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  1. Not sure that "mint" and "reasonable price" go together.......... usually you'll pay top money for something that is truly "mint" and an AE92 GTi that can be honestly called mint is getting pretty rare these days. Good luck though, if you do snag a good one it'll be worth the trouble - I'm still delaying parting with mine even though the wife says it's got to go !!!
  2. I have one - just needs a going over with a wire brush !!! Make me an offer - PM me.
  3. hey mate, u selling that car??? looks smashing!!!!!!!!!! Actually, due to unforseen circumstances, I am going to have to part with her. PM me if you're interested.
  4. OK, so I'm stupid - You'd have thought at my age I'd know better, but I foolishly sold the Mongoose system on my AE92 because my wife moaned about the noise (I subsequently found a knackered downpipe was causing the noise - doh !) Now I'm lumped with a crappy Bosel system from KwikFit which sounds terrible, rattles like hell, and probably will fall off within a few months.......... So, please, if you've got a second hand system that will make my 'rolla growl again at a silly price, please let me know. (My car is an 89 non-cat version) Thanks Pete
  5. Just realised that I bought my 'rolla from the guy who started this thread - hi Peter, how's your Gti doing ? Yep, my tailgate is rotten as a pear, but I have a 100% rust-free replacement in my garage just awaiting finishing paint - unbelievably, I won it on EBay last year for 99p !!!! Felt so guilty when I picked it up that I gave the guy a tenner for it !! He did give me a load of other bits as well, like headlights etc. which I'm happy to help people out with if necessary (I'm not advertising these items for sale here, just willing to help out if someone gets stuck) Next on the list bodywise is to paint the skirts, bumpers and spoiler to match the rest of the body, plus get the sunroof panel replaced when I can find one to replace mine with !! If you've got one that is repairable I'd definately be interested. All that will have to wait till spring though due to money and the weather being too cold and wet for painting in my old garage. I'll probably do the suspension before then though, as I'm currently running on lowered springs and std shocks, which isn't great - I quite fancy a Jamex kit as the price seems pretty good. Anyone got any other advice suspensionwise that's not going to break the bank ? Will save the engine work until everything else is done, I'm just thinking along the lines of rebuilding the original 4AGE at present, but thoughts of a 4AGZE conversion do tempt me .......... ;) Great to see that enthusiasm for the AE92 is so strong, are there any meets down South ?
  6. Where did you get the Janspeed rear box, and did it fit straight on the centre section ? I had a full Janspeed (including downpipes) on my last AE92 but can't find anywhere to get a Janspeed for my current Gti.
  7. Where can I find that kit ??!! Great for playing around with body mods and I haven't built a decent car model for ages... Here's my AE92 following it's new brakes and wheels, just got to fit the new tailgate and sort out the sunroof and that's the body done for the time being. Suspension and under the bonnet after christmas.............................
  8. Apologies if this has been answered before, my net connection is so slow at present I couldn't be bothered to trawl through loads of threads !! I'm looking for a set of aftermarket alloys for my Gti and keep coming across 17" rims for sale. Whilst I'd have been happy just going up to 15" really, The prices of some of the 2nd hand 17's are too good to ignore. So, I need to know what the best offset for 17 x 7J rims is, (bearing in mind that my car is lowered) and what size tyres I should look for - most seem to have 205/40 tyres fitted but I'm not sure that they won't rub the arches. As usual, all advice is greatly appreciated - sorry if it's been answered before !! Thanks Pete (maybe the oldest AE92 enthusiast on here !!) ;)
  9. Would love to - problem is that I need the car on a daily basis and can't afford for it to be stuck in a body shop for days on end. Really just need someone to stitch in a new rear arch for me, I can do the finishing (filling, paint etc) so if anyone knows of someone near J6 of the M25 who fancies a Saturday morning cash job, please let me know, I'll even supply the repair panel - I just need the old arch cut out and the new on welded in. The other thing is that as my GTi is metallic black it comes with moulded black bumpers and skirts (which don't match the paint and are a pain to prep for paint) so the skirts in that kit would have been easier to paint. As usual, it's a labour of love though, and the list of little jobs to do doesnt get any shorter - and all this before I can even consider that supecharged conversion !! I'll post some pics when stuff gets done though so you can all sympathise with my plight !!
