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  1. I always keep to 70 mph on public roads of course!
  2. am i being dumb or do you have to leave the wheel arch liner out or put it back after install? did you tape the fog light wiring out of the way or was that big T anyway?
  3. This seems to happen the worst at about 80 mph, the virbration is enough to shake the steering wheel a little bit. Maybe I should check the wheel balancing. The cycling - could this be my exhaust and varying back pressure, I wonder if my exhaust system has a crack in it My car has done 70,000 on original exhaust.
  4. Do you have any dash warning lights come on and then go off? my engine warning light came on and off frequently which eventually meant the VVT-I controller went down. the light stayed on in the end. This causes a loss of power - athough I can't say I really noticed it untill the light came on permenant. maybe a bit obvious - but nothing blocking the air intake is there - paper / rag etc when you last cleaned it or debris from off the road.
  5. At least you are still here to pay bills for your car, and not in a heap at the side of the road! fast but Safe motoring :)
  6. yep sure did! :D Just don't tell the other half
  7. Kevin I would like to change the address that you send the Envy CAI too. I have sent you a post about it direct to envy performance. Morpheus33 - Mark Young
  8. I did! This is all the salt on the roads after just one trip up the motorway. grrrr will have to get me bucket out again!
  9. what did your mechanic use for the engine oil flush? I have been told forte products are very good.
  10. morpheus33

    My Car

    well here she is
  11. I have my TS from new, and the exhaust was always loud at 3K and over. If you blitz the car on the motorway for about an hour the exhaust gets louder and deeper sounding. I guess that it's because the exhaust system and especially the cat is getting hot. nothing to worry about. Maybe a mechanic can shed some light on it.
  12. emailed kevin direct today got a confusing response though is he talking about the same thing??? Hi Mark, it is difficult to do a significant discount on the Greddy airinx as the profit margins on the Greddy parts is already small. If I get 3 confirmed orders I will do free delivery which is normally £11.75 and I will do the item itself for £150 instead of £155. Hope this helps with the GB. Thanks Kevin Envy Performance Ltd
  13. worked a treat today, it takes just enough notchyness out of it. :D shame my idle running rev problem is not so easy to solve (see my other post) any ideas guys???
  14. yes I would be very interested last time I spoke to envy last week they only had 4 left. last friday. They made need to get some more made before we can group buy.
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