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  1. Hi, I have 2002 rav 4 estate I want to change the radio and come across this on ebay what do you think. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-DVD-Player-Radio-GPS-Navi-for-TOYOTA-RAV4-Camry-Corolla-Vitz-Echo-VIOS-Yaris/282808853893?hash=item41d8b8a585:g:h~8AAOSwhplaWyUG:rk:43:pf:0
  2. That did it. thanks alot.
  3. Hi, When I pull away the steering seems stiff, this happens first thing in the morning after the car has been left overnight, the steering seems OK when am driving. your help is appreciated. 2002 Rav 4 GX Estate
  4. Hi, can anyone recommend a touch screen dab radio with Bluetooth and mp3 USB. to fit my 2002 Rav4, thanks
  5. Toyota dealer Dingles of lowestoft quoted £785, extra if it needs a flywheel, £85 to recover the car from great yarmouth to lowestoft.
  6. any idea how much it will cost me to have it fixed?
  7. Hi, I have a rav 4 diesel, year 2002, its only done 43.000 miles, today the car broke down, I was pulling away from a parking position, I got into second gear but it wouldn't go into third gear, I pulled into a lay by, I turned the engine off let cool down then tried it again, It wouldn't even pull away in first gear, I had to join the AA to get me home, , the AA guy said he thinks it's the clutch, surely the clutch should last longer than 43.000 miles? your help is appreciated
  8. Hi, can you please tell me, what rear seat cover will fit a 2002 rav4 estate.
  9. Juandan

    Tyre Help

    after waiting for 5 days for the tyres to come, I get an email off the online shop telling me they are out of stock and I'd have to waite for 2-3 weeks, I cancelled the order, I've changed my mind about the Grabbler, I think they are more off road than on. i don't go off road so I just need a good all round hard wearing tyre
  10. Juandan

    Tyre Help

    haven't got the tyres yet, still waiting for the courier, reading reviews online say the tyres are good on road and off road.
  11. Juandan

    Tyre Help

    just bought national grabbler AT2 http://www.tyresdirectuk.co.uk/xcart/product.php?productid=16434&cat=267&page=1
  12. Juandan

    Tyre Help

    Thanks for the reply, I don't go off road, I just use the 4x4 for town and motorway driving.
  13. Juandan

    Tyre Help

    My tyres need changing on my 2002 rav4 GX, can you recommend a good hard wearing tyre, the tyres I have on now are bridgestone dualer
  14. Thanks you, much appreciated