  10. OK guys calm down, I share your dislike for the kit as a whole and would never consider fitting those bumpers to anything, let alone my baby ! The reason I wanted the skirts is that they dont look unlike the standard GTi ones, but do extend a bit around the rear arches - I've got a manky rear arch and the skirts would have concealed the crap !! So, if anyone has any idea where I might find these items I'd be grateful for the help. Cheers Pete
  11. Cheers mate - that was really helpful......................
  12. Saw this on EBay and whilst I'm not a fan of the oversize bumpers, I do fancy the skirts on my AE92. Anyone know what the kit is and where it's sold ? I presume the skirts would be available seperately ? All assistance gratefully received as I asked the guy who's selling it and he didn't know - apparently the car was sold to him with the kit fitted. Cheers guys. Pete
  13. Haven't posted in a while as funds have been tight so the "rolla" has had to wait for it's work to begin in earnest. I have refurbed two of the wheels and would have fitted the other two last weekend with new tyres if the rad hadn't burst on Friday morning !!!!!!! However, I'm itching to fit the induction kit that came free with the car this weekend, so need a bit of techie help. OK, I'm in a similar position to the kid above, except I inherited a JR kit in the boot of the car when I bought it and just want to try it out to see if it's worth fitting - hence also being confused with the relocating of the sensors from the original airbox. First, the blue sensor mounted on the front side of the airbox (in what seems to be a unit thats bolted to the airbox??) - am I right in assuming from your post that I can just position this anywhere when I remove the std airbox (and does it have to remain in its housing) ??? Second, the black sensor on the other side of the std airbox - I'm presuming this is fitted into the new air filter pipe as the one pipe that came with my filter has a hole in it to suit ?? Third, the small black tube - does this also connect to the air filter pipe, as once again, the one I have seems to have a hole for it too ??? Sorry to sound thick, but having never fitted a kit before, I just want to get it right so I can make a decent assessment of whether it's worth having on the car or not. I know some people have said don't bother, but as someone else said, there's loads of people with kits fitted and since I got rid of the Mongoose exhaust I'm in need of some induction noise to make up for it !!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks in advance for the help. Pete
  14. Cheers dawesy, just the advice I wanted (don't like to waste time on stuff that doesnt work). Mine is the TVI-S model - dunno whether that makes any difference ? Obviously the guy that owned the car before removed it for some reason so I didnt want to just put it back on without some advice. Had a mongoose on her when I bought the car, but it was too noisy for the missus, so for now we're back to standard. Hopefully, I'll get a Janspeed on her one day. lots to do before then though !!!
  15. Hi Guys, Work on the GTi is progressing slowly (rear discs and pads imminent to sort out the handbrake) mainly due to available funds, but I'm toying with refitting the induction kit that came with the car. It consists of a cone filter (can't remember the make) and a piece of black flexible hose to connect it all together. No instructions obviously !!! Now, although I'm competent, and it's pretty obvious how it would fit, I have a few questions for those techies out there: 1: The kit seems to replace the entire standard airbox which has at least one "sensor" attached to it - what do I do with the sensors ?? 2: Do I need to provide an additional cold air feed to the new filter ? 3: Is it worth fitting the kit at all ? I've read a few comments that the std induction system is pretty good on the GTi. In all honesty, I just fancied a bit of induction noise as I miss the sound of the sports exhaust I used to have, but I'm not prepared to make things worse by fitting something that's all noise and no gain. Your advice / comments welcome. Btw - any advice on the best place to buy parts online ?? Cheers Pete
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