repair/replace a MM unit (apparently) than a slush box and a CVT. CVT? If you recall the latest Jazz has a automated clutch now as opposed to the last series CVT (My Mum had a 2003 jazz with a CVT and it was lush) Yet....... Jazz's in other markets have a 5 speed torque convertor auto!!!!!!!!! I do agree that Toyota have lost the plot by not giving us what we really want. I am considering another make by Easter.
  10. Agree with that, the new SR looks rubbish and no mention of the built in satnav unit either, which is disapointing. Looks like its also lost the scuff plates and rear spoiler... no mention if it's been lowered either. On the plus side, could see residuals for the 2008 car holding quite well, given the new model is not aswell equipped. Is the diesel getting the power boost? Thought it was just the 1.3 - 1.33 with optimal drive? The website is listing the diesel as having the same 0 -60 time and same power, just being offered with a 6 speed box... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Diesel has the same power (89bhp) but a bit more torque - 150lbs ft compared to 141 and better mpg (69mpg compared to 63) Still the range represents lousy value for money for what you get.
  11. The prices are published as are the specs on the official website (finally).Compared to my 56 plate, the new diesel Yaris gains Bluetooth, an extra gear, slightly more torque and a new set of alloys as well as other cosmetic upgrades. The price for a manual with met paint takes you to around £13250, I have spoken to the dealership about this to confirm I am a dissapointed that features such as cruise control, all round electric windows, auto lights, wipers and other toys are not available even as options. Most if not all competitors offer these as standard or as optional extras. The Yaris T spirit is not lavishly eqipeed anyway for the price. ESP is available as an option but sometimes customers have to face a right ballache if they order a car with this fitted (having to wait months or even get fobbed off by picking a stock vehicle minus this invaluable feature)If you wanted it standard you will end up with a 1.8 SR. Some might say there is little market for features like this on small cars but there are a lot of us who wish to downsize and still retain the features commonplace in family cars. There is no way I want to purchase a diesel T spirit Auris which sells at £17.5k. I just think the lack of menu pricing and flexibility is really shortsighted of Toyota.
  12. To recap the AA guy recharged my battery and the light was not showing which makes me agree with your commment that the ECU has been reset. However when I took it to the dealer they said the ECU needs some new software and the unit on my car cant take a software download. Only a new one ECU can facilitate this. The car has been running fine and have had no problems at all even when the light was on. What is bothering me is that this will be ECU number 2 and I dread to think how much I would have had to fork out had my car been out of warranty.
  13. Okay I took the car in for the arranged check up despite the light going off after a flat battery. As Raeman mentioned earlier on, it is stil best to go and see what error code comes up. I have been told that the car needs a new engine ECU and it will be covered under warranty. They said that my ECU needed a software upgrade but the one my car cant accomodate upgraded software (???). Therefore the car needs a new ECU which can take new software. What the hell?! A new ECU is quoted at £600 plus an hours labour. I am sure they fetch more than that but again, thankfully, I aint paying. I wil have to take the car in next week and I am fortunate that the car is still under warranty. Recently the car needed a new clutch (from the dealerships diagnosis not mine. IMO the box seemed fine) and the MMT module needed a new ECU at the same time. THe thing that is really worrying me is that these kind of problems are sprouting up now and it is not as if I have done mega miles or had it for a few decades nor do I rag it senseless. It has done 20k in 2 years and I average more than 60mpg without fail Yes I know it could be worse - these problems could occur again after the warranty expires. If its is ECUs now, what then? I know that the MMT gearbox which I have been lucky with will pack up sometime. The dealer (who cannot be more courteous) even told me that the diesel engines turbos can prematurely fail too. I am seriously considering changing my car for something else now. I love my car so much that it even pains me to even think of parting with it but recent issues gives me this niggling feeling that I am going to get more of this in the future and I wil have to pay a lot for it.
  14. Right anyone explain this. As you know the engine management warning light appeared yesterday but there was no lack of power or roughness. I woke up today and knew I was going to have a bad day after spraying shaving cream all over me thinking it was deoderant and wearing odd shoes. Finished work and the car would not unlock using the handset (i thought the battery int he set had died) so I extracted the hidden key in it and managed to get in. I realised I had a flat battery as I left the lights on when I parked up 8 hours previously. Called the AA who arrived within 20 mins who charged my battery and hey presto the warning light did not appar and has not done so since. I am still taking it to the dealer though on Friday to let them have a look. Thoughts?
  15. Cheers for the reply - yeah it could be a number of things. Being diesel I don't think the engine has an O2 sensor. I could be wrong however. The engine is operating perfectly normal and there is no loss of power at all which leaves me rather flummoxed. Be interesting to see what error code comes out. I sincerely hope it is covered under warranty whatever it is. Find out on Friday which seems ages away
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