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  1. Do people do any weight saving work on the GT4's? If so what weight have people got them down to?
  2. midmotorsteve


    for £600 you could get a standalone ECU like a LINK G3, Adaptronic, Autronics, Emerald3D Remember "chips" remapping etc is only as good as the mapper, if a monkey maps it you could melt a piston (more likely crack a ringland). If a good mapper maps it then you could see plenty more than +40bhp and be totally safe and reliable. I've got a LINKG3 on my mx5 and run 260bhp, I want to get an st185 to practice mapping on as my mx5 has too much value in it to really play about much, I still make the odd adjustment mind. With the stock CT26 turbo I'd hope to get 270bhp without issue on the st185. With a CT20 from a st205 & bigger injectors 310bhp. Your St205, the stock ecu is good for 310bhp its a much better bit of kit than the st185, all you need is a boost controller setup to 1.2bar, fueling goes fractionally rich, but thats safe and you'd only gain 10bhp or so by getting it spot on, so no need really. p.s. I'd never put a piggyback anywhere near a toyota ECU with active knock control as the stock ecu just fights the piggyback for control, you need to completely replace the stock ECU. (I learnt the hard way, my mr2 in my profile cracked a ringland after a unichip was fitted, combination of ECU fighting the piggyback and the mapper not realising...)
  3. thats a shame your quite so far away, any pics of the car?
  4. Hello, want to pickup an st185, I see a few on Pistonheads between £1000 / £2000 the £1000 ones looking chav'd and then getting to mint for £2K then a jump to the st205s around £4K, too much me as its to be a learn to map on car. So where else should I look to buy one? Really I'd like to buy for no more than £1300 and as we all would a mint car..' unlikely I know so,.. I'm wondering if someone may have a nice relatively un molested one thats got faded paint work maybe, or a few to many dints from people opening doors on it but otherwise fine they'd like to part with? I'm not interested in anything with excess blow by, over heating problems etc (I've owned 3 MR2s) so know what goes wrong when these engines are abused. :) Thanks Steve
  5. I'd have thought its just been repaired and got back on the road or its reg & vin got "moved", back then it would have made someone a fair bit of cash if they could pass it on without declaring it as a write off or assimilating a stolen car. I sure as hell wouldn't want it knowing the impact its suffered if it was repaired. It seems to unlikely for the plate to have been put on an import all the details to match up to the original car, do the DVLA even attempt to do that? Back then the car was valued at £12,000 damage was £13,000 the floorpan was buckled and roof, windscreen shattered, rear hatch poped up and couldn't be closed as the whole shell was about 1.5" narrower than it should hvae been. One side of the car was level where it hit the wall flat, needed new steering rack, 2 x alloys, bonnet, bumper, front wing rear wing, shell, windscreen, driver door glass and all the suspension was bent on the driver side.
  6. It is a number plate based check, but the car details are correct so saying the plates still associated with the same car. Unless its now on "apparantly" the same car...
  7. do you own it? I used to be on here with the mr2 boys, but anyway just stumbled upon the RAC free data checker and was looking at my old cars,...... Looked up the celica I wrote off in 1995, hit a wall sideways at 80mph, was told £13,000 worth of damage and it'd need reshelling to get on the road so it'd be crushed... anyway :- this is what RAC say DVLA lookup results This is a free selection of data held by Vehicle Registration Number database about the vehicle registration entered. Vehicle details Manufacturer TOYOTA Model CELICA GT Body type COUPE Colour RED Fuel type PETROL Date manufactured 31 December 1991 Number of previous owners 5 Last owner change 06 March 2002 Interesting I thought,... it was one owner when i smashed it all those years ago...
  8. midmotorsteve

    Mr2 Value

    J plates are usually rev1's and can be picked up easily for £1000 - £2000 depending on condition. You can have my rev2 Turbo for £3000, just need new turbo oil seals, turbo technics charge £200 for this so Rogue tell me. The turbos a basically new hybrid just I abused it with out any run in time on track.
  9. Nope, can't afford to run a Turbo I tried, (affording to run a car means getting all work done on it by professionals, genuine parts etc) wondered why as i don't feel poor, myself and girlfriend have professional jobs etc, but i have lived independantly since i was 18, i go out drinking, have long weekends away with my girlfriend, go on a nice holiday every year etc. It took me a while to work out how so many people could afford to run turbo, then the penny dropped, on here and other forums.... don't flame me for this,... there are far too many 23 - 28 year olds that still live with mum.... and thats just WRONG!
