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  1. Hi guys and gals, Got a convertible celica. The last couple of weeks the alarm has started going off randomly while driving. I've taken off the battery and left it for an hour, also replaced the batteries in the keyfobs and reset them to the system. Drove all around yesterday no probs, then last night it did it again. The only way for me to turn it off is to turn off the car and use the fob. I've also noticed that the key in the boot will sometimes turn and sometimes won't so I'm suspecting this might be linked. How is it possible though for the alarm to activate while driving, if it's been deactivated to open the car? Any ideas on what the problem could be? Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks for any input.. tearing hair out here :(
  2. The Convertible actually has 2 motors.. running in conjunction with each other.. If the roof is not moving but you can still hear the sound then it is possible that one of the motors is still in operation. However, trying to raise the roof on this motor only will damage the framework if it hasn't already. Convertibles are also prone to the framework snapping at the rear near the back seats due to one or other of the motors failing while the roof is being raised. Also be aware that extra pressure put on the windows etc from broken framework can cause problems with the automatic windows at the rear of the car.. only on the verts, not the coupes.. There is a small round white plastic holder that fits the glass within this mechanism, and if broken is near on impossible to get replaced... Ahh the joys of going topless.. it's still worth it though!! :)
  3. I have a UK spec Gen 6 Convertible.. and I've been told.. not sure how true it is.. that imports don't have a fitted 'spoiler' on the front of the bonnet.. Not even sure if this is the proper name for it, but I'm sure some of you know what i'm talking about. I've been told it prevents the bonnet from flying up at high speed... maybe they just think England is a windy place!! :)
  4. Got a set of 15's that came off the Celi before I put the 18's on her. VGC with lots of tread... making a nice hallway ornament at the moment.. let me know if you're still looking.
  5. Latest one of mine.. it's changed a bit in the last year..... ahhhh slippery slopes now!
  6. There wasn't that many there. Probably about 10 cars if that. We all buggered off to the pub instead!
  7. Sweet, over our target already and Sainsburys are matching the first 500 quid! Lymphoma org are sending photographers, t-shirts and balloons etc, and several jap mags also been notified... looks like it's gonna be a good one... Just be aware of the new wi-fi cameras in some of the tunnels!
  8. what time is this one on? Celica Club are meeting up at the Rose Revived for Christmas Lunch that day (just outside of Oxford) sure I could get some to come along!
  9. Cool! Dunno if you went on the one last year with another club, but it was awesome!! See you Saturday! There's several convoys going from different areas too if you want info.
  10. This is our first Tunnel Run and all the money will be going to the Lymphoma Association. We chose this charity as one of our long term members has a sister who has recently been diagnosed with lymphatic cancer. We felt as a club it would be a fantastic idea to raise money towards a condition that has recently affected the family of one of our members so dramatically and out of the blue. Tunnel Run details. The Tunnel Run will be held on Saturday 24th November. Meeting at The Dome carpark at 7.30pm. For more information logon to To make things easier please use to pre pay for your route. That way the money will go direct to the charity and we can also give a little more by using gift aid. When adding your pre payment, please add your club name and your user name to the comments section. As without this we will not be able to tick you off our list and issue you with your route details. Route maps are £4 each so please make this your minimum donation. Donating through this site is simple, fast and totally secure. Lymphoma Association will receive your money faster and, if you are a UK taxpayer, an extra 28% in tax will be added to your gift at no cost to you. Thanks MissBanzai Staff See you at the tunnel run!
  11. Hi guys, Just updated our myspace... come have a listen and tell me what you think...(be nice, I'm fragile!!) lol
  12. at the same time??? Of course! Dont fancy mopping the tent out after tho. ewwwwwwwwwww hmmm have to teach the girls to waste not want not!!!
  13. I'm starved of affection.... I just want someone to hold me and tell me everythings gonna be alright.... And maybe other things as well.... ;) Oh yeah, and love is a nice addition! I'm not desperate for anything, I've been without for too long to be desperate, I can't remember what it feels like anymore! LOVE??? BAH!!! OVERRATED!!! Just get a good sh*g in girl!!! Use em and abuse em!! They love it!!