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  1. Top Tip. do not let the tension snap back / forward.. you will shatter it.
  2. Fixed price pads change at Toyota isn't too bad priced. good pads will cost 40>70 to buy.. discs around 30£ > 40 per corner and then the fitting.. especially the rears on the T27..
  3. It is because.. the ecu is built with standard fail safe settings. they are more relaxed. go to maplin and get some electrical contact cleaner. Spray on the MAF / Airflow sensor to clean.. If they are really greasy you can try a cotton budd, and alcohol to clean. but be careful
  4. Go with Mr T's recommendation. (or better) if you really really want!
  5. compressor surge .. normally makes the turbo "flutter"
  6. check Turbo solenoid Check Wastegate spring
  7. get NOS instead, think of the street cred!
  8. spray wd40.. or take the waste gate off and clean and lube
  9. You will have to lock the pully.. once locked nut will turn anti clockwise. then use a pully extractor
  10. I had too.. lol http://www.wikihow.com/Get-Taller-by-Stretching
  11. I am stock suspension.. i love the body roll.
  12. Yes I do, I fit Taxi Meters, The Aquila Range. Dealer in West Yorkshire.
  13. Its because your wiring loom is being snagged under the seat. Being a taxi I think you have matt / carpet protectors. What you need to do is.. 1 disconnect the battery 2 let it drain about 1 or 2 hours. Undoo the seat bolts tip the seat over, unplug the spring back connector, and reconnect.. Get a little tip tie and tie the wiring loom to the underside of the seat.
  14. i never knew the avensis as a cruise machine. lol edit.. no biggy! though looks clean.
  15. Reject the car.. Tell them its using far much engine oil. Take them to small claims.. I have done it before and WON.
  16. steering rack pinion / inner rack tracks. Turn the car off and wobble the steering wheel.. rock it alittle if the tyres are slow to respond.. or your hear a click before the move the above is your issue.
  17. didnt fancy trying JB Weld? lol
  18. are all the rear bumpers the same eg 2009 to 2012 (including the facelift?) Thanks
  19. Well.. I'll tell you in a few years how it gets on.. Just purchased a T27 62 Reg facelift. My current avensis is a MK1 d4d with close to 420k (maybe more or less as the original cluster got damaged by a bottle of lucozade) Original engine, suspension arms, springs, gearbox,seats, etc only thing replaced. 3x timing belts 2x water pump, 4 cv joints, 2 rear calipers 2x clutches + flywheels, pads, discs, brake fluid, gear oil.. and lots of engine oil and filters. Serviced at every 4 to 5k!
  20. depends what bit of the shaft was broken.. they probably added 10%>15% on it.
  21. I feel like my advice has been wasted!
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