  10. spend £1000 and get teins if you can, thing is they have a service centre in the uk. I got a set of H&R coilovers for £400 off ebay that retail for £2300 now to be honest the rears need replacing, no where in the uk will refurb them. Bit of false economy :( Tein charge £100 a shock for full refurb, this is as good as getting a brand new replacement.
  11. how did you go about it, chop the bars out and fibre glass /filler it? thinking of doing it to mine.
  12. split rims they best wheels for the mr2 :D
  13. Has anyone received any pictures they paid for at the event? Still no sign of mine.
  14. The length of ban is usually 3 months not a year, my mate got 12 points toting them up, last 3 while he was borrowing a mates porsche 911 and he booted it past a line of cars in a 50 limit that were all doing 50, the front car was a police car... resulted in £250 fine and 3 month ban.
  15. When I got pregnant, we were living in a shared house, and just scrapping by moneywise. It was the worst time to have a kid, but as far as we were concerned, we got ourselves into the situation so had to deal with it. Now, Im 20, with a house and mortgage, 2 cars, and (except the mortgage) we have no debts and are easily managing everything we want, and well as what Lu needs. Things change, either for better or worse, you never know what tomorrow holds.......... ← well done in managing to sort your situation out. As you said "It was the worst time to have a kid" i doubt you'd advise anyone who is in a similar situation to have a kid before they have got themselves ready to do so, i.e. bought a house et al. must have been really hard. A Lot of other people would have gone on the council house list and have the rest of us pay their bills for the rest of their and the new familys lives.
  16. simple answer is when YOU can afford them. Too many people these days have kids before they can look after themselves. When you can buy your own house and keep yourself in credit then do it. Nothing worse than the people that have kids and then expect everyone elses Taxes to pay for them. I'm 27, girlfriend 25, we aim to be buying a house next year, then sort our selves out and kids when shes approx 29 as then we know we'll be able to look after them properly. Hell we still struggle now, but we have been working damn hard and will both have professional qualifications and jobs within the next 6 months. The other half already has she's waiting for me to catch up.
  17. I can't understand insurance its a lottery, when i was 23 i phoned everywhere getting quotes for n/a mr2's and everywhere said NO must be 25 before we'll cover you on a car over group 15. At 25 i got a group 16 n/a and it was £600, then it was £500 the next year, then i put a turbo engine in and the cheapest was £1350. I'm 28 car garaged, limited milage, 1 year ncb (did have 3 years had 50/50 claim for £600) also got 2 years ncb on another car, no convictions :(
  18. glastonburys my choice this year :D White Stripes Coldplay Kylie The Killers New Order Doves Elvis Costello Brian Wilson Van Morrison The Zutons The Coral Ash Kaiser Chiefs Goldie Lookin' Chain Jools Holland The Thrills John Butler Trio The Undertones The Subways Taj Mahal Hayseed Dixies Garbage Other Stage Razorlight Kasabian Ian Brown Fatboy Slim Royksop Bloc Party Interpol Rufus Wainwright The Bravery Futureheads Echo And The Bunnymen Athlete The Dears Cooper Temple Clause Hot Hot Heat Soulwax Cake Thirteen Senses Brendon Benson Martha Wainwright Tom Vek BlackBud Dead 60's KT Tunstall Modey Lemon Engineers The Deadbeats John Peel Stage The Tears Go Team Bright Eyes The Earlies Willy Mason Mia Secret Machines M83 Your Code Name Is Milo Maximo Park Nine Black Alps Jem JamesBlunt Dresden Dolls The Subways Be Your Own Pet Rilo Kiley The Rakes Art Brut Hard Fi Longcut Morning Runner Infidels Outset El Presidente The Mad Staring Eyes JazzWorld Stage Roy Ayers Roots Manuva Nigel Kennedy Alabama 3 Tyler James Kokolo Dennis Rollins' Badbone & Co Terry Reid Moya Seeed Taj Mahal Amparanoia G Love Levellers Ilham Al Madfai. DJ Dolores Femi Kuti Zap Mama Oojami Youngblood Brass Band The Jaipur Kawa Brass Band Acoustic Stage Steve Earle Steve Harley & the Cockney Rebel The Beautiful South Paul Brady Paddy Casey Tori Amos Henry McCullough Jerry Fish & The Mudbug Club Ani DiFranco Battlefield Band London Community Gospel Choir Declan O’Rourke Glenn Tilbrook The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain Allison Moorer Chas ‘n’ Dave Patti Griffin Mike Whellans London Lasses David Kitt The One Man Blues Band Ralfe Band Rodrigo y Gabriela Clayhill The Deadbeats Amos Lee Tiny Tin Lady Martha Wainwright I Am Kloot The Backbeat Beatles Whalebone Polly Avalon Stage Oysterband Eliza Carthy & the Ratcatchers Justin Sullivan Terry Reid The Proclaimers Peatbog Faeries Hayseed Dixie Rory McLeod Session A9 Kangaroo Moon The Broken Family Band Martha Tilston The Huckleberries Eddi Reader Sharon Shannon Shooglenifty The Baghdaddies Baka Beyond Leon Hunt & Daily Planet Seize The Day Dragonsfly Mahatma North Cregg Los Albertos Polly Paulusma Tarantism East Coast Dance Tent Chemical Brothers present Glint The Bellagios Carl Cox Timo Maas DJ Format featuring Abdominal and D-Sisive Evil Nine Too Many DJs Whiley Crazy Titch J2 + Came Mylo Skinnyman & DJ flip Terri Walker Live Plantlife West Coast Dance Tent Dubtribe Way Out West (PA) System Seven 808 State (DJ Set) Eatstatic Ian Cheshire London Electricity (Live) High Contrast Blakout Hexstatic Zen TV (Matt Black) Dreadzone (Live) Layo & Bushwacka! The Bays (Live) Tayo (Dub DJ Set) Mad Professor Dub Show (Live) Tayo (Dub DJ Set) Rennie Pilgrem Presents The TCR All Stars (Live) The Beat (Live) Jon Moore (Coldcut) (DJ Set) Scratchy (Clash Tour DJ) Tetchi (Live) Aural Imbalance Plump Djs BT (Live) Zen TV (Matt Black) Banco De Gaia (Live) Phil K DJ (Australia) Atomic Hooligan (Live) Sherem Jey (DJ Set) Celloman with 8 Piece Strings(Live) G Stage Hybrid Hyper Elite Force J.D.S. Dreadzone Sound System Krafty Kutz General Midi Koma & Bones Aquasky Atomic Hooligan / Jay Cunning Phantom Beats Breakfastaz Squarepusher DJ Speedy J Chris Clark live DJ Luke Vibert DJ Surgeon The Bug + MCs Mark One + Virus Syndicate cassetteboy + DJ rubbish Clever Bunny Juju James Monroe Lox The Commercial Hippies Jumanji Ans Joti Sidhu Tristan Son Kite Roots Tent Seeed Pathaan The Egg Suns of Arqa Foreign Beggars Genesis Elijah Doozer Marky, Patife, Stamina and Cleveland Watkiss Task Force Oojami Lord Gosh Iration Steppas Smith and Mighty/More Rockers Dub Dadda Alpha and Omega Salmonella Dub Dib Dub Chemical DubTheory Dance Lounge Bar Buggs in the Attic Pitman Dbooga Dive Urban Myth Club Little Barrie Amalgamation of Soundz Four Tet Nouvelle Vague Damn! Racheal Yamagata Ivory Husky Rescue Plan B Whitey !Removed! Parlure Neece Un Unk Peoples Republic of Disco Kokolo Pop Quiz Bingo Karaoke (stars in your eyes) Anne Pigalle Lovely Morning Parlure deluxe DJ Dolores Babyhead Guilty Pleasures Seeed Dance classes Giant Games Urban Magic Quirky theatre Piano Croissant Neuf Stage Friday Yoga Nizlopi Buffalo Gals Siyaya Mythtwister The Boat Band Kissmet Saturday Aerobic Dance work out Engine Room Flipron Askew and Avis Ed Alleyne-Johnson Dragonsfly Riven Sunday Yoga Biggles Nick Wilkinson & Olivia Moore Whalebone Polly Jacqui Jamal Los Guys Orchidstar
  19. I guess that means if you talk on your phone while driving, and get caught twice, your as bad as a rapist in the eyes of the law.
  20. even more sensible as you have not actually spent money kitting it yet is sell it and go and buy a turbo.
  21. put it in neutral, hand brake off, jack the back up wheels off the ground and rotate one, the other if you have a LSD will rotate the same way, if it goes the opposite you don't have an LSD.
  22. I beg to Differ !!! My 1992 Turbo t-bar has an LSD.. It also has Traction control, Cruise Control, premium sound and every other possible option available.. I think the Jap that bought it just ticked every box... ← Where in my comment did i mention turbos?? My rev2 turbo has LSD as did all GT cars GT-S was option, we are talking about UK normally aspirated cars. They didn't have LSD's untill rev3.
  23. I'm paid up for on track, i'll be with IMOC as they still have places
  24. cheers for pointing me in the right direction, i didn't see the national bit, :( was looking at midlands and surrounding area subsections.
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